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    *USE OF ENGLISH: 24/03/19(19:00 GMT)*




    Ensure that you take this test within the Stipulated time

    Ensure that you Submit all yours answers together and at once to the Forum before the Authentic answers are released

    Ensure that you Post your Scores to the Forum for My Evaluation

    *In questions 1 to 15, choose the option which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word printer in bold*
    1. It is very difficult to *retain* all that you hear in the class.
    A. keep
    B. recall
    C. preserve
    D. conserve

    2. The great artist life was full of *vicissitudes* .
    A. sorrows
    B. misfortunes
    C. changes
    D. surprises

    3. She has an *insatiable* love for music.
    A. unsatisfiable
    B. unchanging
    C. irreconcilable
    D. undesirable

    4. The great dancer impressed the appreciative crowd by his *nimble* movements.
    A. Unrhythmic
    B. lively
    C. quickening
    D. clear

    5. Tunde had a *bohemian* look.
    A. hostile
    B. unconventional
    C. sinister
    D. unfriendly

    6. The bullet wound sustained by Adamu proved to be *fatal* and he died immediately.
    A. grievous
    B. dangerous
    C. serious
    D. deadly

    7. Njoku’s attitude towards the his pupils is rather *callous* to say the least.
    A. passive
    B. unkind
    C. cursed
    D. unfeeling

    8. Before the presidency of Donald Trump, the UN could not make much *headway* to solve the problem of North Korea
    A. progress
    B. thinking
    C. efforts
    D. start

    9. On scrutiny the police officer found out that the documents provided by the landlord were totally *fabricated* .
    A. forged
    B. historical
    C. prepared
    D. genuine

    10. Lack of occupation is not necessary revealed by *manifest* idleness.
    A. easily perceived
    B. easily acquired
    C. easily infected
    D. easily deflected

    11. The accident occurred due to his *lapse* .
    A. trick
    B. interval
    C. error
    D. ignorance

    12. Sunlight and shadow made the landscape a *kaleidoscope* of colour.
    A. tube containing mirrors and loose pieces of coloured glass
    B. frequently changing pattern of bright scenes
    C. a mixture of black and white
    D. resembling the seven colours of rainbow

    13. After the *dismal* performance of the team in the series concluded yesterday, the captain offered his resignation to the president of the club.
    A. poor
    B. sorrowful
    C. minimum
    D. short

    14. We didn’t believe in his statement, but *subsequent* events proved that he was right.
    A. later
    B. many
    C. few
    D. earlier

    15. The *pioneers* left a blazing trial of courage, manliness and chivalry.
    A. inventors
    B. explorers
    C. colonialist
    D. settlers

    *In questions 16 to 30, choose the option which is most nearly opposite in meaning as the word printer in bold*

    16. History *abounds* in instances of courage.
    A. shines
    B. lacks
    C. suffices
    D. fails

    17. The inhabitants of the island were *barbarians* .
    A. civilized
    B. cruel
    C. uncivilized
    D. bad

    18. The members thought that the task was *feasible* .
    A. impractical
    B. impossible
    C. difficult
    D. impracticable

    19. *crestfallen* he returned as he had never faced such humiliation in the whole of his life.
    A. vainglorious
    B. indignant
    C. triumphant
    D. disturbed

    20. *Feasibility* of the project is under study.
    A. unsuitability
    B. cheapness
    C. impropriety
    D. impracticability

    21. The *incessant* noise of the boring machine made it difficult for us to got to sleep at night.
    A. intermittent
    B. harsh
    C. soft
    D. constant

    22. Unsettled conditions in the land led to *exodus* of hundreds of its citizens.
    A. invasion
    B. entry
    C. immigration
    D. expulsion

    23. Many people try to *resist* reforms in the society.
    A. fight
    B. accept
    C. welcome
    D. repel

    24. Because of the economy drive, they very unwillingly surrendered some *superfluous* posts.
    A. important
    B. relevant
    C. significant
    D. essential

    25. The North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un was *reluctant* to shoulder the Cost of his recent trip to Singapore for a Summit with Donald Trump .
    A. wanting
    B. willing
    C. anxious
    D. eager

    26. Ejiro’s point of view was correct but his behavior with his father was quite *impertinent* .
    A. healthy
    B. respectful
    C. inadequate
    D. smooth

    27. This new magazine is known for its *comprehensive* coverage of news.
    A. casual
    B. inadequate
    C. indifferent
    D. superficial

    28. He is well known for coming up with *impracticable* solutions.
    A. easy
    B. possible
    C. feasible
    D. alternate

    29. The managing director remarked that the secretary was an
    *asset* to the company.
    A. loss
    B. liability
    C. drag
    D. handicap

    30. You can hardly find any trace of *humility* in the man.
    A. ego
    B. insolence
    C. arrogance
    D. conceit

    *In questions 31 to 40, choose the option which best expresses the correct meaning of the idiomatic expression in Bold Print*

    31. *By hook or by crook*
    A. In a completely insane manner
    B. In whatever way one can
    C. Being very evil and destructive
    D. To be very tenacious

    32. *Under duress*
    A. With superstition
    B. According to merit
    C. Under compulsion
    D. In good faith

    33. *Cloak and dagger*
    A. Involving intrigue
    B. To become very weak
    C. Family feud
    D. Fond of hunting

    34. *Chock-a-block*
    A. Filled to capacity
    B. Not being able to fulfill one’s desires
    C. Blocking somebody’s path to progress D. D.Suffocation caused due to living in a congested area

    35. *Threw down the gauntlet*
    A. Challenged
    B. Protested
    C. Defeated
    D. Surpassed

    36. *A fair crack of the whip*
    A. To go out for morning walk
    B. To get a fair chance
    C. To get unexpected success
    D. To be routed

    37. *A feather in one’s cap*
    A. Accumulating more money or property
    B. Taking more burden on oneself
    C. Being felicitated for one’s artistic merits D.Something achieved that constitutes a victory

    38. *In the guise of*
    A. In the cloak of
    B. In the colour of
    C. In the semblance of
    D. In the pretence of

    39. *The worse for wear*
    A. Worn out
    B. Improbable
    C. Far off
    D. Frightening

    40. *Caught up with*
    A. Conversed
    C. Arrested
    D. Overlook

    41. One of these Best describes your Present level of preparedness for the 2019 UTME ?
    A. Above 80 %
    B. Below 20%
    C. Above 50 %
    D. Above 20 %

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