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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>BEING SINGLE AND BEING ENGAGED</p>

    Many people actually feel being single is odd. When you are being asked, “Are you single?” and you say the truth, “No”. Mostly, people don’t believe and to crown it all, they add this statement “eh! as handsome/pretty as you are, you can’t be single so you are lying”.
    Handsomeness/ prettiness has got nothing to do with being in relationship, it’s all about our choices.

    It becomes so difficult to be single when you have naughty friends who are in a relationship; they may invite a lady or a guy to come around your house, they bring up an interesting conversation and just when the conversation has gotten so fired up… guess what, they leave you and him/her alone in a way you won’t notice; you just discover there is only two people in the room; you and him/her of course.

    Broken heart has made many people single. They don’t really wish to be single but, they prefer being single probably because they are still nursing the pain a previous relationship has caused them.

    Some are also single because of the fear of rejection. They just want a YES to their proposal and… boom… Love sets in, the way we watch it in movies.
    You know, sometimes I wish love happens the way it does in Korean Movies. Picture this scenario, “A guy bumps into a lady across the street. Some items falls from her hands. The guy helps her pick them up and a melodious tune is played in the background… and love happens.”

    Many are single because of inferiority complex. “The girl is too perfect for me , She dates handsome guys and I’m ugly, she is an extrovert while I’m an introvert; she will prefer to date an extrovert like herself etc.”

    If you want to remain single, you should. Out of your own choice. Don’t be single because of the fear of rejection, inferiority complex, past relationship pain OR broken heart.
    After all, good things don’t come easily, even if they do, they won’t last.

    As life is a lesson, relationship is also a lesson. If you were cheated on in your previous relationship, It will teach you to keep a clear eye of signs of cheating in your next relationship; you get wiser.

    Being single isn’t bad; It is one of the best feeling ever only if you choose to be single not out of past relationship pains.
    —————————– —————————-

    #. Open up your heart for love.

    #. Don’t dwell on past relationships pain.

    #. Each unsuccessful relationship has taught you something that will help you have a successful relationship.

    #. Be single out of your own choice not out of fear.


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