The just-concluded 2021 JAMB examination was said to have recorded the highest failure rate ever recorded in its history. Having just 18% pass and 86% failure. Although a lot of factors may have been said to contribute, from system and network failures, questions outside the syllabus set, it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of students will fail to join their mates in the tertiary institution this academic session.

A lot of these students now would make uninformed decisions and make mistakes.

  • Ignoring IJMB and JUPEB programmes
  • Study any available course this is no more based on interest
  • Quota System in admission allocation
  • Failing to purchase supplementary admission processes
  • Fall victim of scammers

Ignoring IJMB and JUPEB

IJMB is the acronym for Interim Joint Matriculation Board, It is an approved, & certified Advanced level programme moderated by Ahmadu Bello University and having coordinating bodies in various tertiary institutions and different study centres nationwide. It’s a programme that enables aspiring students to gain admission in their choice Nigeria university using the Direct Entry Programme this simply means after completion 9 months divided into 2  semesters, the candidate would be offered admission into 200 level provided he\she passes the examination and supersedes all admission requirements., who must have passed through an approved combination of subjects and are seeking to gain admission into the university. 

JUPEB (Joint Universities Preliminary Education Board) is a National examination body that is obligated with the responsibility of setting examinations for students, who must have passed through an approved combination of subjects and are seeking to gain admission into the university. i.e Direct Entry. After completion of the program, the candidates are offered an examination to aid admission processes.

Instead of whiling your time at home why don’t you pick up either of them and stand a greater chance of gaining choice admitted

Study any available course this is no more based on interest

Most candidates choose to do any other course after failing to get their preferred course choices. Rushing into something that you have little or no love for is not advisable and this can affect your performance and creativity most times. Trying to meet up or pressure from peers. There’s nothing wrong with being focused here and goal-oriented rather than go waste your time with courses you don’t like.

Quota System in admission allocation:

Failure to understand the quota system when applying to a choice university usually leads to not gaining admission. It’s important to understand this factor and avoid repeating it. Quotas include; state quota, surrounding community quota, indigene quota etc. Knowing which quota favours you when applying to school helps

Failing to purchase supplementary admission processes:

Most tertiary institutions offer supplementary examinations or forms. Misinformed or lack of most candidates misses the opportunity to partake in this exercise. This is another way to gain admission as in some departments, the required number of students may have not been achieved.

Fall victim of scammers:

Due to desperation, unsuspecting individuals fall into the hands of self-acclaimed admission personnel and are duped. This is very popular in government-funded institutions

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