COLD HEARTED (strange love) EPISODE 6 – 7

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      arthur peace

      I opened the door slowly and got down from the car with my hands behind my head.

      I closed the door and he pointed the gun at me. “Now move!”he said and I walked towards where the rest were standing. When we got there, the girl looked at me and I think she was surprised to see me with the expression on her face. “Wh…why are you here?”she asked looking confused. “Who caused it?”I replied briefly.

      “Your car key”the man pointing gun at me requested stretching out his hand. “What? Why my car key?”I asked staring at him. “You dare to ask me? Hand it over or I’ll blow your head”he said pointing the gun closer. “Ok don’t shoot. I’ll give it to you.”I said stretching it to him. “I promise you will regret pointing that gun at me later.”I said under my breath but I think he heard me. “What did you say?”he asked staring at me with those horror looking face. “I said you can take it.”I said changing it. “But please don’t hurt anyone. I’ll give you anything you ask for. Can you just let her go first and we discuss this”I said looking at the man who was holding her arm.

      “You guys think we are joking here right? Now move”the man said pushing the girl roughly. “I said you should let her go! Why are you pushing her that way you this worthless thing?”I said in anger. The men all looked at me the way I shouted. The man beside me then pointed the gun to my head “I think you have two lives. You look so fearless and brave. Do you think this is a toy gun?”he said pushing my head with the gun.

      “Please don’t do anything to him. Let him go am the one that came for a job not him. He’s the only son of our master. You guys can’t touch or harm him.”the girl said persuading them. “What? So she came for a job and it turned out this way? I need to do something fast”I thought to myself staring at them. “Ok. Fine. I’ll give you guys 50,000 dollars plus my car let us go”I said looking at them. The two men with weapons looks surprised when I mentioned that.

      But the other guy disagreed and insisted he take us. “Ok. 100,000 dollars and my car”I said looking at them one after the other. The second man whispered something to the other guys. The girl was just staring at me not saying a word. When they concluded, they now looked back at me. “Where’s the money?”the man asked staring at me. I smiled and jacked of the man’s hand who was holding me. He looked at me badly but didn’t say anything. I brought out my phone and unlocked it. “Your bank account”I said with pride. “Are you kidding me”the man said looking more scarier. I was scared for a while after seeing that face he made. “Am transferring to you guys account of course”I said looking at them. “Cash or we…”

      “Drop you weapons and hands up”a voice said behind us. I looked back and saw the police. They were six in number. The pointed their guns and surrounded us. I feel so relieved after seeing them. They dropped their weapons gently and raised their hands up. I then moved closer to the man that collected my car key and raised up my middle finger before him. I collected it from him roughly. “You son of a bitch”I said looking at him. “You dare to set us up”one one them said looking at me.”Now move”the police said taking them. One of the police wore a glove on his hand and took their weapons.

      We also followed them to their vehicle and watch them been taken in one after the other. “Thanks you for coming.”I said smiling. “Leave the rest to us sir”one of them said. The started the engine and drove off. Now am left with the girl.


      Ellie’s pov

      How he showed up was a big surprise to me. But thanks to him I was saved. After the police left, he was walking back to his car. I stood their looking at him as he leaves. When he got to the car, he turned back looking at me. “Do you plan on sleeping their. Won’t you come over here?”he said holding the door handle. I walked to him quickly and opened the door. I sat down in the front passenger seat. My phone is dead. I knew by now my mum would be so worried about me. I expected him to bring something up about the incident but he never look at me. “Put on the seat belt”he said starting the engine. I put it on and he started driving down the dark road. He didn’t say a word to me till we get home.

      When we got home, I got down from the car and he also did. I still feel pain around my ankle as I tried to walk. We were both heading inside but I was walking uncomfortably. It’s so quiet as we walked towards the entrance and that made the moment feels so awkward. I remembered how yelled at the man pushing me back there and the expression on his face then. I wondered why he acted that way. Since he hated me so much, I don’t think he should be so concern about how I was treated that much. And I also don’t know why he followed me there all the way from home. Everything is just so confusing. I kept staring at him as we approach the main entrance. “Will you stop staring at my face and concentrate on the road?”he said not looking at me. I wondered how he knew I was staring. I kept my head down then face front. “Thanks you”the statement came out of my mouth all of a sudden. He stopped and faced me. “Why thanking me after almost getting me in trouble. Your punishment is getting more bigger with what you did today”he said looking at me. I sighed and kept my face down feeling angry. Who got him in trouble? I didn’t even asked you to come in the first place. Why taking it out on me. I thought to myself not looking at him.”What? What did you just say?”he asked staring at me with an unknown expression. Oh my God! I actually said that out? I thought to myself covering my mouth with both hands after realizing it. I expected him to pick on that statement and be mad at me but what he said next surprised me.

      “You said you didn’t ask me to come? I thought you were involve in some secret illegal job. So I trailed you to catch you red handed but what I met was a different story”he said looking at me. I can’t believe this. How does he even know I went out for job. I don’t think I mentioned anything to him on that. “But how do you I went out for work?”i asked him. “I saw the message of course. I thought you were spying on me all these days. So I followed you thinking I could get something from there”he said looking at me. I sighed shaking my head. He actually thought am like that after I told him am not. What a bad hearted jerk”Since you know am not, what will happen now? Will I still continue being your errand girl?”I asked boldly. He stared at me for a while not saying a word. Why is he not talking? I thought to myself staring back at him. I think this is a staring competition. At last, he stared off blinking his eyes. “I don’t know yet. I’ll decide on that since you’re still living here anyway.”he said not looking at me. He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought it out again holding something.

      “Have it.”he said stretching it forward. What’s it? I thought to myself looking at his hand. I collected it and looked closely.

      “Your leg is injured. See you again tomorrow”he said and left quickly. My mouth was hung open in surprise as I watched him leave. I can’t believe he actually gave me a plaster because my leg was hurt. I think that will be the last thing he’ll do.

      I stood there staring at the plaster in my hand.


      Noah’s pov

      After giving her the plaster, I now realised what I did. It feels so stupid doing that out of the blue. I think I was not with my sense then. I quickly walked straight to my room not looking back. When I got to my room, I closed the door and stood behind it. “Noah you’re crazy. Why? Why? Why did you have to do that. She might get the wrong idea”I thought to myself regretting my action. “Well it’s nothing. Since she’s my errand girl, I can’t let her get hurt so that she can work perfectly”I said nodding my head. I walked to my bed to rest. Before I knew it, I had slept off.


      Ellie’s pov

      After standing their for almost 5 minutes, I heard a familiar voice calling my name. “Ellie! Ellie is that you?”my mum called from afar. I saw her and quickly went to her. I hugged her tight feeling relieved. “Mum I love you”I said rubbing her back. “Why saying that all of a sudden. What trouble did you get into this time?”she asked caressing my hair. I can’t tell her what happen or she’ll scold me for it. so i kept quiet.

      “It’s nothing. Let’s go inside”I said and we both went in.

      Its Sunday so I don’t go to work. A call woke me up very early in the morning. I heard it but refused to take it. “Ellie take you call it’s too loud”mum said sleepily. I reached my hand for it and checked the caller. It was an unknown number. I checked the time and it’s past 7am. “Who’s this? Why calling so early”I said rubbing the sleep off my eyes. I cut the call and dropped my phone to continue sleeping. It rang again and I took it angrily. “Who’s this?”I said feeling annoyed. “Why yelling like that at your master? Come outside right now am waiting here”that annoying jerk voice said over the phone then hung up. “Its so early”I threw my phone on the bed and started kicking my feet on the sofa angrily. “What’s the matter with you ellie”my mum asked. “It’s nothing mum.”I said and got up from bed.

      I changed from my night gown to a more comfortable wear. Black pant trouser and a top”I’ll be right back mum”I took my phone and headed out. I met him outside pressing his phone. He wore black sport nicker and tshirt with a sport shoe. “Black devil”I said looking at him. I walked up to him still feeling sleepy. “What do you need?”I asked looking at him. “Here”he said stretching a bottled water and a towel to me. I wondered what I should do with that. I received it staring at him. “What should I do with this?”I asked out of curiosity. “Am going for morning jug and I think I might sweat and be tasty, so I need someone to hold that for me”he said looking at me.

      “I should follow you with this?”I asked again. “No stay here with it”he replied and turned to leave. He was going towards the gate but I stood there since he told me to stay. He got to the gate and stopped. Then turned back looking at me. “What are you doing over there?”he asked from there. “Because you told me to stay here with this”I said raising up the towel and bottle water. He smirked looking at me. “Follow me you dumb girl”he said and went out of the gate. I then followed him.

      I only jugged with him for few minutes but am already tired. He had gone a bit far while I was still behind feeling tired. He turned and was jugging backward. “Can I have the water”he said shouting because I was far from him. “Ok”I replied and ran more faster. Instead of him to stop so I can get to him quickly, he continue jugging. After running for a while and didn’t get to him, I fell on the ground sitting down on my butt and breathing heavily. At last he stopped and was staring at me from there. “Can you pass the water please?”he said looking at me. “I can’t. Am too tired”I replied weakly. If I guessed right, he actually smiled? But why? I thought to myself staring at him. He was now jugging back to me. When he got to where I was sitting, he stopped and bent down looking at me. He knocked my forehead lightly. “You dummy. When your master say you should do something, don’t say you’re tired and do it quickly”he said and took the water from me. I touched my head looking at him. He opened the lid of the bottle water and was drinking it. My mouth was quenching for some as he drank. I feel so thirsty from the jug. I wish I could ask for some but I dare not.

      He brought it down from his lips and was staring at me. I looked down at his hand hoping he would offer some to me. I think he noticed that. “Have it”he said and that statement made my heart jump for joy. I collected it But wanted to form ok, expecting him to insist on me taking it. “But you don’t have to worry. I’ll..”

      He collected it back from me before I could finish. I don’t want to let go but he took it from me at last. “Since you refused, I won’t bother you”he said taking it back.

      I was about to cry when he did that. I think my pride killed me. But am so badly thirsty right now. I thought to myself while biting my lips angrily looking at the bottle in his hand.



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      arthur peace
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