Free Summer Programs for High School Students

Many colleges expect limitations to remain in place during the summer. It’s ideal for high school students who want to learn more or discover new interests. As a result, their research projects are now available online.

Summer programs for high school students are free at most competing colleges. A number of these programs are available for free or at a minimal cost, and they can be a valuable complement to your academic application.

Free Summer Programs

In this program, you will not only have a fun summer, but you will also get a taste of college life and learn about new fields that you might be interested in majoring in college. 

So join me as I take you through a comprehensive list of the best free summer programs you can be a part of as a high school student in the summer period. 

Let’s go!

What is High School Summer Program?

It’s worth noting that the summer program is also known as summer school. It’s also known as Summer University. It is a school or a program supported by a school in general.

It is also occasionally supported by a school district. It is also given by a private firm. Lessons are provided during the summer program. As well as summer vacation activities. Summer school participation has been found to offer significant benefits. In addition, there are ramifications for educational achievement.

  1. Computer Science for Cyber Security (CS4CS)

In today’s society, cybersecurity is one of the most significant (and lucrative) areas. 

At NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, high school students learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity and computer science through this curriculum. 

The goal is to break down the obstacles that have historically kept women and minorities out of STEM fields.

2. Business Opportunities Summer Session (BOSS) at Penn State

BOSS is a residential program that lasts two weeks. It is for high school students who want to pursue a business degree in college.

It also provides pupils with the chance to attend college preparatory courses. Business principles are also taught by Penn State professors.

Participants will also get a taste of what college life is like. This is accomplished by residing in a college dorm. This is all happening during their two-week stay at Penn State’s University Park campus.

3. Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP)

For high school students, this is a six-week educational program. It’s also a completely free summer program. 

Seminars are held here for students. Members of colleges and universities lead these seminars. They are also involved in educational and social activities. This is happening outside of the classroom.

It is one of the free summer programs for students in high school. It also wants students with a wide range of educational backgrounds.

It is looking for people that have a strong desire to learn. It is looking for people who are looking for a personal and intellectual challenge. There are no grades or college credits available through these programs.

4. Cornell University Curie Academy

This is a residential free summer program that lasts one week. It’s for math and science-oriented high school females. 

Additionally, older persons on the rise (class of 2021) will be evaluated automatically. This is for a complete enrollment exemption for the CURIE 2021 Academy. African-Americans will also be taken into account.

Also taken into account are African-Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans/Alaska Natives. Pacific Islanders and/or the first generation will also be taken into account. 

5. American Collegiate Adventures

This is one of the summer programs for high school students that is completely free. It has programs in the United States as well as internationally. In addition, the program lasts anything from one to five weeks.

All of this information may be found on the website. The summer program lasts for four weeks. This is in the state of Wisconsin. Also includes information on the college admissions process.

6. The Princeton Summer Journalism Program (PSJP)

This program is one of the few programs of its kind in the country, providing a free, creative residential journalism and college prep institute for high-achieving high school juniors from low-income families. 

Every summer, up to 40 students from across the country attend seminars and lectures offered by Princeton academics, professional journalists, and alumni on campus to learn about current events and world issues. 

The Princeton Summer Journal, a student-produced newspaper, is published at the end of the summer program.

7. National Youth Science Camp (NYSCamp)

NYSCamp, which used to be a residential camp, is now online and continues to educate and support emerging leaders. Each state and the District of Columbia sends two representatives, while overseas delegates are occasionally invited to join.

The curriculum includes world-class lectures, focused studies, and seminars with STEM experts who are making a difference in their professions and around the world. 

8. Research Science Institute (RSI)

This is another high school free summer program worth going for this 2021. This summer class is hosted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) yearly. And it offers students the opportunity to learn theory in the classroom while obtaining hands-on experience in scientific and technology research as part of the program.

Note, as a participant, you’ll go through the complete research process from beginning to end. And under the supervision of well-known experts, you’ll evaluate current literature in their subject, develop a research strategy, and present your findings in written and oral reports.

9. Summer Academy for Math and Science

SAMS provides high school students from underrepresented groups in the United States with an opportunity to learn about STEM fields such as math, biology, and physics. At Carnegie Mellon University, students take classes, work on projects, and are mentored by world-renowned faculty.

Part 1 consists of two online courses and a project completed under the supervision of a STEM faculty member or graduate student. They also receive help navigating the college admissions and financial assistance processes, as well as participation in student success groups. 

Part 2 includes workshops, meetings with alumni, students, and leaders, as well as the completion and presentation of projects at the SAMS Symposium. Part 3 of the experience continues with students exploring STEM majors while receiving mentorship and academic help.

10. Girls Coding Summer Immersion Programs

Last but not least in our list of free summer programs for high school students is Girls Coding Immersion Programs. This program has been known as a free online program for female high school students.

Its programs focus on eliminating gender discrimination in programming and the digital world in general. It gives female high school students the platform to engage in project-based learning as well as networking, connecting, and occupying of positions in high-tech enterprises.

Further, it provides high school and sophomore’s girls’ opportunities to learn how to code and be introduced to opportunities in the high-tech industry during the summer programs.

When you’re preparing for college admissions, summer break isn’t truly a break. You should be pursuing your passions and exhibiting your eagerness to learn and explore them. Summer programs, though, aren’t the only option.

Take up an individual project, such as writing on your own blog or performing research, for example. This will impress universities in especially because it exhibits initiative.

Internships are a good choice as well. Although the majority of internships are only available to college students and graduates, there are still some options for younger people. This will also impress colleges while also giving you a taste of a possible future career. This summer, here is a list of online internships for high school students.

Also, don’t overlook the possibility of finding a career that pays well. Colleges are aware that students may need to work to support themselves. They also understand that working gives pupils the opportunity to develop crucial life skills and develop a feeling of responsibility.


Can summer classes raise your GPA? 

Yes, a summer class can boost your GPA. For instance, if you have taken two classes and your GPA is 2.0, receiving a B (3.0) in a summer course will raise your GPA to 2.33. 

Can incoming freshmen take summer classes?

Yes, if your college offers a summer session to incoming freshmen. If not then you can’t take summer classes as an incoming freshman. 


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