Geordie’s Tryst By Janet Milne Rae Pdf

Geordie's Tryst By  Janet Milne Rae Pdf

Download Geordie’s Tryst By Janet Milne Rae Pdf book free online – from Geordie’s Tryst By Janet Milne Rae Pdf book; thick of some ancient battle, where the brave-hearted “nobly conquering lived or conquering died;”

or it was to some fair, pastoral scene, and then the preacher seemed to know so well all the delights of heathery hills and pleasant mossy glades, that Grace thought he certainly must have been at Kirklands and wandered among its woods and braes. And into each of his wonderful photographs he wove many holy, stirring thoughts of God, and of those “ways” of his that may be known upon the earth, of which they had been singing.

Presently the preacher began to talk of what the worthy tinsmith had called the “new-fangled scheme,” for which, he said, he stood there to plead that evening. He had come to ask help for the little outcast city children. It was before the days when School Boards were born or thought of that this gallant-hearted man sought to move the feelings and rouse the consciences of men on behalf of those who seemed to have no helper. It was for aid to establish schools for those destitute children,

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