Five Weeks by Dannika Dark Pdf

Five Weeks by Dannika Dark Pdf

Download Five Weeks by Dannika Dark Pdf book free online. Jericho still plays in a local band and enjoys going out, but he isn’t the well-known rock star he once was. Until a fiery redhead named Isabelle Monroe shows up unexpectedly, beautiful ladies come and go, but music is his only love. Izzy has always cherished the independence and thrill of traveling, but recently she made the decision to settle down—as much as a lone wolf can. She meets the person she least expected to see again when her boyfriend secures her a job at a popular Shifter pub. Old habits are difficult to break, and our heart-controlling addictions can perhaps be the hardest to overcome. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

About the Author

A nine-time USA Today Bestselling author, finalist for the APA Audie Awards, and winner of the Earphones Award, Dannika Dark has sold millions of books worldwide. For more than ten years, her heart-pounding urban fantasies and paranormal romances have enthralled readers.

With more than 30 books to her credit, Dannika meticulously creates her tales with original worldbuilding, enduring characters, endearing relationships, and unexpected turns that will compel you to read well into the night. Dannika enjoys gardening, binge-watching TV shows, reading, and indie music when she’s not at work. Learn why her works have been revisited three, five, or a dozen times by others. The title of “Queen of Book Hangovers” means a lot to Dannika.

Download Five Weeks by Dannika Dark Pdf


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