Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Pdf

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Pdf

Download Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Pdf book free online. Georgie must accept the fact that she hasn’t been on a date in, well, ever if she wants to live her best life. That much is certain: no one is asking the local clown out for a night of steamy sex. Perhaps if people believe she is engaged in a passionate relationship, they would realize she is more than just the “little sister” who paints people’s faces for a livelihood. And who better to assist in shattering that perception than the local sports hero and favorite of the tabloids? GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

When an injury interrupted his career, Travis Ford was the hottest rookie in Major League Baseball. He is currently flipping houses to keep himself busy and to try to forget his heyday. However, he is constantly having his biggest hits recapped as he attempts to cross the street. A joke about his…bat might also be made. Then there is Georgie, who is no longer a child but is the sister of his best buddy. He agrees when she suggests a crazy plan—that they pretend to date in order to surprise her family and help him find a new job. What harm is there? It’s not as if it’s true.

About the Author

Tessa Bailey, a New York Times bestselling author, concentrates her efforts on stubborn, imaginary blue collar men and devoted, endearing heroines since she can cure all issues but her own. She avoids the heat and social interactions by living on Long Island, then she wonders why no one has called. Tessa writes with flavor, flair, romance, and a guaranteed happily ever after, earning the moniker “Michelangelo of naughty words” from Entertainment Weekly. You may follow her on TikTok at @authortessabailey or view her full catalog of books at

Download Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Pdf


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