Geography of the World: The Essential Family Guide

Geography of the World by DK pdf

Geography of the World – Global diversity comes alive in DK’s essential guide to our ever-changing world, full of fact-packed spreads and full-color photographs.

An ideal reference for both home and school. Details each country’s physical geography, people, climate, culture,and landscape.

A guide to countries and continents in today’s rapidly changing world.

• Clear, country-by-country layout makes this an ideal reference book for use at home and at school.
• Fact boxes provide at-a-glance information on each country’s population, language, religion, government, currency, and more.
• More than 60 large-scale, three-dimensional maps, 900 superb photographs, and 500 detailed artworks, charts, and diagrams bring the countries of the world to life.
• Researched, authenticated, and updated by a team of specialists in human and physical geography and international affairs.

Book Review by Mars

Perfect for my needs

I got this book to aid me in learning the countries of the world. This is perfect for that.

The book is divided into continents, then regions, then countries. Each continent and region has a preface talking about major things in that area and cultures.

What interests me most, is the information about individual countries. Each country has a picture of it within a zoomed in map, so you get an idea of the shape of the country. It has a quick facts section, that talks about size, population, religions, education, doctors, and how many TVs per-person (one way to gauge wealth). Then it has the main part for the country, where it talks a little about the culture, people, interesting facts, and sometimes a little history background.

This works for me in learning countries, it is also going to be helpful when I hear of a country and want to know a little more about it.

Also, it has lots of pictures and great page quality.


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