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      arthur peace

      Life was too hard on Ellie and her mother ever since the death of her father. The landlord sent them out of the house when they refused to pay up their rent. After looking for place to stay, they were finally welcomed in by Mrs Williams. Ellie’s mother boss. The big mansion where she works as a loyal chef. On the day they got in, mrs Williams only son arrives from new York. He was known as a strict and arrogant person who fires employee in any little silly mistake they make. So the maids and other staffs always caution themselves when he’s around. After several warning from Ellie’s mum that she must not move around the building aimlessly, she went out on the night they just got in looking around the compound. She got in trouble with David who was cold hearted and has no mercy. Will she survive this or will she be thrown out of the mansion by david?

      Find out in this romantic novel…

      Episode 1

      “Since you guys can’t pay up your debt, no other choice than to leave this house today. I have tried enough by letting you stay till this moment.” The landlord said with no mercy in his eyes while my mum was begging him seriously. “Please sir. I promise to pay up your money. Just give me more time. Please we don’t have anywhere to go”my mum persuaded him but he turned deaf ear. “The only thing I can do for you guys now is to give you a week to prepare for another place. After a week, I’ll come back and lock this house”he said and left before my mum could say anything. My mum sat on the coach looking sad and depressed. “Mum it’s ok. I’ll work more harder for us to pay him. I know by next week I would look for a way to get the money”I said comforting her. “No. You have to go to school. I don’t want to see you work again while your mates are in school. It breaks my heart. I’ll talk to my boss and see if I can receive next month salary in advance. I’ll work for it.”she said. “Next month? Mum how do you expect her to do that? You received this month pay already and the month is yet to end. This is still 10th of April”I said with tears on my face. She looked at me and I quickly wiped it off. “Am sorry for letting you experience all this. I know am not doing my duties properly as a mother. I know things will change for better. Am so sorry”she said in sorrow. I stood up on my feet sobbing. “I’ll quit school and start working for us to live. I can’t just cope with all this again. Since you even struggle to pay my school fees, so let me just quit and also work for money.”I said and stormed out. I went to sit outside crying out my heart.


      I woke up beside my mum very early in the morning and start preparing to go out. After I finished taking my bath and dressing up, I picked my bag and was heading out. “Where are you going to?”my mum’s voice made me stopped by the entrance. “To work”I said turning back to her. “I told you to go to school. This is early Monday morning. Your mates are in school. Why are you so stubborn?”she said. “Mum I think we talked about this yesterday. I’ll go to school when it it’s time but now, we need to live first. If I die my corpse can’t go to school can it? Mum please let me just do this.”I said. She was silent looking at me, probably not knowing what to say. “See you later mum”I said with a smile before heading out of the room.


      Few days later, after work, I went to visit my mum at her work place. Wondering what type of job she does?

      Well, she’s working as a cook at mr Williams mansion a popular successful man. My mum was not the only worker there. There are many workers in the mansion both cleaners, securities, drivers and so on. I don’t usually go there because of school. I can say this is my fourth time here ever since my mum started the job a year ago. She got paid on time and even got advance payments but because of my school and the debts she has to pay up, the money is not enough to live on our life. What actually brought me here today was because I have to deliver something to her.

      When the taxi man got to the building, I got down and paid him the accurate amount. I looked up at the huge mansion and took a deep breath. I walked towards the gate feeling nervous because the securities standing by the entrance. I greeted them and they allowed me in because they knew it’s not my first time being there. I walked down the compound heading to the main entrance.

      It had been over three months I had been here last. Everything looks more beautiful and attractive. As I almost got to the main entrance, I saw a woman acting strange in a car next to me. The door was half opened so I could see all what’s going on”What’s happening? Is she ok?”I asked myself looking at her. I think she was trying to get something from her purse. I quickly rushed to her when I saw she almost fell. I supported her with my hand to stop her from falling. “Ma’am are you ok. What’s the matter?”I asked looking at her. She brought out a small plastic from her purse but it fell to the ground. I think she got an attack. I quickly picked it up and opened it. “How many tablets?”I asked in hurry. She tried to raise her hand but she was too weak. “One?”I asked but she nodded negatively. “Two?”she nodded her hear positively and I quickly brought out to tablet and pushed it into her mouth. As I was still holding her, I felt a hand holding me from behind. I looked back and saw a lady holding some files in her hand. “Move away from her. who are you?”she asked harshly looking at me. I moved back from the car and was standing behind her. The lady moved closer to her dropping the files. “Are you ok madam?”she asked. The woman’s body was calm in few seconds. “Are you ok ma?”I asked again to be sure. She looked at me for long before nodding her head. “Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate”she said looking at me. “Madam would you like to….”the woman raised her hand up telling her to be quiet. “Who are you?”she asked looking at me.

      Just then, my mum came out with two other cooks. My mum was Holding a bag in her hand. Just as she saw me with the madam, she quickly rushed to us dropping the bag she was holding. The expression on her face were not good. She might have thought I caused trouble. “Ma’am what has she done wrong? Did anything happen?”my mum asked looking at me in fear.

      “No mum. Nothing bad happen”I said holding her hand. “Are you madam Lydia’s daughter?”the woman asked. “Yes ma. She’s my daughter Ellie.”my mum replied.


      Before mum could get back from work, I had prepared dinner and set the table. I sat down at the dinning room waiting for her to arrive. Few minutes later, someone knocked on the door and I quickly went their to open it, thinking it must be her. On getting there, who I saw gave me a great shock.


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      Oduwegwu Obianinulu

      Nice story line bt i hope u will continue it 2 d end o, becos i notice d stories started in booktree is nt always completed

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