Faithless by Crystal Ash PDF

Faithless by Crystal Ash PDF

Download Faithless by Crystal Ash PDF.. Like my parents years ago, gods have chosen me for a sacred mission. You’d think the daughter of an infamous motorcycle club would be able to handle it. But when Torrance Knight steps up to make the ride with me, I’m both relieved and dreading the journey.

He’s my brother’s best friend, and pure sin wrapped in a tall, leather package. I’ve been in love with him for years, but he’s too busy breaking the heart of every girl in town to notice me, let alone return my feelings.

I have to protect my heart on this journey while also pretending to be his wife. Not only that, I have to focus on our mission. We’re riding into danger that could rival the Collapse of my parents’ generation. And if we don’t make it home, can I summon the courage to tell him how I feel?


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