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Handbook of Electrical Design Details 2nd Edition

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Handbook of Electrical Design Details 2nd Edition

Handbook of electrical design covers power generation, distribution, lighting, wiring, motors, and project planning. Supplemented by new topics: CAD for preparing electrical drawings and estimates, electrical surge protection, and 400 new illustrations


Reliable, low-cost electric power is a fundamental requirement for modern society, making possible such vital services as lighting, HVAC, transportation, communication, and data processing, in addition to driving motors of all sizes. A mainstay of industrial productivity and economic prosperity, it is also essential for safeguarding human life and health. This handbook is a valuable information resource on electric power for everyone from technical professionals to students and laypeople.

This compact, user-friendly edition updates and expands on the earlier edition. Its core content of power generation, distribution, lighting, wiring, motors, and project planning has been supplemented by new topics: 
* CAD for preparing electrical drawings and estimates 
* Basic switch and receptacle circuit wiring 
* Structured wiring for multimedia 
* Swimming pool and low-voltage lighting 
* Electrical surge protection

An easy-to-read style makes complex topics understandable. It’s a must-have reference for those with a need or desire to get up to speed on the entire subject of electric power or just familiarize themselves with the latest advances–regardless of their formal education or training. Reader-helpful features in this edition include: 
* Up-front chapter summaries to save time in finding topics of interest. 
* References to related articles in the National Electrical Code. 
* A bibliography identifying additional sources for digging deeper. 
* Approximately 300 illustrations

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About the Author

Neil Sclater switched his career from engineering in the military/aerospace industry to writing and editing in the field of electromechanical and electronic technology. After years as a staff editor for engineering magazines, he set up his own consulting firm in technical communications. Mr. Sclater contributed hundreds of articles to various engineering publications. He has authored or co-authored 11 McGraw-Hill Professional books, including two earlier editions of this book.

Originally published: 1997

AuthorsNeil SclaterJohn Traister

EditorNeil Sclater

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