Go It Alone! By Bruce Judson Pdf

 Go It Alone! By Bruce Judson Pdf

Download Go It Alone! By Bruce Judson Pdf book free online – from Go It Alone! By Bruce Judson Pdf book; This book shows you the practical steps that will allow nearly any individual to create a business, often using job skills that seem to require an entire corporation for support.

It is no longer necessary to spend time on the tasks that don’t add value. It is now possible to stay small but reap big profits. Go-it-alone businesses allow the individual the freedom to concentrate on their greatest skills.

It explains that the conventional wisdom about starting your own business is stunningly wrong. Using the leverage of technology – e-mail, the World Wide Web, and the remarkable array of off-the-shelf business services now available – it is dramatically easier to start your own business. Magnified by these new services, it is also possible to create, for the first time, a highly focused business. Recognize that there is no “A” for Effort – you must own risk completely; the startup world is more Darwinian. Mitigate risks as best as possible, but failures will happen. You are completely responsible for what happens to the business; claim responsibility for mistakes, then fix them. Don’t blame – take responsibility. “No excuses allowed.”


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