Going Home By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf

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Going Home By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf

Download Going Home By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf book free online – from Going Home By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf book; GOING HOME, written in screenplay format, is aimed at helping readers broaden their thinking about guardian angels, dream interpretation, and eternal love connections.

Tells the story of a bereaved young wife and her daughter, who learn through dreams and other communications that their departed husband/father is now their guardian angel. The angel-sent dreams and signs help them heal from their tragic loss and also guide them to their future happiness. Even as they look for a new place they can call home, the mother and daughter stay deeply connected with their guardian angel, who helps them solve a mystery to benefit many people including themselves. 

Appeals to readers who enjoy love stories and mysteries. The story also helps those who are bereaved to think about angel-sent dreams and signs as a way to stay connected with their departed loved ones and be guided by them. The book is also written for people who find peace and joy in the beauty of natural surroundings


[Screenplay format: Each new scene starts with exterior vs. interior, the location, and the time. The characters names are in “all caps” when they speak or are part of some action.
Story Background: Samantha’s husband Jonathan was recently killed in a car crash in America. Maggie is her ten-year-old daughter. Ella is their new friend in Sunby Heath, England.]


Huge, old trees create an impressive wooded area. Oaks and maples are predominant in the forest. There is a lovely orchard in a clearing, with apple and cherry trees. A grassy slope goes from the orchard to a little stream.

SAMANTHA and MAGGIE walk about, looking around, admiring the natural beauty. At one end is a large, manor house. It seems in a state of neglect. Everything, except the orchard, has an air of an estate long abandoned. Much of the grounds have gone back to the natural state. Going Home By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf

SAMANTHA and MAGGIE walk back from the house to the orchard, where the apple trees are flowering and the cherry trees are laden with bright red cherries. They pick as many cherries as they can hold, and walk down to the stream. They sit on the bank under a gorgeous, flowering crabapple tree, and enjoy the delicious cherries. They see deer, rabbits, chipmunks, and all kinds of birds. The air is filled with birdsong. It is very peaceful.

SAMANTHA: Oh, Jonathan, how right you were about this place! (Eyes misting) Wish you were with us now.

MAGGIE: He is with us, remember?

SAMANTHA: Of course…. But it would be nice to know for sure.

MAGGIE: You mean, a sign?

SAMANTHA: Yes, I suppose.

A sudden breeze blows a huge shower of soft, pink-white, crabapple blossoms on the two. They are ecstatic as they hug each other. It is clear they know that Jonathan is with them. They look up at the tree, laughing with joy.


The furniture is old English and there is a fireplace. They sit around an ornate coffee table in comfortable but high-backed chairs. All kinds of cakes and delicately cut cucumber sandwiches are laid out. A pretty tea service graces the table. There is apple juice for MAGGIE, who is really enjoying the food and the atmosphere. SAMANTHA also looks happy. Going Home By Pratibha A. Dabholkar and Earl J. Hess Pdf

ELLA: So, tell me what you’ve been doing.

SAMANTHA: We spent yesterday afternoon near the woods and the orchard at the abandoned estate. What a wonderful place it is!

MAGGIE: We saw deer, and rabbits, and chipmunks.

SAMANTHA: And so many different birds. What a nature’s bounty for Sunby Heath.

ELLA: My dear, I should tell you what’s going on about that place. It is a very curious affair. Theodore Grover owns that estate. It’s called Maple Wood. But he lives twenty miles away, on another estate called Huntsfield. Anyway, there is a rumor that he wants to sell Maple Wood to a private developer, to build a general aviation airport.

SAMANTHA and MAGGIE (together): Oh, no!

SAMANTHA: Why would anyone want to destroy such a beautiful place? Going Home By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf

ELLA: None of the neighboring towns want an airport inside their limits. But they see the advantage of having such an airport within driving distance. So there is some support for this scheme.

SAMANTHA: But surely not in Sunby Heath.

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