Grave Notice by L.B. Carter Pdf 

Download Grave Notice by L.B. Carter Pdf book free. I saved my mother but damned myself. With the supernatural ability to foretell death, I expected to keep deadly company. But I never anticipated being prisoner to a horde of immortality-seeking undead.

I was finally accepted by the HDPU — then I went and traded my freedom for my mother’s. Now, it’s my turn to endure abuse at the hands of the vampires who want my prophetic powers. But I’m still being hunted. Turns out not all vampires are on board with having a pet banshee on the leash, and some still want me silenced… for good. Time to kill two vamps with one stone — er, scream. With my mom aiding Seke and the team, we can show these fangers just what the last two banshees can do. Hopefully, I can complete my self-appointed mission before someone succeeds at putting me in an early grave.