Fundamentals of Corrosion by Philip A.Schweitzer PDF

Fundamentals of Corrosion Mechanisms Causes and Preventative Methods Corrosion technology PDF

Fundamentals of Corrosion – Billions of dollars are spent annually for the replacement of corroded structures, machinery, and components. Premature failure of bridges or structures due to corrosion can also result in human injury, loss of life, and collateral damage.

Written by an authority in corrosion science, Fundamentals of Corrosion: Mechanisms, Causes, and Preventative Methods comprehensively describes the causes of corrosion―and the means to limit or prevent it. Engineers, designers, architects, and all those involved with the selection of construction materials will relish a reference that provides such a thorough yet basic illustration of the causes, prevention, and control of corrosion.

This reference explores:

  • Mechanisms and forms of corrosion
  • Methods of attack on plastic materials
  • Causes of failure in protective coatings, linings, and paints
  • Development of new alloys with corrosion-resistant properties

Exposure to the atmosphere is one of the largest problems and biggest causes of corrosion that engineers and designers face in construction. It has been further estimated that the cost of protection against atmospheric corrosion accounts for approximately half the total cost of all corrosion protection methods.

This book places special emphasis on atmospheric exposure and presents vital information regarding the design of structures, automobiles, household plumbing, manufacturing equipment, and other entities, as well as the effects of de-icing chemicals on highways and bridges.