Fallen Star by Heather Ashley Pdf

Download Fallen Star by Heather Ashley Pdf.Before Zen Taylor ruined everything, my life was perfect.

Okay, perfect might be a bit of a stretch. It was boring as f*ck, but it was mine. If it wasn’t for the crippling panic attacks, it would’ve been everything I wanted.

Did I mention safe?

I’m an expert at hiding. You know… since everything scares me.

But Zen has other ideas.
Lead singer. A-hole extraordinaire. My wannabe boyfriend.
That blinding spotlight follows him wherever he goes and unlucky for me, he’s all too happy to take me down with him.

Now, everything is f*cked up. I can’t breathe, and his pouty lips and dark, haunted eyes don’t help. When he wraps those tattooed fingers around my throat and claims, “Mine,” what can I do?

But he’s got a secret–a dangerous stalker who starts to threaten me.

I wish I wouldn’t have saved him from himself…

But that’s a lie.

Even though I already know this is going to end in disaster, I can’t help myself. I must be a sucker for that f*ckboy charm, because I can feel every wall I’ve ever built crumbling as the seconds tick by.

All he has to do is flash me his cocky smile–the very same one he’s used on millions of fans worldwide–and I’m a goner

This is bad. So bad. I’m going to end up a footnote on every gossip blog, the latest of a long string in the lead singer’s bed.

That’s if I don’t end up dead first.

I’m smarter than this.

So… why is he all I think about?
Why is he the one person I don’t panic around?
And why can’t I walk away?

Fallen Star, book 1 in the completed Ruined Rockstars series, is a 130,000+ word steamy, bad boy contemporary romance featuring a sweet, slightly nerdy heroine and the rock star of her dreams. HEA guaranteed. Download today and let the binge reading begin.



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