God Can Do It Again By Kathryn Kuhlman

God Can Do It Again By Kathryn Kuhlman

God Can Do It Again – “If you never meet Kathryn Kuhlman, you will not have missed a thing. If you are seeking a faith healer, read no further. If you are in search of a profound theology, this book is definitely not a textbook. Is it a new religion or sensation you want? Then I surely cannot help you. I have no new religion to offer. I am not a modern day seer nor am I a worker of miracles.

“Kathryn Kuhlman is just a woman. No one knows better than I that in myself, I am nothing. I an not your point of contact. I am not a deliverer. I stand before you helpless and yet the miracles happen. Why?

The love and power of God
“I marvel just as you will marvel, I weep just as you will weep, I rejoice just as you will rejoice as through the pages of this book you begin to catch a glimpse of the awesome love and power of God Almighty as He touches and moves in His sovereignty.

Filled with true stories
This is a newly–reprinted classic by the most extraordinary anointed woman of her time. Each chapter contains another person’s story. Each of these ordinary people, having nowhere left to turn, experienced the willingness of God to touch them right where they where!

Read these amazing testimonies by God’s extraordinary servant, Kathryn Kuhlman, and know that God can do it again¿for you!

Book Review by Kone

Kathryn Kuhlman is a woman, who after being called by God through the Holy Spirit, began preaching at the tender age of 14. She started off preaching in small rural churches with her sister and brother-in-law (an evangelist). Her outgoing, sincere personality, her love of people, and her simple message of repentance and being born again led to much success. She devoted her entire life to an evangelical ministry. When people in the audience began to report spontaneous healings, Miss Kuhlman realized she had been gifted with the Holy Spirit’s healing blessing. As a result of this realization, she held “healing” meetings in Los Angeles (monthly) and in her home base of Pittsburgh. This book features personal first-hand accounts of many people who claimed healings through attending Miss Kuhlman’s healing meetings. The accounts relate how the person became ill, details on the disease and disease progression, and finally, how the person was miraculously healed. There are several doctors of medicine that give written testimony to the validity of the healings. The stories contain personal details and cross-references that make it extremely unlikely that these stories are sheer fabrications.

As with any ministry associated with healing, there is sure to be controversy surrounding the ministry and the “faith healer”. Miss Kuhlman never claimed to be a “faith-healer”, saying only that she was a simple woman whom the Holy Spirit used to touch others and make them well. She did not understand how the people were healed, nor why others with infirmities and sickness were not healed. She only knew that she was being used by the power of the Holy Spirit. She often had “words of knowledge” during her services that “told” her which conditions were being healed. She would then point in a specific direction and say (for example): “Cancer is being healed right now! – stand up and claim your healing!”. Again, she never claimed to hear an audible voice (of the Holy Spirit), only that she had a picture in her mind of what was being healed as it happened.

In the world of religious thought, there are two viewpoints on healing (and miracles): One, healings and miracles ended after the Apostles died and no miraculous healings occur today; and two, healings through the Holy Spirit still occur today, since God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Miss Kuhlman exemplifies the latter view, while her critics typically take the former view. Some skeptics claim Kuhlman used a form of “hysterical” hypnosis to make people believe they were healed, when in fact, they were not. The straight-foward telling of these healing stories, with the great detail provided, combine to compel the reader that a healing occured. Since names of those healed are cited, it would seem fairly simple for someone to objectively evaluate whether a healing took place or not. If these healings took place in a cultural “vacuum” with no chance of substantiation, or no personal details, then the reader would naturally question the validity of the healings, as well as the motives of the “healer”.

Personally, I truly enjoyed this book with its many miraculous stories. I intend to read Miss Kuhlman’s authorized biography next, as I am most intrigued by her, her motivations for entering into such a ministry, and in her healing ministry itself.


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Originally published: 1969

AuthorKathryn Kuhlman

Genres: Christian literature, Religious Fiction