Ghai Essential Pediatrics PDF 8Ed

Ghai Essential Pediatrics PDF

Download Ghai Essential Pediatrics PDF book free 8Ed – From Ghai Essential Pediatrics PDF: For over three decades Ghai Essential Pediatrics has been the subcontinent’s most widely trusted resource for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in pediatrics. Buy from Amazon

Ghai Essential Pediatrics PDF

With contributions from more than 30 national and international experts, the eighth edition is thoroughly revised to ensure that the reader has access to up-to-date information on the diagnosis and therapy. Continued emphasis on recognition and management of common pediatric conditions,Liberal use of algorithms integrating strategies for evaluation and management , Comprehensive tables highlighting important differential diagnoses and management, Ghai Essential Pediatrics PDF

Thoroughly revised chapters on fluid and electrolyte disturbances, infections, diseases of gastrointestinal system, nutrition, malignancies, disorders of cardiovascular system and inborn errors of metabolism, Reorganized and revised chapters on immunization, newborn infants, disorders of kidney and urinary tract, rational drug therapy and medical procedures. Presents fresh perspective

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Introduction – Ghai Essential Pediatrics PDF 8Ed

The branch of medicine that deals with the care of children
and adolescents is pediatrics. This term has roots in the
Greek word pedo pais (a child) and iatros (healer). Pediatrics
covers the age group less than 18 yr of age. A physician
who specializes in health care of children and adolescents
is a pediatrician. The goal of the specialty is to enable a child
to survive, remain healthy, and attain the highest possible
potential of growth, development and intellectual
achievement. Child health encompasses approaches,
interventions and strategies that preserve, protect, promote
and restore health of children at individual and population
level. Ghai Essential Pediatrics PDF
Children under 15 yr of age comprise about 30% of India’s
population. Childhood is the state when the human being
is growing and developing. It is time to acquire habits,
values and lifestyles that would make children responsible

adults and citizens. The family, society and nation are duty-
bound to make children feel secure, cared for, and protected

from exploitation, violence and societal ills. Female children
face gender bias in access to healthcare and nutrition. A
civilized society nurtures all its children, girls and boys
alike, with love, generosity and benevolence.
Child is not a miniature adult. The principles of adult
medicine cannot be directly adapted to children. Pediatric
biology is unique and risk factors of pediatric disease are
distinct. Ghai Essential Pediatrics

Clinical manifestations of childhood diseases may
be different from adults. Indeed, many disorders are unique
to children. Drug dosages in children are specific and not a
mathematical derivation of the adult doses. Nutrition is a
critical necessity for children not only to sustain life, but to
ensure their growth and development.

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