For Name and Fame By G. A. Henty Pdf

For Name and Fame By  G. A. Henty Pdf

Download For Name and Fame By G. A. Henty Pdf book free online – from For Name and Fame By G. A. Henty Pdf book; “Not only a rousing story, replete with all the varied forms of excitement of a campaign, but, what is still more useful, an account of a territory and its inhabitants which must for a long time possess a supreme interest for Englishmen, as being the key to our Indian Empire.”–Glasgow Herald.

the old women of the village–perhaps with an eye to presents from the Park–were unanimous in declaring that he was the finest boy ever seen, and the image both of his father and mother.

He certainly was a fine baby; and his mother lamented sorely over the fact that he had a dark blood mark, about the size of a three-penny piece, upon his shoulder. Her husband, however, consoled her by pointing out that–as it was a boy–the mark did not matter in the slightest; whereas–had it been a girl–the mark would have been a disfigurement, when she attained to the dignified age at which low dresses are worn.

“Yes, of course, that would have been dreadful, Robert. Still, you know, it is a pity.”

“I really cannot see that it is even a pity, little woman; and it would have made no great difference if he had been spotted all over, like a leopard, so that his face and arms were free. The only drawback would have been he would have got some nickname or other


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