Fire by Abby Brooks PDF

Fire by Abby Brooks PDF

Download Fire by Abby Brooks PDF book free online. Micah Hutton is charming. Sweet. Confident. And his page in the shirtless fireman calendar for charity? Trust me, November has never been hotter. But like Grandma says: it’s never the angels who look like sin.

Micah promised he’d love me forever. And I believed him, enough to give myself to him the night before my parents dragged me across the country, tearing us apart. He broke my heart—and his promise—by disappearing the moment I learned I was pregnant.

Seven years later, I’m back in my hometown, staring at my first love, watching his heart break as he meets a little girl who looks just like him. A little girl he swears he never knew existed.

Download Fire by Abby Brooks PDF


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