Greegs & Ladders By Mitchell Mendlow PDF

Download Greegs & Ladders By Mitchell Mendlow PDF book free online – From Greegs & Ladders By Mitchell Mendlow PDF: Greegs & Ladders is a wildly exciting tale of three oddball characters romping around space and time. Equal parts social satire and fun-loving adventure, Greegs promises laughs, a few mildly intelligent and/or interesting observations, & several run-on sentences. You’ll also get to find out what the hell Greegs are, and how life on Earth came to be, and the meaning of it all (at no extra charge.)


This story begins (began, will begin some day) on a planet you’ve never heard of. This isn’t saying much, considering most of you can only name nine on a good day. A fairly pathetic feat, when you imagine the mind-blowingly infinite sea of planets there are out there, but every species has to start somewhere I suppose. (Pluto is a planet by the way, not sure what it did to your astronomers to deserve being demoted.)

This planet exists (existed, will exist) in a solar system quite unlike your own. There are fifty-nine suns in this one solar system. (Or at least there will be some day, and definitely was when I was there). There are as many as forty-seven planets revolving around each of these suns. Four suns have no planets at all doing anything around them. Near the middle of this vast network of gaseous orbs and rocks there is one sun about five times the size of your own. This sun has thirty-eight planets performing gravitational hula-hoops around it. Eleven of these planets support ‘life’ as you would define it. In truth, everything is ‘alive’ (and dead for that matter) but I won’t try and persuade you otherwise. You seem fairly set in your ways. Fairly certain of your definitions. Fairly resilient in your steadfast determination to continue believing in your institutions, your corporations, your religions, your political leaders, and most astonishingly… your investment bankers. So I shan’t attempt to convince you otherwise. Instead, I will just tell you this little story.

Once upon one of these eleven planets there existed a population of Greegs.
Greegs are a mutation, much like yourself. Not a rare group by any means, you’ll find them many places in the vastness of space… unlike yourself.

However, it is extremely rare that Greegs will actually find themselves the most intellectually evolved creatures on a thriving planet. In most scenarios, Greeg populations would be kept under tight control for fear of wreaking havoc on their planet and the other species on it. They are used primarily as carnival attractions. In small numbers, they are harmless and amusing. Sound familiar?


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