Golden Financial Services scholarship U.S

Do you require a scholarship to study in the United States? If you answered yes, you have a chance to receive a Golden Financial Services Scholarship from Golden Financial Services. 

You can fully be a part of this scholarship program if you’re a high school senior student in an accredited institution in America. 

This article gives more insight into this scholarship and how you can be part of the winners this 2021. Carefully read!

About the Golden Financial Services scholarship

The Golden Financial Services scholarship is an annual scholarship provided by Golden Financial Services, a registered trademark of Golden Financial Services Debt Settlement Corporation.

This high school scholarship is focused on financially helping students across the country pursue their college aspirations and dreams. 

The company does this as a way of giving back so that young and vibrant students can get the skills necessary to improve the country’s overall economic health and also excel to their fullest potential.

Who are the Sponsors of the Golden Financial Services Scholarship?

Golden Financial Services scholarship is provided by Golden Financial Services, nonprofit consumer credit counselling organizations, and attorneys are all members of their respective state bar associations.

Since 2004, Golden Financial Services has been providing debt settlement services and is now considered one of the best debt relief organizations in the United States. There are no unresolved consumer complaints at Golden Financial Services and hundreds of client testimonials.

Consumers can receive free consultations from Golden Financial Services after submitting their information on this site, where all alternatives will be given. With consultations, there will never be any pressure, obligation, or cost.

Who Can Apply ?

Just like every other scholarship programs have criteria for application, so also is the Golden Financial Services Scholarship. To qualify for this scholarship you must:

  • Be a high school senior in an accredited college or university in America
  • Have up to 3.2 GPA or greater
  • Then be already enrolled in an accredited 4-year university or college in the United States of America

What will I Gain?

A lot!

Golden Financial Services will award two scholarships of $1,000 each to the winning candidates. That means if you emerge as a winner, you have a chance of taking home $1,000

Very simply!

First, you must come up with a new debt relief service to help consumers who are behind on their credit card payments in order to apply for a scholarship. Your proposed strategy should be distinct from any existing programs.

  • Here you may find information on credit card debt relief programs. Your completed application packet can be emailed to [email protected]
  • Applicants must submit their proposed proposal as a video, infographic, or essay on the internet.
  • Essays must be 750 words or more.
  • Essays must be submitted in MS Word format.
  • Unique content that has never been published anywhere else on the internet is required.
  • Include a cover letter that includes your entire name, college or high school, college year, graduating year, and major choice. Explain how you intend to use the scholarship in your cover letter and why you should be chosen as the winner.
  • The scholarship winner must present a photo ID and proof of attendance at a college.
  • Include a bio and a picture of the author. Your author bio will be linked to your work and published online (similar to how Wes’ author profile appears here).

How Do I Apply?

To apply for this scholarship, follow the instruction below:

  • Write a minimum of 750-word essay that offers a novel solution to the following problem:

What are viable options for solving this problem besides restricting the act of lending? In the United States, there is $15+ billion in delinquent credit card debt (people who are more than 90 days behind on credit card payments) — what are viable options for solving this problem besides restricting the act of lending?

  • Your recommended solution might be presented as an online infographic movie or as a paragraph within an essay (if an essay, must be at least 750 words)
  • Include a cover letter that includes your entire name, college or high school, college year, graduation year, and chosen major. Explain in your cover letter how you intend to use the scholarship and why we should choose you.

When is the Due Date for this Scholarship?

The application deadline for this scholarship is 15th December 2021.

For More Information, contact:


  • Who can apply for Golden Financial Services scholarship?

Golden Financial Services scholarship is for High school seniors

  • Who are the provider of this scholarship

This scholarship is provided by Golden Financial Service.


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