Fiverr Review – Why you Should Start Using Fiverr

Fiverr Review – Are you new to freelancing, and are you wondering if Fiverr is the right platform to start with? With the numerous options at your disposal today, it may be challenging to find the correct answer.

I’ll be frank, a few years ago, when I first started as a freelancer, I heard a lot of exciting things about Fiverr. Things like how a client could place an order with me in just a few clicks. And for a good number of reasons, I pictured Fiverr as the perfect site for everything freelancing – no alternatives, no rivalry, ease of landing gigs and many more amazing features.

Fiverr Review- Why you Should Start Using Fiverr

But no one ever told me the things I will reveal to you in this article. 

I have come across a couple of reviews from Fiverr users who have had both good and ugly experiences over their years of using the freelance platform.

Because people are somewhat desperate to start making money on Fiverr, it is difficult to think that there would be any downsides to Fiverr.

In this post, I will share some necessary factors you should consider before even signing up on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr? 

Fiverr is an online marketplace that brings businesses and freelancers together. It is one of the largest freelance sites in the entire universe for hiring on-demand freelancers online. 

Why Fiverr?

Why would someone want to choose Fiverr over other freelance platforms littered all over the internet? 

From Logo design to copywriting and jobs in other industries, Fiverr hosts some of the best freelance deals you can find out there. Sign up to Fiverr and get up to $100 free using our special link

However, here are a few reasons why you should join Fiverr:

  • With Fiverr, you can make some extra cash 
  • Unlike other platforms, on Fiverr, you do not need to bid for jobs. Instead, the clients come to you
  • Fiverr provides you with high-quality services that are budget-friendly.
  • On Fiverr, you can find freelancers that are the best match for your project
  • Payments on Fiverr are secured. 
  • Fiverr has very active customer support that works round the clock to help you anytime and anywhere

Fiverr for Business owners

If you are looking to hire freelancers, your choice of joining any freelance platform is dependent on the talent you want, the duration or complexity of a particular project, your budget and many other factors. 

You know Fiverr is not only a marketplace for Freelancers. If you are a business owner, then there’s a reason for you to rejoice because the company recently added a new feature called Fiverr Business. Sign up to Fiverr and get up to $100 free using our special link

Fiverr Business

The Fiverr Business lets you manage freelancers, projects and teams from anywhere in the world. It is loaded with some fantastic tools and benefits dedicated to the growth of your business. The Fiverr business lets you create a team of up to 50 members, and you also of the option of increasing your team members, all you need to do is reach out to Fiverr’s customer support, and they will take it from there.

Sometimes it could be time-consuming to find the perfect talent for your business, but with Fiverr business, you can connect to freelancers who have gained genuine business experience with Fiverr business. 

As a business creator, you can monitor your team’s progress, set a budget and approve transactions at ease.

One more benefit Fiverr business offers you is managing your teamwork and increasing productivity with one powerful workspace.

How does Fiverr work?

No matter brings you to Fiverr, Fiverr ensures that it doesn’t take forever trying to meet your expectations.

One of the world’s largest marketplaces, Fiverr ensures that both sellers and buyers enjoy a digitally smooth transaction. The term for service offered on the platform is called a ‘Gig’.  And people who offer Gigs are called ‘Sellers.’

So here is how Fiverr works.

The first step is signing up with Fiverr. Signing up with Fiverr is free. For you to buy and sell on Fiverr, you have to be a registered user. 

When you sign up, your account, by default, is set as Buyer. You can switch to a buyer if you so desire.

When a seller is creating a Gig, they have the option to select their starting price. If they wish, they can offer Gig packages to buyers with some Gig specific features.

To be a seller on Fiverr, your profile must be 100% complete, your Gigs must be written in detail, and you must have many work samples.

More so, for buyers to purchase your Gig, they have to pay Fiverr in advance. And when the order is complete and delivered, you get 80% of the order value, while Fiverr gets 20%. This is one of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

To receive a good rating on the platform, you have to meet your Buyer’s expectations, if possible, exceed them.

One last exciting thing about Fiverr is that you can easily double your earnings by offering extra services to your customers. Sign up to Fiverr and get up to $100 free using our special link

The Downside of Fiverr

Fiverr is no doubt an excellent platform for both freelancers and business owners. But that notwithstanding, there are a few shortcomings you get when using the platform. These shortcomings can make anyone want to opt-out from using the platform. Some of the cons of using Fiverr are:

  • Fiverr can be a bit difficult for beginners
  • Fiverr’s strict policy makes it difficult to build a list of repeat buyers or clients

7 Best Alternatives to Fiverr

Are there alternatives to Fiverr? Well, I haven’t seen one myself, have you?

While Fiverr remains inarguably one of the best-known freelance marketplaces on the internet where you can find top talents, for some reasons such as Fiverr’s vetting process and its dispute resolution process, most people would choose other platforms any day over Fiverr. 

A few good alternative platforms offer a wide range of outstanding benefits, almost similar to Fiverr’s.

  1. Upwork

I am not surprised Upwork tops the list of the best alternatives to Fiverr. Over the years, Upwork has maintained a track record of excellence in service delivery for both freelancers and recruiters, making it one of the most reliable freelancing platforms on the internet. 

Just like Fiverr, Upwork has a wide range of services from Web Design, Content writing and countless other jobs you can think of. While Upwork charges on a per-hour basis, Fiverr tasks per job.

However, Upwork differs from Fiverr significantly. The most significant difference between can be found in the bidding system. On Fiverr, freelancer includes their price on their post so that clients find the one that best matches their budget. But on Upwork, when businesses post jobs, freelancers start sending in their proposals immediately.

  1. Outsourcely

On Outsourcely, the term ‘remote workers’ is adopted in place of freelancers. Just like their name implies, outsourcely is a safe place for clients to outsource projects to freelancers. If you run a startup and are looking for freelancers to work with, Outsourcely is indeed an excellent place for you because it offers startups access to over 300 freelancers.

And the platform is not just for startups, and you can also get a variety of jobs done if you are more significant than a startup. As a freelancer looking to build a relationship with industry professionals, Outsourcely offers you that opportunity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  1. Toptal

Toptal sees itself as one of the top freelance platforms you hire the top 3% freelance talent. The company derived its name from combining these two words: ‘Top Talent’. 

It offers its users access to business at a premium price. In other words, the platform is not entirely free. 

If you are joining the Toptal for the first time, you have a 2-week trial period. Toptal implements strict measures to ensure that employers get maximum satisfaction. It has a very tight screening process.

The negative side of Toptal is that it could be a bit difficult for newbies to find their foot on the platform because Toptal only accommodates a few different skillsets. For instance, there are no social media marketers or writers on the forum. Notwithstanding, joining Toptal means you will be getting high-paying gigs.

  1. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is another platform that shares remarkable similarities with Fiverr. Despite being a UK platform, it offers a level playing ground for both clients and freelancers. On PeoplePerHour, users purchase skills in pound sterling instead of dollars. Freelancing on PeoplePerHour is quite competitive. Only people with higher qualifications get the chance to earn more on the platform. 

Virtually anyone can join the platform. But the downside to PeoplePerHour is that you have to pass a quality assessment test before being accepted into the company. 

Although PeoplePerHour doesn’t have an interface that is easy to use, however, freelancers have access to monitor the hiring process. Business owners enjoy a unique dashboard that lets them manage freelancers with ease. Communication and payment of freelancers are made in a single space.

PeoplePerHour is more secure than Fiverr, and it does a thorough review on every freelancer to guard against a scam, which Fiverr barely does. 

So if you are comfortable with the pricing, usability and structure of Fiverr, but you want a platform with low-risk, then you can go for PeoplePerHour.

  1. Guru

Guru is one of the best alternatives to Fiverr. It simplifies the process of freelancers being contacted by clients.

Unlike Fiverr, Guru is well-known for offering services relevant to businesses. The platform is somewhat similar to Upwork in terms of security and professionalism. Guru is also a secure platform for any business.

Just like Upwork, Guru has a vital security service for both buyers and sellers. But the downside to Guru is that it charges 5% to 9% from the payment you get after completing a task. Guru may not be the best option for more prominent brands, and it is only perfect for small businesses. 

  1. Flexjobs

Signing up with Flexjobs grants you access to enjoy some flexibility in job scheduling and many other features. With flexjobs, you get limitless access to job postings. As a freelancer who isn’t satisfied with earning from Fiverr alone, you spread your tentacles to flexjobs. 

With over 4,000 companies currently registered on flexjobs to create over 20,000 career opportunities, there are more than 50 different categories you can choose from.

Flexjobs makes it easy for you to find high-paying jobs. There are a handful of skills that comfortably suit your skills and level of experience. The odd thing about flexjobs is not entirely free.

In my experience as a freelancer, I have come across a redundant post, duplicate listing, broken links and cam listing on some of these platforms. You can barely find such on flexjobs.

  1. Envato Studio

Envato studio harbours talented freelancers who can offer many services, from graphics design to digital marketing and web development, making it an excellent alternative to Fiverr.

As a business owner, the moment you successfully create a job post, Envato studio takes it over from there. It handles the rest of the hiring process by carefully selecting the most suitable freelancer for the job.

  1. SolidGigs:

If you have been searching for an alternative to Fiverr, SolidGigs is a solid alternative for you. As a freelancer on SolidGigs, you don’t need to spend hours hunting for a client. SolidGigs does all of that for you. You also have access to interviews without stress.

SolidGigs is a unique site, and it targets mostly marketers, writers, developers and even designers because it has a team that checks about 100 sites, job boards and gig lists for the best available opportunities that freelancers can find on the internet. 

  1. Truelancer:

True to its name, Truelancer is another beautiful alternative to Fiverr. Despite being one of the newest platforms on the internet, it also accounts for one of the cheapest. Truelancer is a safe place for talented professionals with a low budget.

Although Fiverr and Truelancer are closely matched, the significant difference between Truelancer and Fiverr lies in customized work. Unlike Fiverr, Truelancer makes room for users to customize their workflow.

If you are a business owner, Truelancer is also an excellent option for you because it can help you outsource projects to freelancers. 

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