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    Adeshina Toheeb
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    Whenever it’s this time of the year, I do not go out neither do I do anything, it’s all about my mom. My eyes are filled with pool of tears , it seems like the earth is crushing under my feet this time around. My heart filled with pains and regrets.

    Its been years since I lost my precious mother to death. Things hasn’t been the same with me since the day I lost her to the cold hands of death, I keep thinking, ” what if she were to be alive,I could have done things differently with her support and guidance, my life would have taken a different route and be a bed roses.

    I wouldn’t have been in this situation……. The role of a mother in the life of a child is very vital, especially the female child. How do I make up for all the lost time? How I wish my mother was alive.

    I remember how mummy loved us, I and my kid brother. I was her favorite and she was my best friend. ( Haa…..IYAMI ABIYAMO TOOTO) “True mother”.

    She would always warn me against bad company. I cried more as I remembered how I called her that unfortunate day.

    “Mummy! Mummy!! Mummy!!! But she couldn’t answer me, she was dead already. I rolled back the years and I remembered everything in the past, how it all happened.

    I was in my final year in secondary school. I just came back from school, I ran inside and I called Mother! Mother!! But no response…….Ooh! I murmured, where could she have gone ?

    I am too excited to keep this news to myself, mother is the only one I share everything with. If I wait one more second I might explode out of anxiety.

    Just when I was about shouting mother again, I heard her voice from the other end saying ” Sholape so you’re back?” . I ran into her arms and gave her a sweet hug. I replied “yes mummy” I’m back, she smiled.

    Mummy guess what? I just got the form for the West African Examinations Council exams ( WAEC)……. “Oh! Oluwa seun. I know you will be good at it”, she said. “All you have to do is read and put the rest in the hands of God”.

    “Thanks mom, I love you and will make you proud”.

    I kept thinking of the exam and the edge it will give me, I said to myself that I have to really pass this exam. If I pass, it will give me the chance of furthering my education in any higher institution of my choice as it will propel me closer fulfilling my dreams.

    I am a dreamer and I’m very ambitious. I study hard to be successful because of my mother. That woman has suffered a lot. I need to grow quickly, be what I want to be and take away my mother sufferings.

    I am the first child of my mother and my only brother is six years old. My father has there wives to begin with, he keeps concubines too, now you get it that I am from a polygamous family.

    You know how it is in a polygamous home, father rarely have time for the children, he’s too busy with women and other things I don’t know.

    Every child is left in the care of his/her mother. The only thing he is responsible for is our school fees which he doesn’t pay as at when due.

    He is not concerned about other things a child might need. He is never in the house and anytime he is around either one wife or a concubine calls for his attention. Only God knows if he has been charmed by women.

    Back to my mother, She is the second wife of the three wives my father had. Mom is very beautiful in fact she’s the most beautiful among the wives and concubines. She is 5ft&6″ tall, very sexy, Just like cocacola bottle with that perfect figure 8 shape.

    what about the buttocks? hmmm its something I’m praying to be like. Wait o how did mom even got married to my dad? I’m sure she had lots of suitors…….

    Stay tuned for the next episode to know how they met and more about Iya sholape!!!


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    Azeez bisola
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    Nice write up


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    intresting story

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    nice write up bro

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    this is going to be an intresting story

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    Adeshina Toheeb
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    Still admiring my ever beautiful mother, looking at her innocent eye, her well toned skin plus her sexy lips. I adore her more because anything she wore fits perfectly. She is just an epitome of beauty.

    Inspite of all these qualities coupled with the fact that she is a perfect African wife, humble and respectful, she never argues with dad, yet she doesn’t get what she really deserves. What a cruel world. I just wished she had married a better man.

    One day, I walked up to her and I said.

    “Mom I want to ask you something”, as usual she smiled at me and said “what is it you need my love?”

    ” I just want to ask you a question”.

    She took a deep breath and said “what question is it?”

    I was scared to ask but I summoned courage, I positioned myself on the cushion beside my mother having a sober look.

    She asked once more my love hope all is well? I nodded my head to assure her. I looked into her eyes and asked “mom please how did you meet my dad and why did you agree to marry him” ? My mom sighed and said ( “ha.. Omo mi! oro ni okuku fe gbo…

    Sugbon asiko oro oti to) it’s the fact you want to know but it’s not yet time to tell you”,She said.

    “when it is time I will tell you all you need to know, just make sure you don’t make the mistake I made”.

    I was not happy with her response because I was eager to know why she agreed to marry dad knowing he had been married with kids.

    Though I was relaxed, I know that one day mother will surely tell me as she doesn’t keep things away from me and she has always been truthful.

    Mother had a small shop just in front of the house, the shop is virtually empty, there’s nothing much in it other than different kinds of biscuits and sweets which I and my brother eats every now and then.

    The shop is a perfect example of what Yorubas call ( OJA WOROBO) Petty market’. That is where mom gets what she uses for our upkeep. She is shrewed with money. All she cares about is our wellbeing, she would not buy anything that is not needed .

    Mother will not buy any clothe for herself but makes sure we have enough to look good.

    I remember a night, there was nothing in the house to eat, she managed to make something, after she finished cooking what we call ‘Concoction rice’ she served me and my brother,

    she made sure we were satisfied, she hasn’t eaten yet she gave the remaining rice to my brother so he could be satisfied.

    That night, mother did not eat to bed. She just drank water. I asked what she would eat, her answer was “if my children are satisfied, I’m filled’ I felt so bad and I don’t know what to say, I just stood there pitying mom.

    She said (LOSUN SHOLAPE) ‘sholape go and sleep’. Tears rolled out of my eyes because of the pain in me, I know mom is hungry yet she gave her food to us. Whatever we lack in fatherly love she would try all she could to give to us.

    I never had any fatherly love, I couldn’t tell what the function of a father is or the impact a father should have in the life of a child. I get really jealous and saddened when my friends in school talk about their dad, but I couldn’t say much about my own.

    The closeness between my mother and her children was incomparable, we play like friends and talk like sisters. It was one of those nights where we just finished eating except mom.

    I asked why she didn’t eat, she said she’s not hungry, instead she said Sholape let me tell you some of the stories from my youthful days.

    To be continued….. Watch out for the next episode!

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    Sam Sam
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    How many Adeshina Toheebs am I seeing in the comment section.

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      THERE ARE 5 ….. LOL

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    Oduwegwu Obianinulu
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    Nice write up 😍

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    Nice one, love it bro

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    Adeshina Toheeb
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    My mom positioned herself well on the bed, she sat so her back could rest on the wall. She asked me to sit next to her, she took a deep breath and smiled.

    “Sholape”, she called out to me in a very low voice sweet and audible enough for me to hear her. I answered with a little smile. She said; “my darling, tonight you will learn about your mother’s past”.

    “As you know that I don’t have both parents anymore, I lost my father at the age of ten. His demise made things change for my mother and I.

    We were eating from hand to mouth as all family members abandoned her claiming she knew about her husband’s death. The suffering was much and it didn’t take long before I lost her too. I was exactly 14 years then.

    I was in jss 1 which was form 1 in our days. I was very intelligent, I managed to get a scholarship for my secondary school education for coming out as best primary school pupil in my village.

    If not for the scholarship I wouldn’t have gone to secondary school. After my mother’s burial I came to live with her younger sister in Lagos.

    That was how I became a lagosian. I was enrolled in a public secondary school close to the house and I had to start from form 1 again.

    I soon became the best female student in the school . By the time I got to form 3 which is equivalent to ss1 now, I had became matured and turn out to be a damsel that had men lying on my foot .

    Students and teachers alike were after me. I focused on my education and won lots of quiz competition for the school. Our mathematics teacher then Mr Wright was very fond of me. Soon he started making sexual advancement towards me”.

    Then, she noticed the curiosity on my face . She said “what’s it my daughter?” then I told her I was learning a lot from her story and I am feeling for her.

    She smiled. As she was about telling me some of her escapes with the teacher and how she exposed Mr Wright, we heard a knock on the door. “Sholape go and check who is at the door at this odd hours of the night”.

    As soon as I opened the door, behold, I was surprised to see it was my dad. I opened the door for him to come in, immediately he came in, I quickly knelt down to greet him. “(Ekale sir) good evening sir”.

    “Evening Sholape (IYA E NKO) where is your mother?”

    ” She is in her room” I replied. He went straight to mom’s room, not even a spare time to say hi to me and my brother. He didn’t ask how we were doing.

    Now in mother’s room I can hear dad’s voice saying Bisola (mother’s name) , where is my food. It was then at that moment I understood why my mother didn’t eat, she was keeping her food for dad. That night I cried and really felt pity for mom.

    I wished I could take away all her sufferings. Why all this sacrifice when the man is not even bothered nor does he care whether or not she has eaten. I was in my thoughts when I slept off.

    I woke up early the next day. I was a bit happy I thought I would see my dad to explain things I have been in need of in school and what we lack in the house. I thought to myself if he could do them at least it will relieve the burden on her.

    I quickly jumped out of bed I checked the time, it was 6:15am. I went to mom’s room knocked at the door, I heard mom ask me to come in. As soon as I opened the door, I checked for dad, but to my surprise he was nowhere to be found.

    I asked mother about him, she replied me that he just left the house. I replied with annoyance and pain in my voice “without seeing us” .AWWW!!! that’s pathetic. I was down and broken, I can’t explain the sadness in my heart.

    Mother came to me she sat beside me on the floor comforting me. She just knows how to comfort and encourage me and she did just that with her words. I looked up at her and I said mom what will I do without You??


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    Nice one…. Really interesting

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    Adeshina Toheeb
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    My mom finally got me happy with her sweet words. I so much love her, she is my comforter. I try as much as possible to always be a source of joy to her, that makes me think success is not an option but a must for me.

    After the tension came down, mother entertained us with a good song, She is a great singer too. After the singing was concluded we started to gist. The love and closenes between my mother and I was incomparable, we play like friends and talk like sisters.

    We were so close to the extent that I knew whenever she was lying to me. The way she plays with me make me think of her as my age mate atimes but, I make sure I don’t take it for granted, I would never talk to her anyhow.

    I shower her with the maximum respect I can give her. Whenever my brother and I are sleeping, she tickles our ears and hides her hand quickly as if to pretend she didn’t do anything at all.

    Even when I arrive from school, I give her every details of what took place in school. How a teacher flogged a student for some senseless reasons, how our government teacher called himself a mad man because we frustrated him in the class.

    He came to the assembly ground the next day, as if to make an important announcement, only for him to point fingers at my class mates saying let me tell you something, “I’m a mad man”.

    Even when some students were caught kissing in the school premises, the principal had asked the time keeper to ring the bell for emergency assembly. We all assembled ourselves at the pavilion.

    The students were called upon and was told to marry the pillar while the principal called upon the most disciplined teacher

    Mr Okon who likes to act tough to make the students get scared of him but the students especially those in senior class didn’t care about his act anymore so they tease him whenever he flogs students using words like “yeeehh” “Booooo”.

    I’ll give my mother all these details, adding the expression of the students while I add mine also. She would laugh and clap her hands together as if to show amazement. At times , she laughs to the extent that tears starts dropping from her eyes.

    After all these, she’d give me details of what had happened in my absence when I was at school. Even the day some police men came to our street to arrest some guys because they heard the information that they were into internet fraud.

    My mum had told me that they were all having fun with their girlfriends in the house when the police came in to arrest them. She told me they were dragged by their belts like criminals.

    She will tell me all these while her hands are on her waist standing akimbo while I open my mouth forming an “O” shape with it. Most times, I reply with statement like “Are you serious “, “it’s a lie”, “you don’t mean it”.

    She will move her shoulders swiftly as if to show seriousness while giving a facial expression saying “I’m telling you”. Oh my mum! She’s the best gist partner.

    Although, there are times she’d promise not to tell me anything but it seems she tends to forget and she still comes back to me seeking for my advice like I’m as experienced as she is.

    When I say “I thought you promise not to tell m?”, She’d give me response like “if I don’t tell you, who will I tell?” I’d smile at her knowing fully well that I’m her confidant and best friend, as if I was saying it to reassure myself .

    She always tell people that her wards are her friends.. indeed she’s right because she share the same relationship with my brother, only that he’s still a kid and they both have limited things to say unlike me. Oh maami, I love her so much, she’s simply amazing.



    Back in school, I was the most promising girl in school. The teachers use me as a reference to other female student. My uniform was always neat and tidy. I was never late for school, thanks to IYA Sholape.

    My school is a co-educational school with many students from different backgrounds. Hence, it comprises of the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Despite this, I don’t allow anything to distract me from my academics so, it should not be a surprise that I always come first in any examination.

    I was loved by teachers and respected by my peers. I remember when I was in ss1, after I had won a prize in a debate competition for my school, when I got back to the school an emergency assembly was called and the entire school celebrated my success.

    That day was one of my best. The victory was great because I was in SS1 and I had just defeated SS3 students from other schools. I took pictures with the principal and the teachers. It was a day of joy.

    Mom was really proud of me when she was informed of my exploit. My step mother heard of this and she became jealous because I was in the same school as well as her daughter.

    She would say that Sholape is not well trained at all, she dresses as if her mother is the queen.

    She would stop my dad from paying my school fees on time. Her daughter usually pays her school fees before resumption, but me hmm always towards end of the term or mom pays it.

    I was not sent out of school only because of the love the principal had for me. I have owed two term fees and dad didn’t turn up, until my mom paid them out of nothing she had.

    I enjoyed my studies and everything was simple and easy for me because I read ahead of the class I do my assignments regularly and my notes are always up to date.

    I was at the kitchen trying to prepare a pot of rice for my mum, brother and I when my mother called out my name. “Sholape”! “Yes mummy”, “your phone has been ringing” “Oh okay mum”

    I rushed down to where she was to get my phone, only for me to see her giving me looks.

    “I picked your call though”, by that time, she was already giving me a look that makes me want to run out of the room because I knew something was definitely wrong, but I surmounted my worry…

    “Errmm mummy who was the caller??” I asked “He is a guy, He said his name is Kayode”.

    Oh no! Now I’m dead. I knew I had some explanations to do right that moment. She probably already know who Kayode is she’s just trying to confirm her suspicions. Oh my God, there’s no way I can even lie to her.

    Kayode never calls without calling me sweet names,Did she hear him call me that? Why would she even pick my call? like my mum knew what I was thinking of, She cleared her throat as if to bring me out of my thoughts.

    I immediately looked up looking at her but I was too scared to look into her face. Although my mum and I are so close but we’ve not gotten to the extent.

    Just when I was about to leave the room for the kitchen to continue my cooking, her question popped out of her mouth.

    “Who is Kayode??”

    I was shocked and I couldn’t move an inch. Though I was prepared for her question but I don’t even know how to tell her.

    Should I just lie to her? Should I tell her the truth? She might get mad if she knows who Kayode really is.

    Gosh I kept replaying her question in my head. Who is Kayode??

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    Adeshina Toheeb
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    Kayode is my secondary school boyfriend, He was a year ahead of me in class even though he’s a lot older than me. I guess he’s one of those people who has slow education.

    Kayode is a tall dark guy with broad chest but it’s can be confuse as those one we see on fashion show.

    He is not that intelligent but he is a wise person. He knows about life as he’s older than me, he obviously has more experience than I do. He’s not too fine, but he’s manageable.

    Some teachers had been against our relationship at first saying if at all I want to have a boyfriend, I should have dated someone on the same level as me, intelligent wise and wealthy look.

    If only they knew that behind my wealthy look, there’s much suffering to it, they probably won’t say that. Only Kayode knows that. Kudos to my mum, she made it possible that no matter what we are going through, she made us look our best.

    So it’s actually not easy to know that I go through a lot only if I tell one. Well kayode knew all this, After all, there’s more to love than just physical structures.

    Although, relationships are not allowed in school but it doesn’t mean people don’t have a relationship.

    At least, there are still some teachers who understand the hormone of teenagers even though I and kayode had not gone pass hugs, unlike all other teenagers who experiment things.

    I started noticing Kayode when he defended a junior student from being bullied by the so called senior students. They don’t know anything except for bullying junior students. Kayode will always defend the junior ones.

    This act quickly made him popular and loved in the school, especially the junior students, they see him as a father figure.

    He will give his food to junior students or buy for them. Despite his huge physique he is very polite and he respects everyone.

    We started talking when my textbooks were stolen and he helped me find them. If he hadn’t find those textbooks, I wonder what my father would have done to me. What about my step mother?

    She will have a lot to say, the most painful part would be my father saying all sort of things to my mother. Even though mom would understand, I will not be happy.

    I was in deep thought thinking about what to tell my daddy when Kayode walked up to me. SHOLAPE are these not the textbooks you were looking for?

    I raised up my head to see my textbooks in his hands, I was amazed and so happy. I thanked him and asked how he found them.

    He just told me to be very careful with my bag, he said some guys stole it during the break period. I quickly guessed it was one of the boys disturbing me.

    They did it just to punish me. I thanked him again and we went our separate ways. We didn’t get along well after that, all we said to each other was just greetings.

    As times goes on we got to know each other better and we became gist partners.

    I was sitting all alone at the school backyard with a book on my laps which I was supposed to be reading but I was engrossed in my thoughts as tears filled my eyes.

    Life hasn’t been good to my mum and I. Just yesterday, Hajia had told us to pay her money before she can help us with another one. Yet, my mum has nothing on her.

    After all, the woman has tried, she has given us more than anybody could have.

    Whenever we are short of money, seems Mummy’s sales isn’t going well and daddy hasn’t gotten the time to send the money to us, my mother would ask me to go to Hajia’s house to ask her for some little money as she won’t be able to go because shame wouldn’t let her.

    I would go to Hajia’s while I greet her and kneel in front of her begging her to give us little money, which we would pay in no time. She would give me the money with so much pity in her eyes.

    That woman is so kind hearted. She doesn’t even remember to ask for the money. But even if she had asked, how would we have paid back??

    Before daddy sends the money, there are many debts which needs to be covered in which the people in question are not as lenient as Hajia.

    Hmm! what a life! Hajia has helped us not once not twice. There are times she gives us food without us asking, God knows why. She probably knows the kind of condition we are in.

    There’s nothing as stupid as people thinking you’re okay and they look up to you for help not knowing you yourself needs more help than they do.

    Days we don’t get money, my mother will go to food vendors and pack the remnants of the head of fish which they had sorted out before cooking.

    She’ll bring them home while she cook it with palm oil, Tin tomato and water. We would eat this with hard eba which she got the garri from our neighbours.

    We dare not complain about this food because at that moment it is the best.

    Although, rain is a source of blessing but to us, it’s a disaster. We never pray for rain to fall because if it does, it won’t be a peaceful night.

    When we hear the strike of thunder, we start cursing under our breath because our ceiling was leaking. The rain will soak our room making us have an unwanted pool.

    Days like this aren’t always good. There are days that makes me ask God what my offense is. Once it starts raining, my mother will put the bucket on our bed so as to savour water even though our body will have water drops.

    She would wake us up and ask us to sleep properly on our small bed which rain had soaked half of it. I and my brother will lay vertically on the bed folding our legs trying to avoid the rain drop.

    We would sleep so close to each other trying to protect ourselves from the water even though it’s unavoidable. My mother will lay a nylon and wrapper on the already soaked floor because there’s no space for her to sleep on the bed.

    I and my brother are already occupying the dried place. She would sleep on the wet floor with little rain water dropping on her making the sound TO TO TO. If we are lucky enough, the rain will stop but mostly, it doesn’t stop for a long time.

    She will sleep in it like that. After all these, she wakes up with fever which I have to take care of her. But I couldn’t take care of her properly because I had to go to school.

    That was all I was thinking of when kayode walked up to me. Apparently, he had heard me say “God why me” outside my thought which made him come closer. When I noticed he was the one, I didn’t look at him twice.

    I stood up as if to walk away. Then stopped me by holding me by the arm. He told me I’ve been crying. I didn’t wait for him to finish his statement when I busted into tears.

    I told him everything without him asking, I didn’t even realize what I was doing. I guess I just needed someone to talk to, I guess I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me. There he was, Kayode was the someone.

    He listened without interrupting me, looking at me patiently with so much pity and anger. I wonder why he had mixed feeling, holding me like I was a new born baby and he was afraid of letting go.

    I told him everything leaving no stone unturned. I felt great after this I told him thank you and I left. He didn’t say a word either. He looked at me looking speechless and like he has just been hit in the head.

    I left him while he looked motionless. I’m the one who’s supposed to be feeling this way why him?

    I met him the next day to thank him for being a good listener, since then, we’ve been friends.

    I could tell him anything and he could do the same thing. Turns out behind the ugly and tough look, there’s a soft heart. He asked me out some months after and I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

    I’m sure he called to check up on me because of the way I acted in school earlier. I said to my mum after I had narrated the whole thing to her. She smiled and told me to be careful.

    But before that, she looked at me from head to toe, eyeing my body and shaking her head as if she was looking for something missing in me.

    God this is so awkward. Regardless of how close I and my mum are, we’ve not had this kind of conversation. So Sholape, you have lost your.

    Oh no mum, I cut her before she finishes her statement… mummy no I’m still a virgin. Kayode has agreed to wait for me. I intend to keep it till the night of my wedding Mum, I said.

    She smiled and said you know your virginity is your pride, Keep it well it would earn you a lot in future. I rolled my eyes at her statement knowing that was what she was going to say.

    I felt awkward yet relieved, knowing I’m no longer hiding anything from my mother. I hugged and said thanks best friend, you’re the best. She picked at my nose in return warning me not keep anything from her from now on.


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    Interesting story…

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    Next please

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    Adeshina Toheeb
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    I was in the kitchen trying to cook a pot of concoction rice with palm oil as the main ingredient which has always been our savior since Thy kingdom come when I heard my name Sholape!

    Oh Mummy I’m coming, let me light the stove.

    Saturdays are always good to me. At least I get to spend enough time with my mother and Sunkanmi. Even though we don’t have money, we still make ourselves happy in our own little way. Mummy I’m here, I said to her.

    Oko mi (my dear) I don’t feel okay at all, please boil water to make pap for me when you’re done cooking my mother said.

    Mummy I will but before then, try to lighten up a bit, I don’t like your look I said to her.

    She looked at me with a smirk on her face. Oh my mum! If only I was old enough I would buy you the world, I thought to myself. My mum has been feeling this way since two days ago when the last rain feel.

    It has filled our room as usual. If only she had listened to me when I told her to lay on the bed with Sunkanmi while I sleep on the floor but she insisted. She always wants to take care of us not knowing I want to take care of her in return too.

    If I wasn’t home, she would have done all the house chores by herself despite the fact that she’s sick.

    She’s so hard working. I turned back to give her a look thinking she would look at me in return so that I can tell her everything will be okay but she was lost in thought.

    Oh my God is it just me or is she really looking this way?? My mother looked so old, older than her usual self while she sat on the stool in our backyard.

    Not only was she looking old, she also looked small and unkept as she tied a navy blue wrapper around her chest with one side of the wrapper loosed making it seem like her breast is going to fall out of the wrapper if she makes a slight movement.

    What could be wrong with my mother? Could fever make someone have such a drastic change within a short period of time?? Could something be weighing her down?? I know she’s thinking of how to make a better life for us.

    Oh maami I’m sure if there was a problem, she would have told me. We don’t hide anything from each other. Nothing will happen to my mother, l said shaking my head in disapproval bringing myself out of my thoughts.

    I gave her a look again but she doesn’t seem to realize I’ve been standing there all along.

    I went back to the kitchen to start the preparation of my concoction rice while I sing “Mummy oh oh oh wa pe laye, Mummy eh eh eh wa jeun omo, e ni ba ni ko ni ri be a fo lo ju, a kan lapa ko si enu trailer a run tu we” (Mother, you’ll live long, mother you’ll reap the fruit of your Labour, whoever says contrary to these will be disabled and will die of an accident)

    While singing, alot of thoughts crossed my mind again. What if something is really wrong with my mother and she’s not saying a word to me? Who will cater for us?

    Who will be there for us? Olorun ma je I said so loudly not realizing I spoke out of my thought.

    The pot of rice was done I was about boiling the water for my mum when she walked passed me telling me it’s getting late that I should be quick with whatever I’m doing so we could eat on time.

    Hmmm was the only thing I managed to say because I was too busy concentrating on her trying to figure out if something could really be wrong and she is not telling me.

    Her look was all that seem different, she looked weak but still walked the same. It’s probably the fever I said to myself.

    I served our food and the rest of dinner was silent with a heavy sigh from my mum breaking the silence.

    I looked at her immediately and she looked away as if she was trying to hide something from me.

    She hid her face even when I was going to take our plates to the kitchen. I ignored her because I didn’t want to push further. It was dark and the power has being seized. She was already on the bed when I walked in.

    Oh my God, it seems it’s going to rain again, I went to get wrapper to cover my mother. I was about covering her body when I felt her temperature. What?? I drew away from the feeling of her body, it was as if I dipped my hand into an oven.

    Mummy you’re running temperature I said to her, it’s nothing Sholape I’ll be fine.

    Mummy lets go to the hospital, Rara ooo with which money?? She replied

    Mummy but …….don’t worry oko mi, it’s Nothing, before tomorrow, I’ll be alright.

    Okay, I said.

    I sat on the floor, praying the rain doesn’t fall while I watched my mother and brother sleep. I was determined to watch them all through the night but I soon fell asleep as nature can’t be cheated.

    It was early in the morning when I woke up. I couldn’t find my mother on the bed, while my brother slept like someone who has no worries.

    Of course he doesn’t, I mean what does a child know? Thank God it didn’t rain, I said quietly almost in a whisper.

    I got up lazily from the bed in search of my mother as if she was missing. I can’t go a day without my mum.

    Mummy! I shouted. where are you?? Mummy! Mummy!

    She’s nowhere here, I kept walking and shouting her name when I spotted her at the backyard.

    Mummy, good morning ma. What are you doing here all alone?? I asked.

    Good morning Sholape, how was your night?? She said all these while she was trying to to hide her face from me, bending her head as if she was going to enter the ground. Mummy what’s wrong??

    Why aren’t you looking at me??

    Have I offended you?? She didn’t say a word but she kept moving her head left and right.

    Are you crying? I squat too look at her as if I was going to go back inside her womb. I raised her head up, I was surprised at her look. She looked worse than yesterday.

    What could be going on mummy?

    What are you not telling me? I asked. She didn’t say a word while she kept crying like a baby. For a moment, I wished she was a child that I could beat so she could talk.

    Mummy talk to me. Sholape I’m sick, she finally said.

    By this time, I couldn’t hold my tears back. I hate seeing my mother in such pain.

    Mummy what kind of sickness??

    She didn’t reply, she just kept on saying I’m sick. She started praying at the middle of her sob saying my effort won’t go in vain, I’ll reap the fruit of my Labour while she cried hard saying the evil plan of my enemy won’t succeed. I kept saying Amin.

    Mummy why are you taking like this?? Don’t worry, no one will take my place, she said.

    This isn’t fair, why is she not saying anything? At this point, I was thinking all sort and crying like I wanted to make a pool out of my tears. The rest of the day was sad and quiet.

    It was lunch period. I was the only one left in the class, all of my classmate had gone for lunch.

    What is my joy? What is lunch in my life at this moment? My Mother is lying critically ill at home and she wouldn’t even tell me what’s wrong. What if she dies? Ha God forbid!.

    Sholape this is the third time I’m calling your name, you were lost in thought what are you thinking?

    Are you not going for lunch?? Kayode said.

    I’m not hungry, I replied.

    Baby something is wrong, why won’t you tell me, he said, I looked at him wishing he could read my mind because I wasn’t ready to talk.

    I wanted to tell him everything but I couldn’t find myself talking. It seems like I’ve lost my voice. He kept on saying talk to me.

    I managed to say Mummy when tears found its way. He didn’t take his time In pulling me closer for a hug, rocking me back and forth saying everything is going to be okay, Calm down baby, don’t rush it, you can talk to me whenever you want.

    I’m always here to listen, he said.

    I was calm and he told me to sit down, He would get my lunch.

    By this time, I wasn’t crying anymore. He left, I’ll tell him as soon as he’s back. I just want to talk.

    He came in with a bottle of Fanta and a pack of food which I have no idea of what’s in it.

    He was about getting close to me when I said; my mum is very sick, She looks old and weak, She won’t tell me what’s wrong, I said to him.

    The look on his face changed, shaking his head sympathetically.

    I’m sorry to hear this, She’s gonna be fine, You won’t lose her, He said to me trying to smile, in other to convince me.

    He managed to hug me and make me happy telling me I should remember he’s always there for me. I wish we could go further than hugging but he’s been trying to obey me seems I told him I wanted to keep myself till the night of my wedding.

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    Oduwegwu Obianinulu
    Naira: # 39

    Nice story. Next episode plssssssss

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    Adeshina Toheeb
    Naira: # 14



    I had just gotten back from school when I saw a lot of people outside our compound which is so unusual.

    Immediately, I started having various thoughts. My mind quickly went to my Mum. Is my mother the reason why people are standing?

    Could my mother had died? No this can’t be, why am I even thinking of death?? She’s just sick right?? Everybody gets sick which is just normal. But then again, my mother has been scaring me with her words.

    She says things like “you should learn to take care of yourself” what if you get back from school one day and you don’t see me”?? “Be a strong girl” could this be the day my mother was talking about??

    I stood there lost, I couldn’t phantom what was going on. I didn’t realize I was crying, Until Iya Titi called my name.

    Sholape, you’re back from School?? Yes ma..

    Did you misplace your money?? Because you’re crying like someone has taken what belongs to you.

    Oh I said touching my face. I smiled. No ma, no one stole my money..

    Okay! She said in return.

    Iya Titi is our neighbor who sells things next to my mum’s shop.

    Excuse me Ma, what’s going on outside here I asked?

    Ha don’t mind these unserious boys, they had a fight earlier, it was a bloody one.

    The police had just left here. They are all here talking about the fight she said.

    Oh I managed to say, hearing that was a relief for me. At least I know nothing has gone wrong with my mother.

    I should have thought of that earlier when she greeted me casually. If something was wrong, I could have tell from her face. I smiled at her as if to say Goodbye silently.

    As if she was reading my mind, “Your mother is inside” she said. okay ma.

    The door was wide open so I didn’t bother knocking or shouting my mother’s name as usual. I just entered the room.

    I was confuse when I saw so many footwear at the door. Hmmm who could the guest be? I thought to myself.

    When I got inside, I saw my uncle and my aunt but my mother wasn’t there with them. I greeted them cheaply while thinking of where my mother could be looking up and down as if I was in a strange place.

    Just when I was about to ask where my mother was, I heard her voice from behind , Sholape..

    I looked back smiling so hard like I just won a trophy. Her voice sounded so weak. She was walking towards me with the help of her other sister due to the fact that she can’t stand alone or even walk alone.

    I didn’t mind, I went closer to give her a side hug. I know she’s not in the right position to hug me like before, at least my mother isn’t dead as I’ve imagined. The only truth is that she’s critically ill.

    She looks like someone that might give up anytime soon. She looks like she’s been stressed over the years, like she’s carrying a load that is unbearable.

    I shooked my head at my thought as if to disagree with something while I smile at her. She smiled back and said “Oko mi,(my dear) how was school today”??

    I took her hand trying to help her lay on the bed. She was obedient. She laid carefully while my aunty used a pillow beneath her head and another one to guide her.

    It was as if we were all taking care of a baby. I was about to tell her how school went and gist her like we do every day when my Aunt signaled to me with her hand.. I moved closer to her.

    Yes ma, I said. “Sholape, we have to take your mother to the hospital, she doesn’t look good at all. We have to act fast so that we won’t be put to blame later” She said.

    I looked up at her, thinking of what to say. They were so many questions I wanted to ask her. What does she mean by put to blame at the end?

    Okay ma, there’s no problem. I’ll change into something decent and go with you. No Sholape, you can’t go with us, Remember you’re still writing your exam and you have to read. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the address to the hospital.

    I learnt you have two papers left, once you’re done, I’ll ask Tayo to inform you. You’ll come to the hospital to see your mother and I know before then she will get well.

    At this moment, I was swelling with tears but I didn’t want her to see me crying. I gave her a weak smile saying Okay!

    But you know I don’t have money ma, how are you going to pay for the bills??

    She looked at me stupidly with and arched eyebrow as if to say “cut the crap, no one is asking you for money” she just smiled and said don’t worry, God will take care of it. I smiled and told her thank you.

    I wanted to ask her if my father is contributing to all these then I remembered my mother’s siblings and my father aren’t close they don’t like him at all for the ill treatment he has given my mother.

    So they’ll rather do things without him. I left going close to my mother. I squat beside her, holding her hands, smiling and crying at the same time.

    I looked at her once beautiful face which has grown old all of a sudden. I couldn’t stop my tears, I didn’t want her to see me this way.

    I’m supposed to be her strength not her weakness. It was too late, she was weeping uncontrollably now. We were both crying together while she moved her head from left to right..

    I didn’t want her to cry, I tried to stop crying while I forced a smile at the middle of my tears.

    “Everything is going to be alright, was all I could say. Tears had consumed me, I buried my head on her chest crying so hard saying “everything is going to be alright”.

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    Azeez bisola
    Naira: # 2

    This story keeps getting more intresting episode by episode

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    Adeshina Toheeb
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    EPISODE 10


    I wanted her to look up at me but I think she was drown in her thought. What could my daughter be thinking of??

    I wish I could read her mind so to ease her pain, I wish I could make her pain go away, I wanted to tell her that I’m never going to leave even if I’m not sure if I’m going to last longer.

    I feel like I’m dead already. I feel like I’ll be going anytime soon but I still have the faith that no one will take my place. I feel so weak and lifeless. I just want to be strong for my children, for my daughter.

    She’s going into an adult world, I want to be there for her. I’m going to fight for my life, for my children. I’m not leaving them

    I couldn’t stop crying, I’m the one who knows how it feels to be in this much pain. I wish I could explain, but it’s unexplainable.

    Oh my poor girl! She’s too emotional. Even if I tell her I’ll be Fine, she wouldn’t believe me.

    A day without her isn’t going to be easy not to talk of forever. Who’s going to take care of my children? My boy is too young to understand this and Sholape is too young to experience this much hardship.

    I’ve always imagined me not been around them for a long time. We would talk about how much they were going to suffer and who will take care of them. Sholape will start crying already, saying; “mummy it’s never going to happen”.

    I hope she doesn’t think our little imagination will come to past. My poor daughter! I thought to myself.

    I watched as she buried her head in my chest sobbing uncontrollably, my aunty helped my mum up, she staggered at that cause, and the support was doubled.

    My uncle joined in assisting her up. I started to ask myself when did my mum become someone that cannot stand on her own??

    She used to be strong, the word strong is now a once upon a time thing in her life.

    This woman standing in front of me isn’t my mother that I use to know. My aunt’s voice got me out of my thought when she said; “Sholape, we’ll keep you informed”.

    Gosh! That statement travelled down my spine. Something in me triggered, I felt like my whole world is crumbling around me.

    Something isn’t right but I don’t know what it is. At this time, I was thinking, my aunt and her siblings were out of sight. Immediately, I took to my heels.

    Thank God I found them. If I wasn’t out early they would have been far gone. They were about entering the cab when I called out Mummy! She turned back to look at me, I wonder why she didn’t say Goodbye when she was leaving.

    I went closer to give her a hug not caring if she’s weak for it or not. Something kept telling me that was my last hug. She held on to me also, Maybe she was having the same thought. At this moment, I was the only one crying not her.

    She looked like she had accepted her faith. She pulled away from me and wiped my tears. Giving me a weak smile that I didn’t mind at all when she said; “I’ll be back, everything is going to be okay”.

    Life is such an irony, I was the one telling her “Everything is going to be okay” now she’s saying it to me. I smiled and answered “surely mom, everything is going to be okay”.

    She smiled and went straight into the car (cab). I wanted to stop her, I wanted to tell her to fight, that she’s strong and not weak.

    She shouldn’t leave us. All I heard was the zoom of a car, they were gone. My mum was gone.

    I was in the room with my brother Sukanmi trying to get him a polo so he could catch up with the other children in the compound while they have their study time.

    Seems my mum left for the hospital like they said, I’ve not heard from her, It’s either she’s asleep or she can’t talk right now.

    My Mother! I can’t even wait to share this joy with her. I’d completed my examination few days after she left, I’m so happy.

    Kayode already told me not be worried about her that she’ll be fine and we’d go check up on her over the weekend.

    Even though it’s a day to the weekend, I can’t wait to see her and tell her everything in her absence.

    I also want to give her a big hug while she says “oo ni pami”(you won’t kill me) like she always says with a huge smile on her face.

    I pictured her smiling, hoping I’ll see more of that when I get to see her soon. I laughed at my thoughts moving my head at our good memories. Sukanmi immediately shouted

    “Aunty Sholape I want water”..

    I said “put on your shorts while I get you water”

    He pouted and said be fast..

    I rolled my eyes at him asking myself when my mother will come for her son as I am tired of his drama.

    I was about leaving for the kitchen when I heard a knock on the door and voices following the knock saying Mi o ro pe o wa ni le (I don’t think she’s home) another knock followed just almost immediately as I yelled hold on from the other hand.

    I walked faster to see who was at the door. I was amazed at the sight in front of me as it was my Mother’s siblings, two of her brothers, two other women,

    Aunty Adunni who’s my mum closest sister and who asked for my permission to take my mother to the hospital, some men I’ve not seen before or perhaps I’ve seen them, or I just don’t recognize them anymore, some neighbors and of course my father.

    I smiled greeting all of them equally not regarding the fact that my father was there. They all replied giving me a sympathetic look.

    Aunty Adunni who I’ve grown to know didn’t even bother replying. She was just looking like she was lost in a jungle.

    I manage to say come in! Thinking to myself why so much people? Last I checked, it wasn’t my birthday, and even if it was, all these people won’t be present especially my daddy.

    I was thinking so hard but then again could they be here because of my mother? “rara oo”, I thought to myself. Don’t let me jump into conclusions.

    I was about asking for an answer to their presence when one woman whom I’ve not seen in a long time whom I’m assuming to be my dad’s relative said; “Pele Sholape”,

    I said “yes ma” she was about to talk when tears started pouring down her eyes. Another voice yelled! “Stop crying o jere”, there’s no how she won’t find out let’s just break the news to her.

    Are these people joking? What news are they breaking and why is she crying?? I wanted an answer so bad.

    Who will I ask?? I can’t ask Aunty Adunni, she’s looking like a vegetable, I definitely can’t ask my dad, her brothers were busy moving their head. The other woman won’t stop crying.

    Just when I was about to ask why my mother isn’t with them, Sukanmi came shouting “Aunty Sholape I’ve worn my shorts, where’s my water”? They all focused on him and started crying in unison saying; “death has ruined the wealthy home”.

    Oh no! What are these people saying?? I stood up went straight to Aunty Adunni who was here to take my mother to the hospital.

    “Aunty Adunni, where’s my mum”??

    They all looked up at me saying “Sholape be patient, your mother is dead”!!!

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    Adeshina Toheeb
    Naira: # 14

    EPISODE 11


    Sholape be patient, your mother is dead! I smiled at the statement, I looked back at Aunty Adunni shaking my head. At this moment, I was swollen with tears, filled with anger.

    I managed to smile when I said “Aunty Adunni won’t tell me that”. My mum can’t die! She just took her to the hospital right?? Answer me, give me an answer I kept saying.

    At this moment I couldn’t control my tears, I was crying and smiling at the same time. Aunty Adunni won’t give me an answer.

    She kept on making hand movement as if to say I don’t know oooo while she kept on weeping like a baby. This is unbelievable, my mum can’t die I said loudly.

    They all kept saying “be calm please, we are all here for you” I hissed at their statement while I kept laughing like a mental patient.

    Laughing like they were all joking. “My Mother can’t leave I and my brother”, I started talking all sort of nonsense.

    “But she told me to be strong, she said she was going to be strong for us, she said everything will be alright, she said she will never leave us, she said she loves us, why then will she leave??

    All they could say was “she tried, she fought so hard to survive for you both”. I couldn’t hold my tears, I was crying and laughing at the same time.

    At this moment, the house was filled with people crying and yelling “what a pity” “she didn’t deserve to die” ha! “How will Sholape live”?

    Was all I could hear. I listened to all these statement while I replayed them in my head. This was when I realized my mum was really gone. Haaaaaaa! I screamed.

    Where’s my Mother? I asked.

    It’s a lie, she didn’t leave me.

    No, she said no one will reap the fruit of her labour, you’re all liars.

    My Mother can’t leave me alone with Sukanmi. Rara oo who will look after us? While performing my little share of madness people kept crying and wailing.

    Some people tried holding me, Just then, my father decided to join in the share of people holding me.

    While I turned to him and yelled “WHAT?? Don’t you dare touch me, you heartless being! She’s dead and you’re here to do what?? Take care of her corpse or her children? Oh now you want to play a father role? We don’t need you.

    I’ll perform all rites on myself” I said all that to him not minding what I said, not caring if he’s my father or not.

    He left without hesitation like he was being chased. He left with shame written all over his face. I screamed out loud again God why! Why me! Take me to my mother, I said.

    I want to see her corpse, I yelled.. Everybody wanted to calm me down. Just when I was about to curse, curse myself for not being there for her, I felt a touch on my waist.

    I turned around, it was my brother, it was Sukanmi.I immediately knelt down in front of him cleaning my tears like I was afraid of him saying; “Don’t worry,

    I’ll take care of you. I’ll be there for you, I love you, and Mummy loves us.

    He just stood there looking at me dumbfounded. I didn’t realize I was crying until he pointed to my face saying “you’re crying again”.

    I immediately said no but I couldn’t help it. I asked Sukanmi, “do you know what has happened here? He said “yes” reluctantly, “Mummy is dead” he said. Tears! hot tears rushed down my cheeks.

    He immediately cleaned them saying “don’t worry, I’m here for you Aunty Sholape”. I managed to smile, amaze at my brother’s words.

    I never knew he was a man in a young body. I gave him a tight hug as if to be sure of his existence. Everyone looked at us in awe. I didn’t know what to do or say I just kept on saying Mother! Mother!

    My AUNTY Adunni came forth, she pressed a kiss on my forehead while she rocked me back and forth.

    She said to me “everything is going to be okay”. She told me she’ll play the role of a mother to I and my brother.

    Her words didn’t make any Impact on me as I was there looking lost with my puffy eyes. I was lost in my world.

    Sholape, your phone, someone said from the other end.

    He said his name is Kayode.

    I smiled, I didn’t realize I’ve not told kayode about what has happened. I would have done that, but everything happened so fast.

    We were still planning on going to see her at the hospital over the weekend not knowing we were going to be served with this miserable news. I grabbed my phone from my uncle who brought it to me.

    I placed the phone on my ear waiting on the next voice to hear. There was tension between Kayode and me. I didn’t want to be the first to speak.

    Like he was reading my mind. He cleared his throat and said: “Hey babe”! His voice sent some feeling to my body. I don’t know if I was to be sad or happy that he’s here for me.

    Are you there? He asked.

    I wanted to say yes but my voice was too weak to be loud. I managed to say “yes” almost In a whisper. Thank God he heard me, He kept quiet too.

    I guess he doesn’t know what to say. I’m sure he knows what’s up already. He probably doesn’t know how to comfort me over the phone.

    The next I heard was “give me the direction to your house, I’ll be there in 30 minutes. I’ll be coming with my mum” he said.

    I can’t talk you know and I don’t have airtime to text it to you I said.

    I’ll make a transfer to you he said.

    I said okay! While I hung up on him. I smiled knowing fully well that everything might seem wrong right now but having him makes me feel right somehow.

    People would say I’m too young to fall in love but who am I to question nature. I heard a beep on my phone then I realize it was the transfer notification.

    I immediately sent the direction to him. I dropped my phone on my lap. Hugging myself so hard saying everything is going to be okay.

    Sholape, won’t you eat your food? Aunty Adunni asked.

    No I’m not hungry, I said.

    Don’t worry ma, she’ll eat her food, a familiar voice cut hers from behind, It was Kayode.

    I moved my head to the side not wanting him to see my face. My ugly looking face. He grabbed the food from my aunt and came in front of me.

    He looked weak too like he has been defeated. He looked at me with so much pity and fear at the same time. “Mummy is here” he said.

    I was about standing up so I could go greet her when I heard her footsteps.

    Oh my! She pulled me into a tight hug while tears slipped down her face. She kept on rocking me back and forth while she said God is in control.

    We are all here for you, she said as she pulled out of the hug lifting my face up to meet hers. I smiled in return. I’ll leave you two to talk she said.

    She left still looking back at me. Her absence immediately sent tears down my eyes to my cheek. I don’t know why. I started to shout again saying why?? Why?

    Forgetting Kayode’s existence. He immediately moved closer and pulled me into a hug. He wasn’t crying but he looked sober enough.

    He kept on patting my back saying “God is with us, we are all here for you. Stop crying baby”. “look at me” he said. I pulled out of the hug trying to face him but my eyes were soaked with tears.

    I can’t believe he’s seeing me this way. He cleaned my tears. While I asked him why me?? He smiled and put his finger on his lips as if to tell me to be quiet.

    He put his hands on my shoulder cleaning my tears often baby I know you, you’re strong, I believe you can pull through this storm.

    I believe in you. You’re a born survivor. Everything is going to be okay, he said.

    His words were soothing and relieving. I felt a little bit of comfort. I’m happy we are going through this together. I’m happy he’s here for me. I’m happy I’ve him.

    I pulled him in for a hug having my silent cry while I rest on him. The moment was over and he said “you have to eat now, I’m going to feed you” he said.

    We both settled on the bed. He was about digging the spoon into the food when we heard a knock on the door. It was my dad, seeing him got me angry.

    But what can I do to him?? He probably could read my thoughts when he said “Sholape, we have to bury your mother today”.

    I looked up at him and I sighed heavily not minding his statement. I pushed the food in front of me away.

    I stood up from my bed where I’ve been sitting before he came in. My eyes were wet waiting for tears to find its way down to my cheeks.

    I shooked my head at him while I walked passed him, forgetting Kayode was in the room with me. I went outside the room just to have a private time to myself.

    After a while, my aunty brought a black dress to me, that I should change into that. I looked up at her and gave her a weak smile.

    She knew it wasn’t a real smile, so she just fixed her gaze on me. I looked at the dress with me as if I was inspecting it.

    Then I asked her “who got the dress, it’s pretty” I said sarcastically. “Your dad did”, she replied.

    I knew it. I knew he was the one.

    By this time, tears were flowing heavily from my eyes. If people could fetch it, it would definitely fill a bucket. This man never buys me anything. He never thinks of what I could wear.

    Now my mum is dead, he’s getting me a dress. Ha aye ma buru o! (it’s a wicked world) Aunt couldn’t say anything, She just kept on looking at me while she cried along with me.

    I stood up to face her making it seem like I was going to fight her while I moved her shoulders, “you know right”? I asked.

    You know my father never takes care of us, you know he has not gotten me a dress before, you know he doesn’t love and care for us, She just kept on moving her head as if her reply would hurt me.

    All she was saying was “Don’t cry please” I kept on asking her questions, but she was dumbfounded she was just saying “pele ma ke mo”(cry no more).

    I immediately dried my tears as if to say I obeyed her. Tell that man that I won’t wear his stupid dress I said.

    I know he’s happy about my mother’s death but I won’t wear his dress because I’m going to bury my mother myself, Without his help. I can do it alone. I’ve always been doing it without him.

    My aunty cried so loud at my statement while she kept on saying please don’t cry, your mother won’t like to see you like this.

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    Adeshina Toheeb
    Naira: # 14

    EPISODE 12


    Kayode whom I assumed has been watching us all this while walked up on us. He look at my aunt apologetically, took the dress from her and gave her a sign which I assume she understood because she left without saying a word.

    All I could hear was the sound of her sob. But I didn’t care at that time because I was in my world too. Kayode pulled me into a tight hug just then my eyes and mind decided to fail me by making me cry. I cried uncontrollably on his shoulder.

    He didn’t say anything he just held me so tight. He led me to a seat where I was seated before he and my aunt walked up on me. He dried my tears and gave me a smile. I couldn’t help but notice the scar on his face.

    The scar I’ve come to love because I love him. I was about to tell him the same thing I told my aunt when he put his finger on his lips signifying that I should be quiet.

    I gave him a look as if to say “won’t you even listen to me”?? He immediately said you aren’t doing it for them, you’re doing it for your mother,That caught me off guard. I couldn’t help but cry.

    I’ll do anything for my mother. He pulled me into a hug again and said “wear the dress and be a good girl for mummy”. I smiled at his statement while I stood up to get dressed. I mouthed “thank you” to him, as I take my leave, he replied with a smile.

    As I was setting out to go for the burial function, alot of people were outside, a lot of cars. Hmm these people didn’t know we were existing until now abi?

    I stepped out shouting “no one should bury my mother without me, I want to see her”. Everyone turned to look at me. They were all moving their heads in unison as if it has been choreographed.

    I didn’t care, I was ready to be hostile to anyone who didn’t listen to me. I started shouting “don’t bury my mother without me, I want to see her”. My father came closer to me as if to calm me down.

    He was going to touch me when I gave him a fierce look. I didn’t know where I got the voice from. ”

    I don’t need your help dad, I can take care of myself”, I said.

    “I want to see my mother’s face one last time”. He shooked his head as if to say “anything for you”.

    He took me to where my mother’s corpse was, In front of the grave which has already been dugged right in front of our family house.

    “Open her face”, I said fiercely.

    At this time, I was not crying anymore, all I wanted was to see my mother.

    “Calm down”, he said to me.

    “Open her face”, I said with a more commanding tone.

    They immediately opend her face, everyone came to have a look.

    The sound of “yeeehhhh” “haaaaa” filled the environment.. .”haaa ikunle abiyamo”(what a pity)…. “yeeeeehhhhhh iku doro”(death is wicked).

    I looked at my mother who looks like she was sleeping peacefully although swollen from the embalming treatment she had gotten. I looked at her, a cold feeling ran through my vein. I started shivering at the sight of my mother. I couldn’t cry. I just kept on saying;

    “wake up mummy”,

    “show them you aren’t dead”,

    “Show them you’re coming back”,

    “Show them no one would take your place”,

    “Show them you love us”.

    My Mother couldn’t move, she couldn’t show them anything! My Mother has failed me. She couldn’t even disappoint these people for me.

    She couldn’t disappiont my father and make him understand she can take care of us alone. My Mother was motionless,

    “no mummy you cant do this to me”,

    “Who would take care of your little boy Sukanmi”?

    My Mother laid down motionless she wasn’t going to move any time soon. I screamed out so loud; “Mummmmmmyyyyyyy” as if I was calling the whole world.

    I started to cry rolling on the floor shouting somebody please wake my mother up. Everyone cried, some were saying “calm down” in between their sobs.

    “Someone should take that girl away”, some people shouted.

    Just then, Kayode and some men walked up to me, I obeyed them willingly. Just as I was about to leave, I turned to my father and yelled

    “are you happy now”?? I left reluctantly reigning curses as I was leaving.

    They buried my mother immediately, I was looking from afar. Kayode pulled me into a tight hug. And muttered “I’m here for you”.

    The day ended so sad. The next day was for a family meeting between my father and my mother’s siblings, regarding us, in other to decide where to stay. My father had told my aunt last night while I pretended I was asleep.

    I woke up noticing no one was in the room. I remembered the meeting my father had told my aunty about. Definitely, they must all be outside.

    I stood up still sleepy but I have to be there when my father makes his obnoxious decisions seems that’s what he’s known for.

    On my way out, I heard the voice say “Sholape will be with you”, I quickly increased my pace and I answered “with who”? from the other end.

    They All looked up at me, The meeting comprised of my father, father’s elder brother, my aunt , my mother’s brothers Uncle Seye and Gbenga.

    “With your aunty Adunni” my father replied looking all mean and serious has he has always looked. All symphatetic look washed off his face by now. I was ready to give him a reply but my aunt signalled to me.

    “Who will Sukanmi stay with”? my aunt asked.

    ”He will stay with me”, my father replied. “No way, I said immediately.

    “I cant leave my brother with you, I’m sure if my mother was alive she wouldn’t make that decision, You can’t separate us now that we need eachother the most.

    You were never there when we needed you, Don’t act all cool now dad because we know you are nothing like that”.

    His elder brother uncle Alani immediately shut me up. “Sholape that is you father you’re talking to, He wants the best for you, He loves and cares for you”.

    I immediately shot him a look of who else will you defend if not him.

    “Don’t get mad” my aunt said, “She’s just being childish and we all know she’s not in a good state now”.

    I wanted to tell her I was not being childish and I’m perfectly fine. But she shot me a look signalling that I calm down.

    Well, “greetings to you all”, my Uncle Seye said,

    “I see points in What sholape has said. I don’t think separating them is the next step to take, Let them be together in the same place.

    They both will know how to take care of eachother, That’s all I have to say” , my Uncle Seye concluded.

    “They Will all be with me”, my father said. I gave him a daring look like who does he think he is that I’ll want to be with him?

    “No, they can’t be with you”, Uncle Gbenga said.

    I was happy someone came to my rescue.

    “They will stay with us, he added.

    “They” my mum’s siblings all chorused yes, I smiled knowing we already won this battle. I can’t stay with my father, Sukanmi can’t stay with my father.

    “Okay, Okay, seems we’ve reached the conclusion, the kids will stay with you and we’ll take all necessary steps from there”, uncle Alani said.

    “Don’t worry Sholape, your father will take care of you and your brother, He loves you both so dearly and I’m sure he wouldn’t even want a bee to sting you”.

    I shot him a look of I hear you. I know already that all my father would do is to take care of our education as usual, nothing is going to change.

    I didn’t get my hopes high. I didn’t really care knowing we are in good hands.

    “Don’t worry Sholape, I’ll be a mother and a father to you”.

    I was mad at his statement and I replied “no one can be a mother to me especially you”.

    My aunt pulled me away from the area knowing I was going to say more and its going to result into a big thing especially when uncle Alani is there.

    His brother is never wrong, All those elders that keep shut when money is involved.

    “Sukanmi let’s pack our bags we are going with aunty Adunni” I shouted. Sukanmi ran inside and look at me.

    “I’m happy you’re no more crying sister Sholape, I love you”.

    I pulled him into a hug and said “I love you too” while tears rolled down my eyes.

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    Adeshina Toheeb
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    EPISODE 13


    We started living in my aunt Adunni’s house, life there wasn’t so easy and things didn’t feel the same.

    She doesn’t have kids but she treats us right with the little she has.

    My father didn’t fulfil his promise of him taking care of I and my Brother like my mother does but I wasn’t surprised because I wasn’t expecting more than the usual payment of education fee and all.

    I was about going to have a little chat with my aunt when my phone rang. It was kayode. I was so happy to see his call.

    I’ve been too depressed and need to speak to him. Oh my! I really love him, he stood by me through out this bad times.

    He’s such a rare gem and I hope I can pay him back some day. I’d practically forgot the phone was ringing while I dwell in my thoughts. The loud sound of the ringtone brought me out of my thoughts.

    I picked up the call while a sharp “hello” hit me from the other end. “Hey there” I said in reply.

    “I’m okay Sholape, there’s something I want to discuss with you but I’ve not had time to say it to you because of all that has been happening”, he said.

    I felt a sharp pain in my tummy. My heart started to beat faster.

    I was not ready for another bad news but Kayode sounded like he was about to drop a bomb on me. “Hmm okay, I’m listening”, I said to him. “Well Sholape I’ll be travelling to Ghana for my university education”.

    ” I should have told you this earlier but I didn’t want to compound your thoughts”. Wow, finally the bomb has been dropped. What is he saying to me?

    Just then so many questions ran through my head. I wanted to ask him so many things like since when have you been thinking of this?

    Why didn’t you tell me when the process was going on? But you promised you weren’t going to leave so why then do you want to leave me especially at this point??

    But I couldn’t, wow! was all I managed to say. I was too shocked to say more than that.

    “Don’t worry Sholape, nothing is going to change between us, I’ll always check up on you and we’ll get to chat everyday”. Wow! kayode has forgotten so soon that my phone isn’t a multimedia phone. Time flies.

    He chuckled knowing he had made a mistake of saying chat to me.

    “I’m sorry Sholape I forgot your phone isn’t……”

    I cut him off by saying “its okay”.

    “Still Sholape, nothing is going to change between us okay”??

    “Yeah right” was all I could say.

    I was about asking him when he was leaving when he said I leave tonight.

    This is a bigger bomb. So there’s no way I was even going to see him before leaving.. life is cruel after all.

    “Oh okay” was my reply.

    “Safe journey, let me know when you get there”.

    “No problem Sholape be good for me and always remember that I love you”.

    I wanted to say I love you too, I wanted to say do not forget me no matter what, I wanted to say stay with me but all I could do was cry.

    He sounded so casual. He sounded like it was normal for him to leave. I was about to say something when he said bye and hung up immediately.

    Oh my! Kayode didn’t sound remorseful, he sounded like it was normal for him to leave. I was crying so hard that I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror in front of me. Just then, my aunt came inside..

    “haba Sholape, are you still crying?? I told you I’ll be a mother to you and your brother, I told you I’ll do everything in my capacity to do everything your mother wasn’t able to do. Just call on me whenever you need anything, I’m sure God will take control”.

    I didn’t know how to tell her that I know all these already and that I can see that she’s trying her best and I’m really grateful for that.

    I don’t know how to tell her that’s not the reason I’m crying but how will she take it if I told her I was crying because of a guy not just any guy but Kayode.

    I didn’t know what I was thinking, I said it anyway I told her. I told her its Kayode that is the cause of my cry.

    “Sholape calm down. I’m not getting you. Who’s kayode?

    “Aunty he’s the guy that was with me during my mum’s funeral and all”.

    “Oh oh oh oh ha omo yen ma se eniyan o..(he’s such a good guy). Sholape, enlighten me on this matter.

    I didn’t know if I was to brush her off and tell her not to worry but I needed someone to talk to, so I started pouring out my mind. I told her everything… I mean every thing she needed to know. “Hmmm Sholape, calm down.

    In all honesty, you’re too young to know what love is but as it is I can see you know love already. Don’t worry dear, what will be will be. Just keep hoping things turn out well. God will be in control.

    Don’t worry, I’m always here to listen to you and I love you so much. But one thing I know for sure is what would be would be.

    Just then she pulled me into a tight hug and kissed my forehead while she said I love you so much”.

    The days went by so fast, its being a month since kayode had travelled to Ghana. Communication with us hasn’t been swift and steady but I wasn’t all that bothered anymore seems I’ve been off drama for a while now and I really need to tell him somethings.

    Although, I’ve missed him but I’ve to let him concentrate. My aunt came into the room smiling like she just won a lottery. “Aunty Adunni, to what do I owe this happiness written all over your face”? I asked.

    “Ha oko mi,(my dear) you’re the reason for my happiness. I told you good things will always come our way”.

    “Oh” I said getting confused. I hate to be put on suspense.

    “Sholape mi, I’m so happy. If only your mother was here to see this she stated, starting to squeeze her face in a way to say she’s remembering the past.

    “Aunty Adunni, what’s going on”? I asked growing impatient.

    “My dear your father just called me that you just gained an admission to a university in Ogun state”.

    My face immediately turned sour contrary to the expression written on my aunt’s face all smiles.

    ” Sholape what is wrong”? she asked.. “Aunty mi”, (my aunt) why didn’t my dad call me to tell me this himself?

    “Sholape, this should be the least of your worries now”. “At least he informed us. what if he didn’t tell us at all expecting us to know all about this on our own, as if witchcraft runs in our family” she said. I smiled at her use of words.

    “Don’t worry, God is with us. He’s going to be surprised at how marvelous you’re going to be”.

    “Aunty mi, did he say anything about the bills”? I asked.

    She immediately sighed moving her head back and forth. I immediately knew what the problem was but I didn’t want to be forward about it.

    “Don’t worry Sholape, he has cleared your educational fee he said we should take care of the rest”.

    “As usual, I knew my father won’t change. But he knows you’re not my mum so why would he be splitting the bills between you both”?. Why does he not like to take responsibility over me? Am I a bastard ?

    Did my mum give me up for adoption to him? Why is it only my school fees he takes care of?? What’s wrong with the fatherly care and every other thing a father is suppose to do for his child? At this point, I was crying profusely.

    My aunt just kept staring at me.

    “Calm down Sholape, God that has been doing it all these while is still on his throne . I know I don’t have much but I’ll take care of you and your brother with the little I have. Don’t worry I’ll be a mother to you”.

    I wanted to tell her No one could be like my mother but I didn’t want to hurt her so I just ran into her arms for a hug to comfort me at least.

    “He said you’ll go for an exam just for formality but you’ll get in regardless”. “You leave this weekend” she said.

    Another thought came through my mind, how will my Brother be? I knew I didn’t have to worry much seems my aunt is perfect for us.

    But how will she care for both of us especially now that I’m in school?? Maybe I should trust my aunt’s word. I’m sure my Brother will be better off with her.

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    Adeshina Toheeb
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    EPISODE 14


    It was my first day at school, I got to the school very late. I didn’t have much load to carry seems my aunt said she’ll send my provisions over when she’s buoyant. The hostel supervisor gave me the spare key to the room.

    She welcomed me nicely and told me I’ve three other girls as roommate. I opened the door to my room which was dirty and untidy.

    I sighed, knowing I’ve a lot of things to do. I started to arrange my “not too old clothes” in the locker, I was done in no time and the locker still had a lot of space in it, all because I’ve no provisions and other things to fill it in.

    I swept the room and kept every other thing in place. I was about making my bed when I heard a knock on the door, I went to open the door when the presence of a tall, dark girl with small eyes, nose and mouth filled my sight.

    She showed her “not so white teeth” at the cause of her smile and said “hello” in a high pitch tone. I wanted to say “hello” in return or something like you “look beautiful”, but a smile was all I could give. She brushed off my attitude and said;

    “I’m Zainab and you are”?? She asked. “I’m Sholape”, I said in a very low tone, as if to say I was shy.

    She smiled at me and moved me to the side while she made her way into the room.

    “Awww you’ve arranged the room already” she said in shock.

    “God you’re so sweet, I’m really going to like you more than I already do” she said. I just kept on smiling.

    ” I’m sorry, we were in a rush last night, so we had to leave the room unarranged”.

    I wanted to tell her it was no big deal but I couldn’t stop smiling, I guess I’m shy sometimes.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll do the rest. Just go freshen up so we could grab something to eat because I’m starving”, she said. I’ve come to the conclusion, Zainab is a nice person. I obeyed her and afterwards we got food to eat.

    While eating, she told me she is a business administration student in her third year, she told me about the school, about her friends who are my other roommates and so many other things. The day ended so fast and we both feel asleep.

    The shout of “I’m coming” woke me up the next morning. I immediately rushed out of my bed while my roommate opened the door for whoever was at the door.

    “How would you not hear someone was knocking”? a more commanding tone whom I don’t know her name said.

    I already don’t like her she sounds bossy but I’m guessing she’s one of my roommates.

    “Hey is she the new girl”? another voice said.

    “What’s your name”, she asked??

    Zainab answered, “she’s Sholape”..

    “oh” she said, moving closer to me.

    I looked at her closely, she looks pretty young, almost my stature but she has more breast than I do.

    “I’m Omotara”, she said with a big smile on her face. “I wonder if you can cope with us because you look like one who can’t hurt a fly”, she said.

    “I’ll be fine”, I said shyly.

    A voice interrupted us, “Ignore Omotara, she has a big mouth and I’m Sharon” she said.

    The last girl also introduced herself saying “she’s Adenike”.

    There’s something about her that I don’t like, Especially are action earlier. She even said her name while giving me attitude.

    I didn’t mind though because I didn’t care. Zainab smiled and said “these are my friends and our roommates, except for Sharon who sleeps here once in a while”.

    “We are all business administration students, in our penultimate year”, she said in addition.

    ” Nice to meet you” I said.

    They all said “awwwww” in unison except for Adenike who gave a fake smile.

    I should have known they were not my age mates except for Omotara who could be mistaken for a fresher because of her petite body.

    Sharon on the other hand ,is a fat person with a baby face which doesn’t compliment her masculine voice. while Adenike looked like a model but with a sour attitude. They ignored me and started some discussions.

    Adenike wouldn’t stop talking about a guy named “Gaffar” she called his name with so much emphasis.

    I wonder what was special about the guy because they all melt at the mention of his name. Wouldn’t it be a disaster if four friends date one guy?? Hmm what do I know I’m just a fresher.

    They kept on talking about a party, how fun it is going to be and what they are going to wear to the party to impress the guys,was all I heard until I fell asleep.

    The alarm rang that morning, I turned it off lazily and got up from my bed with the thought of my brother. I’ve really missed him and I’ve not heard from both him and my aunt for two days now.

    I’ve also not heard from kayode. Since he got to Ghana, it feels like we are strangers. Even when he calls me, we don’t really have things to say to each other.

    Even though I want to tell him everything that’s going on, I just can’t get my mouth to say the words. It feels like we are not an item anymore maybe my feelings are true.

    I got to the school premises and I heard some noise from the other end which I didn’t bother to find the source. But from what I heard, it sounded like guys voice.

    I headed to where I was going when I bumped into Zainab and her group of friends. Hugs and greetings were exchanged between the girls and I except for Adenike who greeted me with attitude….

    I don’t know what I’ve done wrong to the girl. Well I don’t care because I don’t really like her too.

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    Adeshina Toheeb
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    EPISODE 15


    Adenike’s Point Of View

    We were about leaving the school premises when we bumped into Sholape our roommate. The sight of that girl irritates me.

    I don’t know why I feel threatened by her. Maybe its because she’s every thing we are not. She walks majestically, smiles confidently and speaks good.

    Her type will easily be mistaken for a British citizen if she lives there for some months, yet her dress sense is nothing to talk about. Although she still manages to show her curves in those cheap and not so new cloth she wears.

    She’s beautiful with a very big ass but not enough boobs to compliment, but her caramel skin be making her look hot. If only she was as okay as we were, I’m sure she’ll be the talk of the town

    She feels like a competition to me. I’m use to my friends because I know guys will choose me over them but I’m not so sure about her because, damn!

    I can’t deny, she’s a paragon of beauty, that is why I don’t like to stand or be with her. I don’t want someone else taking my shine.

    “What is she doing here”? I asked

    “It’s a school premises moron and anyone can be here” Cynthia said.

    Wow not only is she a beauty queen, my friends are also taking her sides.

    She got here and exchange hugs with all of my friends. She was about coming closer to me when I rolled my eyes at her. She backed off and said bye to everyone and flashed me a smile.

    Gosh! her teeth is something to die for. Why does she have to be so damn perfect?? It annoys me.

    When she left, my friends called out my name in unison “Aaaadddeeeennniikkkee, God will help you” I rolled my eyes at them while I shake my butt passed them.

    Sholape’s Point Of View

    Just as I left them, I’ve not moved farther when I heard a familiar voice calling Gafar in a very high pitch.

    It was Adenike who shouted his name like she had seen her favourite person on earth. I turned back to see the so called Gafar.

    Wow! he’s unbelievably true. He looked so perfect with his body and muscle, being transparent in his white body hug top, which he matched with jean trouser and a sneaker. With his low cut hair and a ear ring on his ear.

    He flashed a smile at the girls and waved flirty to some. Seems to me like he’s a ladies man no wonder my roommates won’t stop talking about him. I turned to leave but the memory of Gafar couldn’t leave my brain.

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    nice write up


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