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Go Pro By Eric Worre

Go Pro By Eric Worre

Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Go Pro is a book that presents the keys to becoming a Marketing or Networking professional. In the work, its author, Eric Worre, lays down a guide for anyone wanting to engage in multilevel marketing, either to strengthen their company or as a business by itself. His ideas expand the usual range of action and help to understand that there is a sure way to create a large and successful business with the freedom of self-management for both time and decisions.

The 7 steps outlined here summarize the author’s observations on how to become an entrepreneur with a marketing network, being both a salesman and manager at the same time, selling your own products or those of other companies, establishing your own working hours and working with whom you decide to work, all with a significant income. In these lines, we present the best of these ideas. – ABOUT SAPIENS EDITORIAL: Books are mentors.

Books can guide what we do and our lives. Many of us love books while reading them and maybe they will echo with us a few weeks after but 2 years later we cant remember if we have read it or not. And thats a shame. We remember that at that time, the book meant a lot to us. Why is it that 2 years later we have forgotten everything? Thats not good. This summary is taken from the most important themes of the original book. Most people dont like books. People just want to know what the book says they have to do. If you trust the source you dont need the arguments. So much of a book is arguing its points, but often you dont need the argument if you trust the source you can just get the point. This summary takes the effort to distill the blahs into themes for the people who are just not going to read the whole book. All this information is in the original book.

Summary: Go Pro by Eric Worre

Full Summary

Eric Worre says being a network marketer is an amazing job. It can actually be a dream job. But as for anything else, you must put in the work.

The Three Levels Of Network Marketer

He says there are three levels of network marketer:

  • Poser: want quick profit without time and effort investment
  • Amateurs: they have some talent and will, but lack total commitment
  • Pros: total commitment and drive to becoming the best they can possibly be

The 7 Skills

There are 7 skills to network marketing.

1. Finding Prospects

Professionals approach

  1. Write down everyone you know
  2. Write down everyone they know
  3. Add 1-2 persons a day
  4. Network with your recruitment goals in mind

2. Inviting

Think like a farmer more than like a hunter. Build trust and relationships: educate more than sell. Invite them to a presentation or to a seminar.
And invite your prospects in a way that’s easy to replicate so that you can invite a large number of people.

Eric Worre also has a few power moves tips to be used for phone and face to face invites:

  1. Be in a hurry – people are attracted to those who have lots going on
  2. Compliment 
  3. Make the invitation
  4. If I, would you? – ask if they’d try the product if you gave them one
  5. Confirmation #1 – ask when they think they will try it
  6. Confirmation #2 – confirm commitment “. So if i call you at X, you tried it, right?
  7. Confirmation #3 – schedule the follow up
  8. Get off the phone – close the conversation

This is the formula that will make you successful.

3. Present Your Product

It’s never about you, it’s about the presentation. Here are four steps to a captivating story:

  1. your story
  2. what you didn’t like about your story
  3. how your product / company rescued you
  4. your results and feelings

A quick win is to simply model your presentation on the successful people in your upline.

4. Follow Up

Eric Worre says the only reason for an exposure is to set up the next one. It takes an average of 4-6 exposures for people to join, but can take more than 10. So be patient… But persistent.

Some people won’t belief enough in themselves or in network marketing. Be empathic: explain without getting defensive.
The author proposes you use the feel, felt, found strategy.

5. Sign’Em Up

Assume they will join, reassure them you will be there to help and always have the documents ready.
Here are some questions:

  1. How much would you like to earn
  2. How much time can you commit for that goal
  3. For how long would you do it to get that income
  4. If I can show you plant to do just that, are you ready to start?

6. Help Them Start

Make sure they know all the best practices and that they know where to get all the information and products.
For a great start you need to set the right expectations and give them some early wins. Here what you should make clear for them:

  1. You’re there as a guide, but success is up to them
  2. Your task is to let them be independent from you ASAP

7. Attending Events

Do attend your company’s destination events. They are huge learning and networking opportunities and being around those who made it will give you all the motivation.


Study Guide, by Bess McCarty:

Study Guide, by Bess McCarty:

* Introduction – Eric’s “turning point” story. On a scale 1-10, 1 being totally hoping for a luck, timing, shortcuts, and positioning in NM (Network Marketing), to 10 being totally committed to developing the skills needed to become a NM professional, where do you rate yourself?

* Chapter 1 – Network Marketing is better

Write down what you do and don’t want in the Perfect Career for you.

What are the 5 ways to make money? Do any provide your Perfect Career?

The New Economy is moving toward a ___________ economy.

How does that equate to working more for less money in a job?

NM is the answer in the New Economy for both companies and reps because _________________.

The catch to NM is you must deal with _________________.

* Chapter 2 – Decide to Go Pro.

Are you an Amateur, Poser, or Professional?

Eric’s definition of being a NM Pro: “A person who is an expert at the skills required to build a large and successful NM organization.”

*Chapter 3 – You’ll need skills.

But you’re not going to need a lot of money to learn them.

Three primary elements to your NM business:

Your company’s ______________.
Your company’s ______________.
But MOST important, is __________________.

Say goodbye to your ____________.

There only 7 skills to learn, and they are relatively easy to learn, but they are one of the highest paid skill sets in the world!

*Chapter 4 – Finding Prospects

80% of people who join network marketing hope they will get lucky! vs. treat it as a career.

To drive that percentage lower, your job is to ___________ people.

The professionals consider finding people to talk to as one of their _________ skills.

Make a list of ALL the people you know, and the people THEY know. Follow your interests and meet new people. Be aware!

Here’s how to never run out of prospects:
Harvey Mackay’s dad: “Harvey, starting today and for the rest of your life, I want you to take every person you meet, get their contact information, and find a creative way to stay in touch.”

*Chapter 5 – Inviting Prospects

“Successful people in MLM… weren’t hunters. They were more like ___________.”

They built ____________ and offered _____________________.

“Their ONLY objective was to  __________ their prospects.”

Stand in your prospects shoes. What approach would attract you? What would cause you to put up your defenses?

A tool is the best first step to invite prospects to. Why?

An event is the most effective next step. Why?

Eric’s formula for MLM success: “Your ability to get a large number of people to consistently do a few simple things over an extended period of time.”

8 Invite Steps:
1) ______________ – prevents questions & creates focus
2) ______________ – opens minds and moods
3) ______________ – offer a solution they need, ask for advice or a referral
4) ______________ – gets a conditional exchange and usually a Yes. (Eric’s most valued phrase in network marketing.)
5) ______________ – gets a specific, real time commitment
6) ______________ – confirms it
7) ______________ – schedules the next call (their 4th “Yes”)
8) ______________ – prevents questions

Practice these 8 steps to inviting with a friend until you feel confident.

*Chapter 6 – Presenting

What duplicates?

What does NOT duplicate?

“The pros used _______ instead of their own wisdom
The pros used _______ instead of their own presentations.
The pros used ____________ to give the facts.”

Write your story, in about 5 sentences, with the 4 elements Eric suggests. Tell it often.

*Chapter 7 – Following Up

“The fortune is in the _____________.”

How good are you at Follow-up? Let’s see…

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being excellent, how would you rate yourself on these things?

* You check back with your prospects when you say you would.

* Your purpose is educating them to make an informed decision (vs. signing them up).

* You lead them through an average of 4-6 education tools.

* You do this in a short time.

* You handle questions and objections well.

There, now you can see where your strengths and weaknesses are. (This is a great chapter!)

A fortune AND your good reputation can be lost in poor follow-up. Be the person who does what they say they will do.

The only purpose of an exposure is to ____________________.

“The best follow-up question I’ve ever used is ____________.”

“Another great question to ask is _______________________.”

If the answer is positive, go directly to ________________.

If not, just schedule the next ______________.

“Keep your urgency, but have ______________.”

How can you handle objections without being either defensive or offensive?

Objections are usually a limiting belief in ____________ or _______________.

In either case, let them know you are just like them.
Here are 2 ways to do that… ______________________.

Eric gives a GREAT way to handle limiting beliefs about network marketing. Try this out!

How do you answer, “How much are you making?” Try Eric’s tips for this, too.

*Chapter 8 – Signing ’em up

It’s your job to guide them to a  _____________.

What did Eric do wrong in his early years in network marketing?

The keys to this step are a confident posture and asking the right questions.

Five things that will give you a confident posture are:

Two dynamite questions to lead up to signup are:

Four questions to close are:

Practice these today!

*Chapter 9 – Start ’em Right

To help your new distributor have the best start and not quit, you’ll want to set proper expectations and get quick results.

Eric didn’t have successful distributors at first. So he watched and learned from a mentor, who taught him a 5-Part Game Plan Interview.

Part One validates your new distributor’s _______________.

Part Two makes an agreement with your distributor about their responsibility for their business. 3 points to make:

Part Three is a get-started checklist. Make sure your new distributor is:

Part Four challenges the new distributor to get results _____________!

Part Five gives specific assignments and deadlines. Just like scheduling exposures, you now schedule assignments to accomplish things, thereby making it easier to continue than quit! Eric lists 8 of those things. What other ones can you think of? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


*Chapter 10 – Promoting Events

“Meetings make __________. It’s just that simple.”

The MOST POWERFUL type of event is the _________________.

Virtually every top-earner uses the destination events as the ______________ of their business.

How many have you attended in the last 2 years?

How many benefits can you find Eric describe about destination events?


Step 1 – Lead by example. What obstacles arise to you attending, and how do you solve them?

Step 2 – Grow the number of people you bring from your team. What is the difference between announcing and promoting? What are 5 tips to promoting?

Never buy someone’s ____________ .

*Chapter 11 – Patience

Traditional businesses hope to pay back their initial investment in the first _______ years.

To earn more, you need to _____________ more.

The 1/3/5/7 Formula: You can expect in network marketing:
After 1 year: _______________________________________
After 3 years: ______________________________________
After 5 years: ______________________________________
After 7 years: ______________________________________

Where are you on this journey described above?

Eric’s advice:
Learn by ______________.
Model successful _________________.
Study ________________________.
Be careful of ___________________.
Teach your __________________.
Look at your 5 _________________.
Work _____________.

Apply the Plan/Do/Review process to your business this week:
1. Make a Plan
2. Do it.
3. Review your results to improve.
Repeat better!

*Chapter 12 – Rewards

Which of these rewards appeals to you the most?

The career you create
The freedom you enjoy
The lives you touch
The people you meet
The places you see
The causes you can contribute to
The person you become

Write about the rewards you have gotten, or aim to have (which is your Why).

THAT is YOUR STORY. Tell it often! Tell the world!


Editorial Reviews



Eric Worre’s Go Pro has become the de facto bible of network marketing. Eric takes his more than 25 years experience in the profession and boils it down to nuts and bolts practical wisdom you can learn and apply. If you want to succeed, if you are serious about being a network marketing professional, make this book the centerpiece of your library! –Chris Widener, author of the Art of Influence

Eric hit it it square on the head with Go Pro. Honestly…the title says it all. If you want to become a professional in network marketing, then his book is a must read. That means non-negotiable. If I want to become a pro, it is a requirement to read;Go Pro;. Get his book now! This book is already destined to become an all-time classic for our profession. –Todd Falcone, Network Marketing Speaker, Coach and Trainer

Eric’s book is the best I’ve read on how to build a network marketing business, since joining the industry 23 years ago. –Todd Smith, $25 Million Dollar Earner

Recommended Books

About the Author

Eric Worre is the world’s most watched and most trusted resource for Network Marketing training and support.

Since 2009, he has produced over 1,400 free videos for the Network Marketing community on virtually every topic. His training is now viewed by over 5 million people every single week.

In 2010, he created Go Pro Recruiting Mastery. An annual generic training event that has grown into the largest in Network Marketing history. Over 8,000 attended in 2015 and the next event in December 2016 has over 17,000 pre-registered.

In 2013, he released the International best-selling book “Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional”, which has sold well over 1 million copies to date and has become a “must read” for anyone who is serious about building their network marketing business.

In 2014, he released the documentary style film “Rise Of The Entrepreneur” which helps to dispel many of the misconceptions related to Network Marketing.

In 2015, along with his wife Marina, he created a new annual event called “The Most Powerful Women In The World” which is already the world’s largest generic Network Marketing event for women.

To date, the Network Marketing Pro community has grown to over a million leaders from over 100 countries around the world.

As the most sought after speaker in Network Marketing today, he is engaged in an effort to raise all ships and allow this profession to truly take its proper place in this world as “a better way”.

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