Glimpses of Algebra and Geometry by Gabor Toth

Glimpses of Algebra and Geometry by Gabor Toth pdf

Glimpses of Algebra and Geometry – Explores the subtle connections between Number Theory, Classical Geometry and Modern Algebra; Over 180 illustrations, as well as text and Maple files, are available via the web facilitate understanding:; Contains an insert with 4-color illustrations; Includes numerous examples and worked-out problems


From the reviews of the second edition:

“Toth’s ‘Glimpses’ offer selected material that connect algebra and geometry … . This second edition is a revised and substantially expanded version, so for example it includes a detailed treatment of the solution of the cubic and quartic, as well as a long new chapter on Klein’s famous work on the quintic and the icosahedron.” (Günter M. Ziegler, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1027, 2004)

“The book is intended – and really manages it – to fill undergraduates with enthusiasm to reach the graduate level. … the author presents various topics of number theory, geometry and algebra and at the same time shows their connection resp. interplay, thus making the study lively and fascinating for the reader. … information on advanced websites and films show how carefully the author has done his job. So this second edition hopefully will not be the last one.” (G. Kowol, Monatshefte für Mathematik, Vol. 141 (2), 2004)

From the Back Cover

The purpose of Glimpses of Algebra and Geometry is to fill a gap between undergraduate and graduate mathematics studies. It is one of the few undergraduate texts to explore the subtle and sometimes puzzling connections between Number Theory, Classical Geometry and Modern Algebra in a clear and easily understandable style. Over 160 computer-generated images, accessible to readers via the World Wide Web, facilitate an understanding of mathematical concepts and proofs even further.

Glimpses also sheds light on some of the links between the first recorded intellectual attempts to solve ancient problems of Number Theory and Geometry and twentieth century mathematics. GLIMPSES will appeal to students who wish to learn modern mathematics, but have few prerequisite courses, and to high-school teachers who always had a keen interest in mathematics, but seldom the time to pursue background technicalities. Even postgraduate mathematicians will enjoy being able to browse through a number of mathematical disciplines in one sitting.

This new edition includes invaluable improvements throughout the text, including an in-depth treatment of root formulas, a detailed and complete classification of finite Möbius groups a la Klein, and a quick, direct, and modern approach to Felix Kleins “Normalformsatz,” the main result of his spectacular theory of icosahedron and his solution of the irreducible quintic in terms of hypergeometric functions.

Gabor Toth is the Chair and Graduate Director of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Rutgers University, Camden. His previous publications include Finite Mobius Groups, Spherical Minimal Immersions and Moduli (2001), Harmonic Maps and Minimal Immersion Through Representation Theory (1990) and Harmonic and Minimal Maps with Applications in Geometry and Physics (1984). Professor Toths main fields of interest involve the geometry of eigenmaps and spherical minimal immersions and the visualization of mathematics via computers.