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      arthur peace

      (Episode 1; strange voices)

      Author: Pafiruno

      For a moment I could see myself smiling and amused, I was going to visit a new environment; a new state, a new local government, an entirely new settlement. All thanks to NYSC. For a young man that had spent all his years in a particular environment, you know stepping into new territories would feel like making heaven. For once one is going to stay away entirely from mom and dad, no close-marking…how nice.

      In the midst of this excitement, I must confess, there was a great load of anxiety and panic. I heard the community I’d been posted to was quite a diabolic one. I just decided to accept it in good fate, like the defeat of Barcelona in the champions league.

      In a bid to enjoy every bit of the journey, I sat at the extreme, balanced right beside the window, and watched the trees as they all ran behind us second after second. The bridges, the street hawkers at Ugheli, the beautiful highways all caught my eyes, I was too busy with them I didn’t notice the old Lady sitting next to me. Well, somehow, we got into a conversation. We had started with political events. She talked elaborately on the lapses of the current administration, the killings in Benue, and her proposed solution to the crisis in Nigerian political system. I was quite fascinated by her level of consciousness. More fascinating about her was her choice of color combination- black on black(as the average Nigerian would call it). It was just too awkward.

      After discussing a little more issues she asked “where did you say they posted you to again?”

      “-Oke-irun o” I responded “and I was the only person posted there”.

      “Ah…that witchcraft town”. Now I was curious, and she was more than willing to tell tales by moonlight. “Hmmm…there ehn, once a new Corper arrives, according to what I heard o, a strange looking old witch would knock on the person’s door. Most times, black cats do accompany her.”

      Okay, it wasn’t getting funny anymore. She narrated more awful myths(so to speak) and they got me scared, I didn’t even know when I dozed off. Well, I was glad I did, at least it saved me the witchcraft sermon.


      Some hours had passed, and I was there at last. As usual na, I was taken to the corpers’ lodge. Lo and behold, it was behind a cemetery. Of course I couldn’t start forming slay king, it was already getting dark. I convinced myself that it would only be a night, first thing in the morning I’ll look for an apartment to rent.

      “Uncle, I don’t know if you can stay here o” the little boy suggested and continued “any corper they bring here doesn’t usually stay”.

      ” Ese” I responded. I was told it means “thank you” in Yoruba.

      I checked in, slammed the door, and tried continuing my sleep.

      …then the drama started. I heard this tiny voice whispering from behind the window “Corper…Corper….”. I peeped, there was no one, just like that old poem ” someone came knocking on my wheel small door”. It was followed by a sound of mocking laughter, as though from a colony of kids. Their voices echoed all over the room and I was forced to mew “the Blood of Jesus”, you know that kind of whisper that has the scream sign (!).

      Yes, it was a whisper because I was scared the ghosts might be offended, and they might give me a dirty slap. The woman in the bus said if a ghost slaps you that your case is in heaven.

      Then came this silent suggestion “why not plug in your headset and hit some loud music, it would save you this nightmare”. I nodded to myself, accepting the suggestion. I did as I advised myself, the headset was no longer working. Then, I knew my village people were endowed. As I laid it down in frustration, the laughter echoed again, this time from the ceiling.

      As if it wasn’t yet a perfect nightmare, the wind started its lullaby. It was as though there was a children’s playground on the wings of the wind. I could hear voices, laughter and footsteps from the window, on the roof,under my pillow….haba!! I wished I could turn deaf immediately.

      At last, there was the hour of salvation. NEPA finally remembered us. No, they remembered me. At least with the lights on, half of the menace was gone.

      But for where? My village people struck again. NEPA took back their light. Fear gripped me once again. You know such a fierce grip a rapist would use to hold a teenage helpless victim.

      “kpor-kpor-kpor” someone was knocking. I felt it was one of those sounds so I ignored.

      “house o!!” This time a voice followed.

      “Kpor-kpor-kpor” the knock sounded again, and yet again. Thrice now, like the cockcrow that followed Peter’s denial.

      “House o!!!!” The voice repeated. It was a woman’s voice. Could it be the old witch that woman spoke about in the bus? I summoned courage, whispered the blood of Jesus again, and reached for the door. I opened, forget, the woman resemble winch(witch) well well.

      She stretched a bunch of withered vegetables and said “new Corper, ekabo o…” Well, it means welcome. She continued “Whenever a new Corper arrives, I am normally sent to welcome him. My children were the ones whispering to you from the window.”

      I could hear my heart beat like Terry G’s drum line. The last I could remember was my eyes closing up, like a black out. Everyone said I fainted. Before nkor, what do you expect?


      After some hours, i guess, I was up again. The first sound I heard was that of a trailer’s horn. Oh, it was just a dream. I was still in the bus with the woman in black staring straight into my eyes. With unchewed plantain chips in her mouth, she asked “my pikin, you don wake? The old witch been welcome you for dream?”

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      Episode 2 please

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      arthur peace

      (episode 2; A woman in the garden)

      After a dramatic twelve hours journey, I finally arrived at my PPA(place of primary assignment). In some ways, it really resembled the building I saw in my dream; same colour, same appearance, and most strikingly, there was a cemetery right beside the lodge. I could hear a thought within me suggesting that the nightmares would continue. I waved off the thought as I murmured to myself “no, it was just a dream”.

      I tried navigating my eyes through the environment. There was a little garden at the backyard.

      ” It was planted by the caretaker ” Corper Samuel said to me with a nice smile, noticing that the garden seemed to have seduced my eyes. Samuel was one of the corpers already serving in the community. He wasn’t short, just that he wasn’t tall. Some would say his height was simply cute, well he was a nice dude.

      At last I was introduced to the rest of the house, after which I was taken to my room. Every Corper here is automatically a teacher, so I was mentally prepared for classroom activity. I thought I was fully ready until I was told the students were highly rotten and immoral, well that’s a story for another day.


      Finally, Monday morning arrived, it was second term. I went into SS1 class to teach literature. I stood in front of the class, innocently reciting and analyzing the poem “Piano and Drums” by Gabriel Okara only to find out that most of the female students were fully prepared to stage a live edition of Spartacus. Some smiled dangerously, others had there legs divided; one to the East and the other to the West. This was total madness.

      Among them was a girl named Felicia. I must admit she had beautiful oranges on her chest. I was yet explaining when Felicia spoke up “uncle I like you because you’re fine”. How I managed to escape that introductory danger, only heaven knows.

      Later in the evening, I decided to take a walk around town. Few steps away from the lodge, a voice came calling from a nearby house. It was a woman from the neighborhood. From a little conversation we had, I realized her daughter happened to be one of my students, in fact two of her daughters, Felicia and her sister. The woman said “corper, do you want white Garri? Abi don’t you like it?”

      Me I said I like it o. She said “okay, I’ll send my daughter to bring some for you”. For my mind, this kind send daughter…

      That was how the garri regime started. Gradually, Felicia started bringing big pawpaws and cassava flour, and usually late at night; nothing before ten pm.

      Ever since then, Felicia started walking past the lodge in the evenings (which wasn’t happening before.), and it was usually accompanied with singing. The rationale behind the singing was to make sure I noticed her passing by, like Bathemeus screamed in order to be noticed by Jesus.

      I was told these girls were good in charms and diabolism. If they are attracted to you, that they could go to any length just to get you down.

      One of those regular nights, Felicia came to the lodge again. I wonder what kind of a mother would practically involve her daughter in prostitution. I stood by the door to converse with her.

      ” I have an assignment ” she said.

      “What subject?” I asked.


      ” what’s the question? ”

      “Ahh…uncle let me enter inside first na” she panicked. I had to let her in, only to hear that it was a biology assignment. “Uncle they asked us to draw the male and female reproductive organs” she said. While contemplating whether or not to help her out, she giggled and said “ahh!! Uncle, omo Shaku Shaku”. Shaku Shaku is a corrupt phrase coined from a pidgin term ” shooku shooku” which literally means sex. I knew this girl had an ulterior motive. Quite furious and disappointed, I asked her to drop the note and leave, as a matter of fact, I made sure I escorted her out of the lodge. When we got to the road leading to her house, she said in sarcasm ” uncle , omo Shaku Shaku… You can’t run for long”

      Those words echoed in my head while I walked back to the lodge. “You can’t run for long”. It was banging in my head like a cathedral bell. It was getting late already, so I tried hurrying back.

      Getting close to the lodge, I heard the phrase again ” Corper you can’t run for long”. This time it wasn’t from my head. The voice came from the cemetery. I turned, and behold it was a woman sitting on one of the graves. Fear wasn’t really overwhelming until she stood up. It was actually a half woman. She had no legs. It was then I knew I’m more endowed than Usain Bolt.

      I looked neither to the left nor to the right till I got to my room. I heard a knock on the door. I refused to open. I wasn’t ready to witness another trauma, who knows if that old woman in the dream had finally come to tell me ‘welcome’. The knocking continued, followed by a voice.

      “Solo, open the door. Na me, Favour”. It was Corper favour. I had a bit of relief. I opened the door, but who I saw wasn’t Favour. It was the same half woman, looking at her face was like beholding a cobra, I could feel my heart divorcing my chest. In fear I slammed the door and ran to my bed.

      Next was a very serious sound of laughter from the windows and ceiling. ” O lord, so it is real!” I said to myself in a tone of lamentation. A knock came again. This time I said to myself “no, I won’t open the door.” The knock persisted. I convinced myself that I wouldn’t open the door. But the knocking continued, louder and louder.

      “Solo, na me ehh”. This time it was Seun’s voice. He was Samuel’s right hand man, a fellow Corper. I wanted to be sure so I asked ” wetin be your code number?”(every Corp member had a code number we used for identification).

      ” Which kind nonsense be this na”…. He responded.

      “Just tell me first, I know why I deh ask” I replied.

      “Os/17A/2248” he said. I was convinced at last that it was really Seun. I opened the door with no panic. Lo and behold it was the same half woman. This time she had two boys beside her. Their faces were pale like all those people who act as demons in Nollywood movies. These ones na confirm ghosts, nothing anybody wan tell me. I summoned courage in the midst of the fear, yes, enough courage to slam the door. I locked it and threw the keys into my pockets. I turned around only to find three old women on my bed with white wrappers across their chests. Each one held a broom and calabash.

      All I heard was laughter. The sound of their laughter plastered the room as I scuffled to bring out the keys from my pockets. Even if it meant dying in the hands of the legless woman, I rather go outside than watch these spirits (or whatever they were) play ajasco in my room.

      I ran out and saw a dark looking fellow squatting along the corridor. I thought it was another ghost so I tried running again but then I noticed the person was also trying to run. It was Samuel.

      “Omo you see the ghost?” He asked.

      “My brother, you see the woman without leg?” I replied. You know it’s only in Nigeria we reply a question with another question.

      “I see her o” he replied “she knocked on my door with three other spirits. My brother, this thing just started o, we’ve never been witnessing it before.”

      I felt a great bit of relief, at least to some level, with the knowledge that I wasn’t alone. Obviously these things were not happening only in my head. I tried rolling my eyes around to make sure it was just the two of us. When I turned back at Samuel I saw something else. It was the legless woman again. The two weird looking boys stood by her and the three women with white wrappers behind. They all chorused in assonance ” you can’t run for long…. “. Their voices repeated in my ears like thunder.

      That’s all I could remember. When I opened my eyes, I saw a host of students round about me. I was in school.

      ” Solomon you’re awake “. It was the voice of the principal. ” Your colleagues said they returned last night only to find you unconscious at the corridor. They tried reviving you but to no avail so they brought you to school this morning. We thank God you’re back “.

      ” Wait, you mean from last night till this morning I was unconscious? ”

      “Don’t worry, just relax first” Samuel replied. He handed a bottle of water to me. I wasn’t sure if it was really Samuel, or another ghost again so I refused collecting the water.

      “Don’t worry, just drink first” the principal said. As I tried collecting the bottle of water, a voice came again from the crowd of students, it was Felicia. “You can’t run for long”…. I had another blackout again.

      …to be cont’d.

      Dont forget to comment

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      arthur peace


      (episode 3: A Boy In the Room)

      After I recovered myself from the blackout, no one dared to ask what happened until we got back to the lodge. It was Samuel who finally broke the silence. “But oboy, wetin even happen sef?”. “How the body been deh do you before you faint?” Seun added.

      But seriously, how would I start to narrate all that had happened- Felicia, the woman at the grave, the three women on my bed, and all of that. Who would even believe such tales? I stared at them for a while, totally mute.

      “I saw evil spirits “, my voice was finally out. My response was followed by a loud sounding laughter. I could see from their faces that some believed my story while others were apparently debating within themselves whether or not such things could be possible. Reginald was the most skeptical among them. I was told he studied psychology at Enugu State University of Technology. The guy assumed ghosts and evil spirits were unscientific, and as a result, my narration must have occurred only in my head, and my head alone.

      “okay, where did you see these spirits?” Samuel asked.

      “What did they do to you? What did you also do when you saw them?” Seun added.

      “Did you say or do anything to them? ” Bridget asked with so much inquisitiveness.

      “wetin? Which one the boy wan answer na? Make una allow the poor boy rest abeg” Ese suggested. Ese was from Delta sate. One good thing about Nysc is that it brings together various people from diverse ethnicities.

      “Abeg, where did you see the evil spirits?” Bosco asked.

      “I saw the first one at the entrance, on one of the graves….” I started giving a narration on all that I experienced, of course I didn’t include Felicia’s chapter.

      “Abegi…you’re just being childish. Such things do not, and can never exist ” Reginald said.

      “Don’t mind him. Na mummy’s boy nai make. All these small small children weh Nysc deh bring come our PPA…abegi, me I wan go sleep.” It was Andy and her usual drama. I had been informed earlier on about how arrogant she could be. Her unguided utterances led to a verbal duel between the both of us, after which we all retired to our rooms. I developed an instant hatred towards her and somehow wished that the ghosts would pay her a visit that night, unfortunately, they didn’t. It made everyone to feel my ghost stories were mere illusions.


      I was in Andy’s room two nights after. She had called me to help her fix her lamp holder.

      “Abeg, enmity no follow for this one jare. Come and help me joor” she said in order to convince me into assisting her.

      It wasn’t long before an argument broke up. Andy couldn’t even appreciate my kind effort, instead she made abusive comments. I couldn’t bear it, so I fired back at her. A quarrel broke out, with flinging of abusive words. “You deh craze, you deh mad” the usual Nigerian insults. We engaged in a little bodily combat which rather graduated into a cuddle, and later into a moment of sensational romance.

      Andy and I had a chemistry that night. The entire lodge knew us to be “cat and rat” so we tried keeping the quickie a secret. Let’s say we were secret sex mates; ‚corpers with benefit’.

      In a bid to remain in the shadows, we made sure the door was shut, firmly locked with keys from inside, and then the Spartacus started. The atmosphere was charged up, two sweaty bodies gumming each other, saliva-filled lips fused into each other, lungs and nostrils searching for breathe as we both pant in high ecstasy.

      She laid on the bed with her back, my hands on hers, over her head. I lied in between her thighs and swerved my waist from left to right as I rubbed junior against Jennifer.

      I was shocked to feel a palm tapping my back. I was sure it wasn’t Andy’s hand ‘cos I had my hands on hers. Could someone have opened the door unknown to us while we were in our heaven? No, impossible! The door was locked with keys. While I was yet contemplating on what was going on, Andy spoke out “which hand you come deh take finger me again na?”. It was then we knew a third party had truly entered the room.

      Sharp sharp, conji loss. We rushed for the light switch. When we turned them on, it was a black, short, weird looking guy. We only saw his reflection though. It was as if he bubbled away with the darkness as the light was turned on. I don’t know what Andy saw, but I was convinced I saw a boy vanishing away as we turned on the light. Maybe I was the only one again who saw it so I never wanted to say a word.

      “Did you see that?” Andy asked with so much terror. “Me I’m scared o, I can’t stay here” she hurriedly fixed back her panty and bra, and ran out of the room. I followed suit, junior was already down so no one suspected we were having a fifty shades of grey.


      Later that night, I went to sleep. Andy was too terrified, she had to spend the night in Favour’s room. I was quite convinced the ghosts would come again, so I tried not to doze off, but my efforts turned abortive, just like Nigeria’s effort to fight examination malpractice.

      At around midnight I felt a touch on my thighs. A hand tapped my leg. Scared and terrified, I peeped with my left eye. Whoever it was, I guess the person noticed I was awake and the tapping stopped. I heard footsteps retreating from my bed, obviously the ghost was turning back. The movement stopped.

      Although the entire room was dark, I saw the figure of a man standing by the wall, looking straight at me. The person was static. A noise followed, as though the man was biting his fingers or something like that. Could this be a gay ghost wanting to ravage my anus? God forbid!

      I quietly reached for my torch and flashed to the spot. How silly I was. I found out it was just my khaki jacket on the wall, with a cockroach dancing around it. It wasn’t a ghost after all. But wait, what about the hand that was caressing my thighs? What about the footsteps?

      I wanted to be sure I was safe, and alone, so I switched on the lights. At least it would help reduce the tension. Few minutes later, we heard gunshots. It sounded like a robbery from afar off. Everyone came out to the corridor to ensure we were all safe then we retired back to our rooms. After a while, everywhere was calm, but I guess we were all awake afterwards. It was 2am already.

      Once again, the drama continued. This time around, it was the sound of voices from the extreme of the corridor. I heard it clearly and vividly, voices of children. Although their noise was loud, the words they pronounced were totally obscure. Folktales in my tribe said that when ghosts are discussing, that you can hear them but can’t really pick the words they pronounce. Immediately, my mind was filled with pictures of ghosts and spirits in mangrove forests. I got scared.

      It seemed as if the gates of hell were set loosed that night. A shadow walked by the window. I peeped. They were three, the three old women that sat on my bed the other night.

      My phone rang. It was Seun. I was scared of picking it, I remembered my previous experience. He called again, I picked.

      “Solo….?” He asked.

      “Seun?” I responded.

      “You deh hear the voice dem too?” He asked.

      “My brother, shey I tell una say ghosts deh here? ”

      “Abeg come online for watsap” he said.

      I went online. We already had a watsap. Everyone was online, it seemed Seun called everyone. Seun dropped a message that we all should storm out of our rooms by 2:30am to see what was going on. We went out but saw no one, the corridor was empty.

      We could hear each other’s heart playing the ‘one corner’ beat. No one could utter a word, but the expression was clearly spelt on our faces. Where would we run to under such odd hours of the night? While we were yet wallowing in our wells of bewilderment, a sound came from the bathroom, as though some village kids were taking a shower. It was followed by a sound of multiple footsteps in the ceiling right above our heads. The sounds from the bathroom continued, the footsteps in the ceiling continued.

      “Me I’m scared o” Andy said in terror as we heard legs walking towards us from the bathroom.

      “See spirit, see spirit ” Ese screamed. We turned around to see what was approaching. It was the strange boy Andy and I saw in the room the other night, the spirit that interrupted our quickie. With each step he took towards us, we got set to run. This was a live African magic. The terror intensified with the sudden appearance of the legless woman. Even the bravest among us turned to an athlete. We took off. The commanding word was “make we run go James lodge “. James’ lodge was about thirty minutes away from ours. When the race started, no one looked back till we arrived at James’ lodge.

      The gate was locked. We waited at the gate for everyone to assemble.

      “where is Reginald?”

      “where is Reginald? ”

      The voices increased. Everyone was tensed. Reginald wasn’t among us. Reginald was missing.


      To be contd.

      (What do you think happened to Reginald?)

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      arthur peace

      (episode 4: Biggy Could Not Fast)

      It wasn’t long before sunrise came. Such a short night. Waking up was like starring at a host of soldiers ready to open fire at you, something like a firing squad. We were tensed for two main reasons; first, we were scared of returning to the lodge. Secondly, we wondered what might have happened to Reginald. Although we were served breakfast, we struggled to transport the food across our throats. But then, going back to the lodge was the greatest battle, or should I say a daymare.

      “How we wan waka”? Samuel asked.

      “We need to go back na” Seun replied.

      “No o…me I no fit o” Ese said.

      “Even if we say make we stay here, what of our documents? Our clothes? Our ID card? Everything? We wan leave am there for ghost to eat?” I asked.

      “See, we have to be our brother’s keepers. We need to go and check out for Reginald ” Andy suggested.

      “Well if you ask me” James suggested, “I think you guys need to organize a fasting and prayer exercise to cleanse that your lodge”. It seemed to be a good idea, we accepted the suggestion. We managed to convince ourselves about returning to the lodge. We agreed to return by twelve noon, at least we know ghosts would rather operate by night.


      It was forty minutes past twelve when we got to the entrance of the lodge. We looked for who would go in first. Even the bravest among us became a chicken. Seun took the lead, he pushed the door and went in, we followed. Something waved from the extreme of the corridor, we saw it moving into the bathroom. We summoned courage and moved closer. The nearer we got, the louder noise we heard. It seemed the spirit(or whatever it was) was making use of the water system.

      We got closer as the splash or water got louder, we peeped, it was Reginald. Some of us ran at first, others stood. Reginald had a towel soaked in water, which he used to massage his head. It was swollen.

      “Oboy, wetin happen?” I asked.

      “Nna ehn, as we deh run na, nai I use my head take hit that iron for the door. E com be like say I faint ” he replied. We felt at ease. We laughed, then we told him about our intension to have a fasting and prayer session, he concurred.

      “Abeg, the fasting, na when to when?” Biggy asked.

      “Six to six na” Seun replied.

      “omo, it’s too long na ” Biggy lamented. We called him Biggy because he was very big in size. We understood why Biggy kicked against the twelve hours fasting; he loved food, we often called him a foodie. Biggy could finish a pot of beans if given the chance. However, the whole house agreed about the six to six fasting.

      A call was put across to Corper Blessing from Kiriji. Kiriji was a settlement about 45 minutes away from ours. Blessing was the prayer Cordinator in nccf(Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship). She advised that everyone of us observed the fasting the following day while she would come down with her team of prayer warriors. We agreed.


      It was the day for the fasting. The prayer team arrived, and we started, it was 4pm already. I must confess, everyone was damn famished, but for the joy of the freedom we desired, we all endured. In the heat of the prayers, Blessing asked us to provide a bottle of olive oil, what the average Nigerian calls “annointing oil”. We had none, so I was asked to go and buy one from a nearby shop. I noticed Biggy wasn’t in our midst. I thought perhaps he had gone to make use of the toilet because it had become a regular occurrence in Nigerian religious gatherings, someone must go to the toilet. I waved off the thought and went into town in search of olive oil.

      After a short walk, I got to a shop.

      “Madam, you get anointing oil?” I asked the woman at the counter.

      “Yes. Na five hundred naira o” she replied.

      “Haba na” I screamed “na two-fifty joor”. There, once they notice you’re a Corper they would hike the price of anything you want to buy. They just believe we corpers are “eating Federal Government’s money”. After much bargaining, she agreed to sell it for two hundred and fifty naira. I was disappointed only for her to turn back and say “oga no vex, e don finish. Go the next shop for there”.

      While I panicked in anger and frustration, the aged woman tried calming me down, in the process some drop of saliva travelled from her mouth into mine, so irritating. I ran out from her shop as fast as I could. ‘Maybe the ghosts were trying to stop me from stopping them’ I thought to myself.

      While moving from shop to shop in search of the oil, I got to a spot where I noticed a face looking at me from a nearby shop, it was a restaurant. The person would peep and later duck his head, it was a guy. I wanted to see who it was so I went in. The first person I saw was an elderly man who seemed to be a lecturer in town. He stood with his designers shirt stocked into his blue Jean trouser which housed his right palm as he tried unleashing sweet words on one of the salesgirls who appeared to be a teenager.

      You know all these Nigerian lecturers, they love trying fresh waters. I saw him stretching his hands to one of her breasts. “Sir na, this is a public place” she said as she tried resisting him, also looking at him, obviously giving him a signal that I was watching. He turned at me too, I turned away, after all what’s my business? Felicia’s trouble was there to solve, the ghosts were there as well. Besides, I needed to see who was so much looking at me.

      I turned to the direction where I saw the face. The person tried to duck his head. Behold, it was Biggy sitting in front of a mighty plate of EBA and eguisi soup. It matched the description in Chinue Achebe’s ‘Things fall apart’ where he said the men ate a mountain of fufu, and that a person at one end couldn’t the see the next man at the other end due to the size of the fufu. Well, that’s by the way. Biggy tried justifying his actions. He said he was dying of hunger so he had to sneak out and even God would understand his plight.

      All his excuses made no sense to me at all, all that made sense to me was the hefty lump of meat in his plate. Before Tom could find Jerry, I joined Biggy to devour the meal. We cleaned our mouths, went to get the Olive oil and returned to the lodge separately and pretended as though nothing happened.

      We continued with the prayer session, blasted in tongues and all of that, Biggy rolled on the floor as though being swept by the Holy Ghost. We both knew he was pretending. This was simply eba in action. The prayer was concluded at about 7:30 pm and everyone felt we had conquered the ghosts(excluding Biggy and I for sure cos we knew we did nothing. Nigerians would say “na wash, nothing come out”).


      Later that night, when I retired to my room, the voices started again behind my window. This time it was a deep voice. It seemed a senior ghost had come visiting. There was no light. I gathered courage and flashed my light at the spot, I saw nothing. There was no one. I got scared. I pleaded the blood of Jesus and laid on my bed.

      Few minutes later, the voice continued again. This time, on my door. It was followed by a knock, and another knock, and yet another knock. I thought of the legless woman, I thought of the short ghost from the other night. Fear gripped me again. “All die na die” I said to myself as I reached for the door. I was bold enough to open it. It was a fat ghost, with with substance on the face. The ghost covered the entire door, there was no way to escape. I ran back to my bed and screamed severally “Holy Ghost fire, blood of Jesus!! “. More ghosts joined the first one.

      I was sore terrified. I closed my eyes to see if it was just a dream or something then a loud laughter followed. It was Biggy, Seun, Samuel and Reginald coming to prank me.

      …to be cont’d.

      Watch out for episode 5

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      That’s was awesome, looking forward to the next episode

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      arthur peace

      (episode 5: A Woman In veil)

      It was already three weeks after the fasting and we haven’t witnessed any ghosts. We were all convinced the prayers worked. Biggy and I knew the both of us were practically not part of the fasting, but then it seemed everything was back to normal again. We went about our regular activities; PPA work from Monday to Wednesday, CDS meeting on Thursday, and other activities during the weekends.

      Most weekends, we would go into town for sightseeing, it had become a normal routine. We usually had it in the evenings. Seun walked up to me that Saturday evening, asking if I would join them for the outing, he sensed I was weak. I told him I was too weak to go with them. He understood my plight; teaching from js1 to SS3 in a day is a very huge stress. They decided to let me be. Reginald wasn’t part of them though, he claimed he needed to go and see a friend that evening.

      Once again, I was alone in the lodge. This time I wasn’t scared. I was sure the ghosts have been dealt with. It was long before I heard someone walking in from the corridor. I thought I had locked the main entrance, well I guess I didn’t. The footsteps stopped in front of my room. The person knocked.

      “Uncle oh!” It was Felicia. O Lord, not again. I pretended to have been asleep. She continued knocking so I had to open. She stood in front of the door like some daughter of Delilah, or should I say Jezebel. She wore a mini skirt that managed to hang on her juvenile hips(although quite curvy) and a white singlet which showed her cleavages, quite a lovely site to behold. I was obviously taller than her so I saw right into the narrow street that separated her breasts.

      “Uncle, kilode? What are you looking at?” she asked. I decided to let her in. She sat on my bed, I sat on the table. We talked for a while and I joined her on the bed. I wanted to ask her about the ghosts, but then they were no longer coming so I felt there was no need.

      Felicia and I spent some couple of hours in the room before she left around 7pm. What transpired between us would be a story for another day. I had to see her off. On my back I recalled what happened the last time she came visiting; the legless woman and the other ghosts. I waved off the thought and made my way back to my room. Seun and the rest were not back yet.

      It seems Felicia’s presence always attracted the spirits, I started hearing the strange voices again they sounded familiar. The spirit stood by the main entrance. This time I was blood enough to approach ghost. I recalled ancient myths from my tribe, we were told that if a ghost was in a room, that one should knock on the door thrive before entering. In this case, the spirit was outside but I still knocked the door thrice before opening. I was convinced the spirit would do nothing.

      I opened, it was a slim, tall woman at the door. She wore a veil. I stood too, unterrified. I noticed the ghost observed that I wasn’t scared. She took some steps backward, I advanced to her. She started running.

      I flashed back again and remembered those folklores we used to hear. Grandma used to tell us that if you want to identity a ghost, you should back the person and put your head in between your legs. If it’s a ghost it would walk on the head. I quickly experimented, the strange woman wasn’t walking on her head. I suspected it wasn’t a ghost after all, someone must be trying to prank me.

      I hurriedly stood up and tried chasing the woman. With the way she ran, I suspected it was rather a guy. The body structure was looking like that of Reginald. It was night already, so I never wanted to make a hurried conclusion, after all I didn’t really see the person. Whoever it was, he/she ran into the dark streets.


      I got back to the lodge to have my siesta. Few minutes later, the rest of the house arrived. I narrated my experience to them, and told them about my suspicion. We agreed to search Reginald’s room in his absence. Just when we wanted to carry out the searching, Reginald arrived. He looked quite Innocent.

      “Oboy, where you deh come from na?” Samuel asked him.

      “Omo, I go see that Poly girl o”. Reginald talked about coming from his girlfriend’s house. She was a polytechnic student. Reginald returned with a black bag in his right hand. I suspected he was hiding his ghost costume in it. We never wanted to embarrass him then, so we decided to let him be. What if at last we find out he wasn’t the one?


      On Monday morning, we reported to our PPA. During the break period, I overheard Reginald and Felicia having a rabbit discussion from the school garden. They thought no one was hearing. I listened from afar off in order not to break my cover, and so I couldn’t hear them very well. But I think I heard him saying “they’re suspecting us o”…

      It confirmed my suspicion that Reginald had been the ghost disturbing us all this while, or could it be that Reginald was having a romantic relationship with Felicia(because I remember Andy was telling me about spotting Reginald and Felicia coming out from a popular hotel in town)?

      I tried recalling my first experience, how Felicia told me “Uncle you can’t run for long”, same words the first ghost said. Maybe Felicia and Reginald have been the ghost partners disturbing us. But what if Reginald had impregnated Felicia? Felicia had been throwing up over the weekend. Here in Nigeria, once a grown up girl starts throwing up, it is assumed that she is pregnant.

      As it is always said, nothing is hidden under the sun. Whatever the case may be, we would find out; whether Reginald and Felicia were the ghosts, or they were dating, or whether she was pregnant…

      To be continued
      Watch out for episode 6(final episode)

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      I can’t wait for the final episode…

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