Friends, though divided By G. A. Henty Pdf

Friends, though divided By  G. A. Henty Pdf

Download Friends, though divided By G. A. Henty Pdf book free online – from Friends, though divided By G. A. Henty Pdf book; In this story the author has given a faithful picture of the chief events of the great Civil War.

The view taken of the struggle is, as far as possible, an impartial one, and the two heroes of the tale draw their swords upon opposite sides. The leading character, the young Cavalier, goes through a long series of stirring adventures, takes part in the principal actions of the war, is sent as an emissary to Montrose, aids in the attempt to enable the King to escape from Carisbrook, is present at the siege of Drogheda, and is sold as a slave to the plantations.

The ultimatum which at last the Puritan party in Parliament delivered to the king, was that no man should remain in the royal council who was not agreeable to Parliament; that no deed of the king should have validity unless it passed the council, and was attested under their hands; that all the officers of the state and principal judges should be chosen with consent of Parliament, and enjoy their offices for life; that none of the royal family should marry without consent of Parliament or the council; that the penal laws should be executed against Catholics; that the votes of popish lords should not be received in the Peers, and that bishops should be excluded from the House; that the reformation of the liturgy and church government should be carried out according to the advice of Parliament; that the ordinances which they had made with regard to the militia should be submitted to; that the justice of Parliament should pass upon all delinquents, that is, upon all officials

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