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      arthur peace

      COLD HEARTED (strange love)
      EPISODE 10

      Noah’s POV

      Who am seeing before me was a total different person from who I used to know. She’s so beautiful. I have to admit that. But why is she here with David? Why are the two holding hands? What’s really happened between them? Was this the reason why she didn’t come to me? So many thoughts were running through my mind. “Hy guys”david greeted when the got to us. “Welcome david. Why just coming now?”Erick asked. I cleared my throat and moved my gaze from the girl to david. “Welcome dude”I said and we shook hands in our usual style. I know he have a lot to explain to me about what I just saw. The girl looked at me and I think she felt shocked to meet me here.”Ehm. Young master. Am sorry for not…”
      “Guys I think I need to use the rest room”I said and left before she could finish talking.

      I got to the rest room and stood before the mirror. “Get yourself together noah. She’s still that dummy. But why am I strange these days?”I thought to myself placing my hand on my chest. Thump thump thump went my heart. I can’t understand why it’s beating that hard. I opened the tap and washed my face with water.

      Ellie’s pov

      I sat quietly on one of the chairs when david told me he would be back and left with a guy. I sat there looking around as people dance to the slow music. A lady brought whine to my table with a tray. I took it and wanted to drink then remember I don’t drink. I placed the glass cup back on the table. “Why did he ignore me? Is he really mad at me? I shouldn’t have come here in the first place I think this would make my punishment worst.”I said looking at the whine cup. Now am feeling bad like I just committed a grave sin. My mind was distracted with lot of things that I didn’t remember I took the whine already. I continue drinking it because I think am ok with it. After almost finishing the bottle, I then stopped thinking am alright with that. “He’s a really mean jerk”I said and poured another glass. Few minutes later, I had emptied the whole bottle just leaving few in the glass cup. “You’re not that great because you’re still a human like me.

      Stop treating others badly it makes you a bad stupid jerk”I said tilting my head to the table.
      “Oh. I think I need to pee”I said and raised up my head. I tried to stand up but fell back to the chair. “Why? I think am stocked in this chair.”I said and tried to stand up again. Finally I stood up but my balance was not ok. “Am I drunk? No I can’t be. I only drank little.”I said smiling. I then continue to walk but my movements seems weird. “Why’s everywhere shaking like this? I think I would fall”I said smiling as I walk unsteadily.

      Noah’s pov

      I left the rest room and was going back. When I got out, I saw a lady walking weird. Seems like she’s drunk. I said and continue going my way. I stopped and looked at her again. It’s that dummy. I thought to myself staring at her. She bumped into some ladies and I think they were about causing a scene. I quickly walked up to them and took her hand. “Am sorry guys I think she’s a bit drunk”I said to the ladies. “You should watch over your girlfriends properly why’s she like that?”one of them said and they all left. “My.. My girlfriend?”I said looking at them. “Hey. How much did you drink? Why are you this way?”I asked looking at her. She snapped her arm from me and stepped back a little, looking at me directly. “You”she said informally pointing at me.


      “Why are you like that? I mean why do you like picking on me? Do you hate me that much? Why? Why did you hate me?”she asked shouting at me. I tried moving closer to her but she stepped back again. “Answer my questions. Why did you hate me?”she asked again. I stared at her for a while not saying anything.”Hey. I think you’re drunk. Let me take you home now”I said and tried to hold her arm. “You’re a bad jerk. A very bad and mean jerk. Stop picking on me. And my name is ellie not hey or dummy. Call me ellie. That’s my name”she said screaming at me. “Ok. Ellie let’s go home”I said looking at her. A message came into my phone and I checked it.

      From David: drop ellie at home am drunk and can’t drive right now. Am sorry See you later tomorrow. I locked my phone and slipped it back into my pocket. “Can you move to the car or I should help you?”I asked staring at her. “I won’t. I won’t go with you in that car. I’ll rather wait here for my lovely David to come and pick me”she said and sat on the table beside her. “You this brat. My lovely David?”I said looking at her. “Ok fine wait for your David. He’ll come for you”I said and was leaving but turned back again. “You’re just know how to make people worry about you”I said I went back to her. I took her hand and carried her on my shoulder heading to my car. “Let’s me go you bad jerk. Put me down”she saw hitting my back. I pressed the remote before we got to my car. I opened the passenger door and dropped her their the closed it back again. I turned and sat down in the driver’s seat.

      “I know you’ll regret doing this to me tomorrow. I promise”I said looking at her. I wanted to put the seat belt on for her but she has slept off. I stared at her face which was messed up with her hair. I removed them from her face and was staring closely. “You sure are funny when drunk”I said and smiled. “Bad jerk. I hate you”she said while still sleeping. “Yes am a jerk I know.”I said staring at her face. “I think I should say this. You’re so beautiful tonight ellie”I said smiling. I touched her face and stroked it softly. I came back to my senses and quickly removed my hand sitting back properly. I cleared my throat and started the car engine.
      We got home and I asked the maids to take her in. She still looks a bit drunk but manage to go inside with the help of the maids.

      I also went in straight to my room. I took off my shoes and sat on the bed. I remembered when she was talking back at me there and I smiled. “She’s really cute when she’s drunk.”I said with a smirk.
      Ellie’s pov

      I woke up early in the morning with my head aching so much. I touched my forehead and sat up on my bed. My mum was not beside me probably in the kitchen with other cooks. I remembered we went to party last night but can’t remember how I got back home. “What happened? Did I drink the whine? Hope I didn’t cause a big scene at the party?”I asked myself trying to remember.
      The memories then flashed to my head. I remembered how I took the whine on the table and how I bumped to some girls.

      Noah came and I remembered how I yelled at him calling bad jerk and all sort of bad names. I remembered everything so clearly now. “No. No nooo. This can’t be. Am dead. Ellie why did you say that? I think am going crazy”I said messing up my hair. I heard my phone ringing and I checked it. It’s him. What should I do? How will I face him? I really committed more than a grave sin.” I said staring at the screen in of my phone in fear without picking up.
      To be continued..

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