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    I was staring at him not able to say anything than good evening.

    He noded his head in response to my greeting. “Where’s you mother?”he asked. Just then, my mum arrived in a taxi.

    We started begging the landlord to give us more time. “Enough of this. I promised to come back in a week but this is the second week and my money is not paid. I won’t listen to your pleads again. Just leave the house this moment. I won’t collect the two years rents from you again. So leave because I have a new tenant who would be packing in tomorrow morning.”the landlord said looking angry. “If I found you here tomorrow morning, your belongings would be thrown out.”the landlord said and left in anger.

    I and mum went inside looking sad. The food I prepared became cold because none of us have appetite to eat. I comforted her and promise to try begging the landlord tomorrow again.


    Around 10am, the landlord had brought some guys to bring out our belongings. All plead fell on deaf ear. “Please sir we have no where to go”I said begging him. “That’s your problem. I have tried enough for you guys. You can go anywhere you like I don’t care anymore. I also have kids to feed”he said with no mercy.

    Few hours later, my mum and I went to her uncle’s place but they told us he’s not living there again. Few minutes later, my mum got a call. After she finished receiving it, she took her bags and told me to follow her. “Where are we going to?”I asked looking at her. A smile formed on her face. “I’ll tell you when we get there”she said and stopped a taxi. We only took few thing in our bag. We kept the remaining belongings in the storage room after begging the new tenant that we’ll come back for it when we found a place to stay. I and mum sat at the back of the taxi seat. I looked out through the window with many thoughts running in my head. I wonder when we’ll get out of this poverty of life we are living in. everything is just so hard on us ever since daddy died. I know how I used to be before. I dress in clothes I like and eat what I like at anytime. We were having a smooth and easy life until father died. His uncle took over everything and succeeded in sending us out of my father’s house . Anytime I think of the evil man, the fire of revenge use to boil in me. He got everything under control after my mum was drugged to sign a file. I always think of how to ruin him and his family anytime I remember his devilish face.

    Finally, we were at the place. But wait. This is mr Williams mansion.

    “Mum why are we here? I thought you found a place”I asked in surprise. “Yes. I told madam about everything and she asked us to come over. I hope we can stay here for the mean time before finding a good apartment”my mum said as he paid the taxi man. I took the bags and we both went in.


    My mum lead me to an unfamiliar place in the house. I had never been there before. I saw many maids moving about with one thing or the other in the house. I wondered why they are that much today. Finally we got to a door and my mum pressed the bell. Few seconds later, the door was opened. I walked in with my mum looking around the big room. Everywhere was sparkling like diamonds. The tiles on the floor looks like glass. The furniture there were not exceptional. I saw a family picture on the wall and other pictures too. I looked before me and saw the woman from other day. I quickly greeted her. The cloth she was putting on was so elegant and beautiful on her. She sat on a coach holding a glass cup in her hand. “How are you dear? Thanks for the other day once again”she said with a smile. “It’s nothing ma”I said feeling nervous.

    “I feel so bad after hearing that your landlord sent you guys out. Your mum is one of my special cook. I respect and adore her a lot. Hearing that happens to her made me feel bad. You guys don’t need to worry. And you Ellie, I also owe you. I’ll you help you with all I can. I can let you stay here for now if you don’t mind”she said looking at us. I quickly went on my kneel to appreciate the offer. “Thank you so much ma. We’ll really appreciate that”I said looking at her. “Stand up. You don’t need to be like that”she said dropping the glass in her hand. “Thank you so much madam”my mum said. She looked at a maid standing beside here and nodded her head. “Please follow me”the maid said in a polite manner. I bowed to her before leaving with the maid.


    Now, we are at our new room. The place look more comfortable and ok than I thought it would be. I sat on the sofa arranging out stuffs. “Mum. Don’t you think that woman is too nice. I mean that type of a wealthy woman is suppose to be wicked and mean like I use to see in tv. But she’s the opposite”I said in disbelief. My mum smiled looking at me. “Thats how she is but at times, she looks strict and scary. Most of the employee here feared her. Am surprised by her acts theses days.”my mum said. “Maybe because I saved her life”I concluded. “Anyways, she really helped me this time and I owe her too by working harder”mum said. “So, we’re the only employee living here?”I asked. “Of course no. The cleaners and some other employees lives here too but in a different apartment.”my mum replied. “Oh”I said nodding my head.

    “Is this how the maids normally work everyday? I mean they are much today.”I asked mum looking curious. “No ma’am. It’s because their only son is arriving from newYork today while Mrs Williams will be returning to Australia for business tomorrow.”my mum said as she folded the last clothe and placed it in the wardrobe. “Did they have only one child?”I asked her thinking my question are not getting too much. “No, they are two. The other one is a lady. She’s the first born. Her name is hellen a graduate of Oxford university. She’s currently in Canada. while thier seconds child is noah. He’s still studying in new York and also the heir to his fathers companies and properties. They are the two precious children of mr and Mrs Williams.”my mum said. “Wow! They must be spoilt like those rich kids I use to see in tv”I said. “When will you stop comparing tv to reality?”mum said hitting my head. “Ouch it hurts”I said rubbing it. “But…”mum stopped, looking at me. “But what?”I asked looking curious. “The second child which is Noah, is a very arrogant person avoid him at all cost if you don’t want to get yourself in trouble”mum said looking at me. I nodded my head slowly looking at her.


    Noah’s POV

    When the driver got to the compound, the door was opened and I stepped out of the car walking towards the building. “You’re welcome young master”mr Clinton said with a bow and followed me behind. The maids bowed as I walked pass them, but I just kept going straight without looking at them. A maid mistakenly nodded her head at my arm while trying to bow. I looked at her badly and she quickly apologized. “Am sorry sir.”she said bowing multiple times. “Fire her”I said to mr Clifton without looking back.

    Finally, I got to my mother’s place. I walked in with a smile. She stood up and came to embrace me. “Welcome my adorable son. I really missed you”she said hugging me. I sat down on the coach opposite to her. “I missed you too mum. You’ve become more beautiful”I said smiling. “Really? You’ve also changed. How’s new York and have you been eating well?”she asked. “Of course mum.”I replied. “You must be. because you look more handsome and healthy”she said with a laugh. A maid brought some wine. As she was pouring it, my phone rang and she spilled some in the tray. “Why are your hands so shaky?”I asked in anger. “Fire her”I said to mr Clinton. “Ok sir” he replied. “Am sorry sir. It was a mistake”the maid apologized. “Son. You shouldn’t be shouting since you just got back. Easy ok?”mum said with a grin. “Ok mum”I replied feeling calm. I check my phone and saw 10missed calls. “Who the hell is this?”I thought to myself and check my call log. It was Christiana.

    “So, how was study over there?”mum asked. “It was fine mum” I replied dropping my phone on the table. “I heard you’ll be going back for business tomorrow”I asked her. “Yes. Your dad called me yesterday I have to take care of something. I’ll be back in a month or less.

    When will you be going back to school?”she asked. I looked at her and took a deep breath. “Why?”she asked looking worried. “Didn’t you hear anything from dad?”I asked her. “No. What’s is that?”she asked looking more interested in what am about to say.


    Ellie’s pov

    It’s getting dark. Mum was busy with other cooks in the kitchen preparing dinner. She warned me not to walked around aimlessly to avoid trouble. I agreed and stayed indoor. Few minutes later after my mum left, I went out with the hope to get back before she returns. The beautiful lights in the compound and around the building caught my eyes. The mansion looks more beautiful at night with all those lights. “Wow! Is this a house or paradise?”I asked myself looking around. As I was walking further, I saw a guy bending beside one of the pillar. He was putting on black all through and was covering his head with a Hoodie. I looked down and saw he was talking to a dog. I quickly stepped back and hide by the wall. “Do you think it’ll will be ok to do that? He said I have to study here. Does that make sense to you? It doesn’t right? That’s what am saying. How can I do that? Why should I? That mean old man is so heartless. I mean I can’t understand why he concluded on that all of a sudden”I can hear his voice from where I was hiding. “What should I do? He must be the guy my mum was talking about. Should I run? Oh my God am in trouble.”I said hitting my head. I raised my head and tried to run but his face popped out before me. I jumped back to the wall screaming in shock. He was staring at me not saying a word. I didn’t see his face clearly because of the hoodie.”….ammm sorry”I managed to say and tried to walk away. He drew me back by holding my arm. His hand felt cold on my skin. He must had been out for long but who cares? I think am in trouble right now just as my mum warned me earlier. The breeze blew the Hoodie off his head and I saw his face clearly.

    I was short of words looking at him like a dumb person. My lips were shaking in fear as it tried to form a word but couldn’t..

    He looks so scary. I think I see reason why the maids fear him. “Who are you?”he asked fixing his gaze on me. “Am sorry. A…am Ellie”

    “I mean what is your duty in this house”he cuts in sharply. I was confused for a while not know what he mean by that. He looked at me from head to toe shaking his head. “You’re not putting on a uniform which means you’re not a worker. So who are you?”he asked again. “Am.. Am just…”

    Since you find it hard to identify yourself, I’ll conclude that you were spying on me. Mention your colleagues who sent you to spy on me now, if you don’t want to face the consequence alone”he said staring deep into my eyes. He was staring at me expecting me to say something but everything just disappeared from my memory because of the way he was staring at me looks so scary”Fine. If you are a worker or any staff in this house, Since you refused to talk, you’re fired from this moment on. I don’t want to see your face around again. I’ll inform mr Clinton about it”he said and walked off with his dog. I took a deep breath and was walking back to our room feeling nervous. When I got in, my mum already arrived. “Where have you being? I told you not to walk about. You might put yourself…

    “Am already in trouble”I cut in looking at her. She quickly walked to me and hold my hand. “What trouble? What have you done?”she asked looking worried. I took a deep breath and sat down on the sofa twisting my fingers together. “Mum am sorry to disobey you. I never knew it would turn out this way I wouldn’t have gone out in the first place”I said feeling sad. “Just go straight to the point. What have you done Ellie?”she asked again.


    When I woke up early in the morning, I prepared for work and set to go out. My mum got up from bed as I was about leaving. “Good morning mum. How was your night?”I greeted with a smile. “You have the heart to smile after what you’ve done yesterday night?”she asked yawning. I kept my face down in disappointment. “Just make sure you try you best not to encounter him. Avoid him at all cost or we’ll both be kicked out”mum said heading to the bathroom. I sighed and walked slowly out of the room. “Why are rich kids like that? Too rude and arrogant. I wonder if that jerk was truly Mrs Williams son. He has a total different character.”i was murmuring to myself as I walked down towards the gate. I didn’t follow the main entrance just to avoid him. When I almost got to the gate, I met him right in front of me. It’s like he was coming back from morning jug. He wore black sport short and tshirt with black pairs of Snickers. Sweats were dripping down on his forehead. I stood before him frozen in shock because I didn’t expect to meet him that moment. What should I do? Greet him or ignore him? I thought to myself staring at him. “You”he said pointing at me. I pointed at myself again to confirm if he was referring to me. “Me?”I asked. “Yes you. Why are you still here? Didn’t I say you were fired yesterday night?”he asked looking at me. “What should I do? This can’t be happening. We just got here yesterday. We can’t leave just like this.”I thought to myself. He stared at me for a while when I didn’t say anything. He moved closer and bent a bit looking at my face. “Are you deaf and dumb? Why are you always quiet when I talk to you. You didn’t do anything like apologizing or defending yourself. You just kept mute staring at me like a zombie”he said looking at me.

    “I…I…I…”I stammered finding it so hard to respond to him. “Anyway you don’t need to say anything again since you’re fired. Next time I see you again, I’ll call the security to throw you out”he said and was walking away. “Am sorry. Forgive me. Am not a thief or a stalker. No one said I should spy on you. Am just madam Lydia’s daughter who just got here yesterday”I finally said turning to him.

    He stopped and looked back. “So you can talk? Sorry but it’s too late. You’re fired. For wasting too much of my time, I’ll still send you out and madam Lydia too. Both of you are out since you came together. I don’t need any apology from you because I won’t accept it”he said and tried to leave. I was so sad and heartbroken. I mean how can someone be that heartless. What exactly have I done wrong to deserve all this? And my mum, I can’t bear to be kicked out with her just because of me. I thought to myself staring at him. He tried to leave but I went on my kneel before him. “I don’t know my offence or what I did wrong to deserve that much punishment. But am sorry. Please I can’t bear to be kicked out with my mum. Please just spare me. Anything I did wrong towards you, I want you to forgive me.”I said not looking at him. “I said I don’t need your apology. It’s like you don’t really know me too well since you just got in yesterday. I don’t go back on my words. That’s me”he said looking down at me. I held my fist so tight in anger as he tried to leave me the third time. “I’ll… I’ll do anything you want just please don’t kick us out. Please”I said looking at him. He started laughing on hearing that. “Anything I ask for?”he asked looking at me. He bent down before me looking at my face closely. “You are so amusing. How interesting”he said with a smirk. “Just don’t kick us out. I’ll do anything”I repeated.

    “Fine”he said and stood up on his feet. “From now on, you’ll be my errand girl. I can send you wherever I want without you complaining or you’ll be out. I can call you whenever I like even if you’re far away from me. In other words, I got a new dog from now on.”he said smiling. “Agreed or not?”he asked looking at me. My heart was seriously burning in anger as he talk but I held it in. “Ok”I said briefly. “Not ok. Agreed or not?”he asked again. “Agreed”I said in a low tone. “Good”He said and walked away heading inside. I stood up gently feeling hurt and mad. “I think am going crazy right now. What? A dog? How could he?”I said in anger staring towards the entrance.


    Noah’s pov

    I got to my room and closed the door behind me. Am to resume school next week but am not prepared for anything. I went to the fridge to take some water. I heard my phone ringing, and I went to pick it. “Christiana”it indicates the caller’s ID. I picked it and placed it to my ear. “Hello why are you calling so early?”I asked. “Am sorry for that. I heard you came back yesterday. I was so happy about it. I had been calling you line but you were not picking up. Hope everything is fine?”she asked. “Yes I came back yesterday and everything is perfectly fine. If that’s all you want to ask, can I hang up?”I asked. “Wait. You can’t do that. You know I’ve missed you so much. you shouldn’t be doing this to me again. Don’t you miss me also?”she asked sounding more annoying to me. “No. Why should I miss you?”I asked rudely. “Because am your girlfriend. Anyway, I heard you’ll be resuming to school here next week”she said. “So? Do you think I like it. Of course I don’t. If that’s all am hanging up”I said and hung up the call. I hissed and dropped the phone on the bed in anger and stood up heading to the bathroom.

    After seeing mum off to the airport, I went back home. Not too long, david arrived. My close childhood friend.


    Ellie’s pov

    After a long and tiring day at work, I went back home in the evening. I walked towards the main entrance praying that jerk won’t be around. Just as I got to the living room, I met him and a guy chatting and laughing.

    I greeted them politely and was walking in. “Hey”I heard that jerk’s voice and I stopped. I turned back to him hoping he won’t send me anything because am so tired. “Yes young master”I said with my hands behind my back. A maid was about to clear the table but he stopped her. “You can leave. She’ll do it”he said looking at me. I stared at him badly on hearing that. I wish I could hit him on his face. But so bad I can’t. He looks so annoying and heartless. Am so fucking tired. I thought to myself. I feel like crying as I was about cleaning the table. I looked at the other guy who looks dissatisfied by the what he said. I was cleaning it up but when I took the glass cup, it mistakenly fell from me and broke into pieces. “Will you be careful or I’ll give you another work to do”he said looking at me badly. “Am sorry young master”I said and hurriedly started picking up the broken pieces. “Ah”I quickly dropped the tray after I cut myself with the pieces of glass. The other guy quickly stood up and hold my hand. “Are you ok?”he asked looking at my cut finger. “Leave her alone”noah said looking at him. “Continue”he said averting his gaze on me. “But she’s hurt. Please call another person to do this”the guy pleaded. “And I say no. She’ll be the one to finish it. Or you don’t want to do it?”he asked staring at me. I stared at him for a while then bent down to start picking them again. I cut my finger again. I stopped and then continue. Tears drops from my eyes as I do this. Was it because it hurts or was it because the way he threats me. I cut my finger the third time and the other guy took me up. “Noah enough of this. You’re going too far. Why are you like this?”the guy asked looking at him.

    I looked at him with tears on my face and my fingers bleeding seriously. The expression on his face was unreadable as he stared at me.



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