Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham Pdf

Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham Pdf

Download Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham Pdf book free online. After a tragic crime, a girl is found hiding in a concealed room. She is filthy, half-starved, and refuses to provide her name, age, or origins. She might be 12 or 15. Her DNA cannot be linked to a specific identity, and she is not listed in any missing persons files. She is still unidentified six years later and going by the name Evie Cormac while residing in a safe children’s home. Cyrus Haven, a forensic psychologist, must decide if Evie is prepared to be set free when she files a lawsuit claiming the right to be freed as an adult. But she is unlike anyone he has ever encountered; she is both fascinating and dangerous. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Meanwhile, Cyrus is asked to look into the tragic death of Jodie Sheehan, a high school figure skater who died on a deserted sidewalk close to her home. Jodie is viewed by everyone as the ideal girl-next-door because she is attractive and well-liked, but as Cyrus peels back the layers, a secret existence emerges—one that Evie Cormac, the girl with no past, is aware of. Cyrus, a man troubled by his own terrible past, is torn between the two cases—one involving a girl in need of rescue and the other requiring redress. What price is the truth worth to him?

About the Author

Former investigative journalist Michael Robotham is the author of 25 languages worth of best-selling psychological thrillers. For Lost in 2005 and Shatter in 2008, he received a Ned Kelly Award, given to the greatest crime fiction published in Australia. When She Was Good, which won the UK’s Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for outstanding thriller, The Secrets She Keeps, Good Girl, Bad Girl, and When You Are Mine are just a few of his most recent books. Robotham settled his family in Sydney, Australia after traveling the world and living and writing there.

Download Good Girl Bad Girl by Michael Robotham Pdf