Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering by L.P. Dake

Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering by L.P. Dake pdf

Reservoir Engineering – “This book is fast becoming the standard text in its field”, wrote a reviewer in the Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology soon after the first appearance of Dake’s book. This prediction quickly came true: it has become the standard text and has been reprinted many times.

The author’s aim – to provide students and teachers with a coherent account of the basic physics of reservoir engineering – has been most successfully achieved. No prior knowledge of reservoir engineering is necessary.

The material is dealt with in a concise, unified and applied manner, and only the simplest and most straightforward mathematical techniques are used. This low-priced paperback edition will continue to be an invaluable teaching aid for years to come.

Book Review by Alex Stewart

This is THE Book on Reservoir Engineering

So you want to learn about reservoir engineering? Then you’re going to need the right material. And this book is it. Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering by Dake is the “bible” of reservoir engineering. Many college courses utilize and require this textbook. Amazon also offers this text at a great price, much cheaper than through purchasing from ElSevier.

The book starts off with material balance. This is the bread and butter of petroleum science and reservoir engineering. Each chapter thereafter continues to build on different areas of reservoir engineering. I would highly recommend this book.