Handbook of Conducting Polymers 3rd Edition

Handbook of Conducting Polymers 3rd Edition pdf

Learn how recent advances are fueling new possibilities in textiles, optics, electronics, and biomedicine!

As the field of conjugated, electrically conducting, and electroactive polymers has grown, the Handbook of Conducting Polymers has been there to document and celebrate these changes along the way. Now split into two volumes, this new edition continues to provide the expertise of world-renowned contributors while maintaining the clear format of previous editions as it incorporates the latest developments in both the fundamental science and practical applications of polymers.

The first volume in the set focuses on the concepts and basic physical aspects needed to understand the behavior and performance of conjugated polymers. The book describes the theories behind π-conjugated materials and electron–lattice dynamics in organic systems. It also details synthesis methods and electrical and physical properties of the entire family of conducting polymers.

Picking up where the first volume left off, the second volume concentrates on the numerous processing methods for conducting polymers and their integration into various devices and applications. It first examines coating, printing, and spinning methods for complex patterned films and fibers. The book then shows how conducting and semiconducting polymers are applied in many devices, such as light-emitting displays, solar cells, field effect transistors, electrochromic panels, charge storage devices, biosensors, and actuators.

As the science of conjugated and conducting polymers progresses, further applications will be realized, fueling greater possibilities in textiles, optics, electronics, and biomedicine. This handbook will be there to provide essential information on polymers as well as the most up-to-date developments.


“…the coverage is encyclopaedic…excellent chapters written by the most active contributors to the field…an invaluable aid …” — Contemporary Physics

“…should be on the shelves of ‘active participants’ in the field of conductive polymers.” — Polymer News

“There is a consistent fluency of style and clarity of expression throughout.” — The Australian Physicist

International praise for the previous edition… “…a very valuable resource…deserves wide circulation and careful reading.” — Journal of the American Chemical Society