Falling For The Werewolf King Pdf

Download Falling For The Werewolf King Pdf.A chance collision on a busy city sidewalk might not be the best way to discover a mate, but it is effective.

Jace Stevens might have a Master’s in finance, but he’s a simple werewolf at heart. He prefers fresh air to climate-controlled offices and living in the close-knit community of Kenner’s Mills to the big city. When he accidentally crosses paths with his mate, he’s got everything a shifter could ask for.

Dani Evans wants to be a teacher.  It’s taken years of night school, but now she’s finally done. She’s spending her summer with her aunt in Kenner’s Mills, hoping for a position in one of the local school districts. It a great place, and when she meets the man of her dreams, it gets even better.

It doesn’t matter that she’s human and he’s a shifter; Jace and Dani are meant to be together. But when Jace’s pregnant ex shows up and starts spewing threats, things get hairy – especially since Dani has a little secret of her own.


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