Grandfather’s Love Pie By Miriam Gaines Pdf

Grandfather's Love Pie By  Miriam Gaines Pdf

Download Grandfather’s Love Pie By Miriam Gaines Pdf book free online – from Grandfather’s Love Pie By Miriam Gaines Pdf book; his sick-room so fragrant and beautiful with flowers, must each be allowed a little space for a card of greeting.

In fact, Alsie, I think it would be a good idea to invite all his most beloved circle of friends to send a little message of love, for only the other day he said to me, ‘There is nothing so acceptable to a man lying on a bed of sickness as an offering of love–be it a message, a flower, a visit, or a delicacy–it is delightful to be remembered.'”

“Well, Auntee, I’ll see all the cousins within reach and write to the others, and you do the same with the grown folks of the family, and the rule must be that each is to put into the pie something that will please grandfather or make him laugh.”

“Fine, Alsie, fine. It’s a good rule to make, for it’s a ‘Merry Christmas‘ we are striving for, and I don’t believe our efforts will fail if we put into them all the love and energy which the family say you and I possess, in a like degree.”

“We haven’t much time to lose, either, 

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