Give Yourself Margin by Stacie Bloomfield PDF

Give Yourself Margin by Stacie Bloomfield PDF

Download Give Yourself Margin by Stacie Bloomfield PDF book free online – From Give Yourself Margin by Stacie Bloomfield PDF: A gorgeously illustrated interactive guide to changing your mindset, rekindling creativity, and embracing imperfection.
“Give yourself margin” is a sewing maxim about leaving enough excess fabric to account for potential mistakes.

This book is about giving yourself the space—the mental margin—to reconnect with your creative self by trying new things and, yes, even by failing sometimes. With lush illustrations, empowering interactive prompts, and inspiring personal stories, Give Yourself Margin is the perfect gift for anyone who is looking to rediscover their spark.

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“Y’all. I pre-ordered this book by Stacie Bloomfield at Gingiber a few months ago. Well last week I volunteered to be on her launch team. She sent me an (advanced) pdf so I could read her book a week early and I could not be more OBSESSED. Not only is her new art stunning, but I found the content to be extremely applicable, useful, and productive. It’s not just a book with art and discussion, but it’s also a guidebook. I feel like every womxn would benefit from owning a copy! Have you pre-ordered one yet!?” – Ciara B.

From the Author

This book is a guide to giving yourself more margin, told through the personal experiences that inspired me and the lessons I learned. I hope that it inspires you to breathe, smile, and take a step back, and maybe find a much-needed change of perspective along the way.


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