Fundamentals of Matrix Algebra By Gregory Pdf

Fundamentals of Matrix Algebra By Gregory Pdf

Download Fundamentals of Matrix Algebra By Gregory Pdf book free online – from Fundamentals of Matrix Algebra By Gregory Pdf book; A college (or advanced high school) level text dealing with the basic principles of matrix and linear algebra.

It covers solving systems of linear equations, matrix arithmetic, the determinant, eigenvalues, and linear transformations. Numerous examples are given within the easy to read text. This third edition corrects several errors in the text and updates the font faces.

The author makes clear in the foreword that this text is not a linear algebra text. It avoids much of the theory associated with linear algebra; although, the author does touch on theorems as necessary. Avoiding theory but using the term “theorem” might require some discussion in class that is avoided in the textbook.

Keeping in mind that this book focuses on computation rather than theory, it covers the main computational aspects of matrix algebra. The section on matrix multiplication has heavy emphasis on square matrices in the examples though the homework uses non-square matrices.

This might need supplemented with non-square examples for students to refer to when attempting the homework.

In the future, we’ll want to create matrices with just the coefficients of a system of linear equaƟons and leave out the constants. Therefore, when we include the con- stants, we oŌen refer to the resulƟng matrix as an augmented matrix.


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