Essentials to Know about RethinkDB and its Various Features

Essentials to Know about RethinkDB and its Various Features

RethinkDB is an open-source and highly flexible and scalable JSON-based database built from the ground up to go in sync with the real-time web. It helps invert the traditional relational database architecture, which exposes the users to a fresh access model.

With this, rather than merely polling for changes, the application developers can demand the RethinkDB to push the updates queries to the application in real-time. This real-time architecture also helps to reduce the time and effort needed to build scalable applications.

In addition to being apt for the ground-up application development, RethinkDB offers a very flexible querying language, which helps to execute intuitive operations and monitor APIs. RethinkDB is so easy to learn and setup.

How need to consider RethinkDB?

It is an ideal choice when your enterprise applications may have to benefit from the real-time data feeds. The query-response based access model of this database will work well on the web applications as it can map directly to the HTTP request-response. The modern applications also require sending data directly to the end clients in real-time without delay. The ideal use cases where the enterprises benefitted from the real-time push architecture of RethinkDB are:

  • Collaborative mobile and web applications
  • Streaming and analytics applications
  • Multiplayer games
  • Connected devices
  • Realtime marketplace apps

Say, for example, when users change the position of a particular button in the design of an app, the server must notify the same to the other users who are working on the same module. The typical web browsers used to support this need via WebSockets and also with HTTP connections, but adapting the databases to real-time needs always existed as a big challenge.

It is RethinkDB, which came out as the first of its kind open-source and scalable database with the ability to put push real-time data to applications. This dramatically decreased the time and effort to build easily scalable real-time web and mobile applications. Web applications like Google Docs, Quora, and Trello all pioneered in this real-time web user experience. Using RethinkDB, you can also construct real-time apps with less developmental effort. For those looking for real-time remote database support services, it is ideal for exploring the services offered by

Advantages of RethinkDB

  • Use your favorite stack

You can query the JSON documents of RethinkDB with Ruby, Python, Node.js, or any other language you are familiar with. You can also build modern applications by using the web framework you are comfortable with and pair it in real-time with the technologies SignalR or

  • Strong architecture

RethinkDB can also easily integrate with the most advanced technologies in database administration. It features as well distributed architecture with an optimized buffer cache and even an advanced storage engine. All these components can build a scalable, robust, and faster database for web and mobile applications.

  • Everything needed for modern apps

You can find everything needed to build the modern-day application here as:

  • Expressing the data relationships using joins
    • Building location-based apps
    • Storing multimedia data
    • Storing time-series data.
    • Doing analytics with map/reduce and aggregation.
    • Speeding up with the use of flexible indexing etc.
  • Support from the sizeable open-source community

Developed by a reliable team of experienced database experts with over 100 top contributors from across the world, RethinkDB now has an excellent open-source community for development and support.

  • Scaling the clusters quickly

When you are at the need to scale out your dataset with increasing app demands, you can share and replicate the same in seconds within a few clicks. The intuitive web-based UI of RethinkDB makes its administrator much easier even for the non-tech users handline the same. Additionally, if you want, there is a simple API also which provides stable control over the DB cluster. You can also monitor the production cluster by looking at the live statistics and gaining complete visibility of the running tasks.

Who all uses RethinkDB?

RethinkDB is now used in the production system of many technology startups, consulting firms, and even Fortune 500 firms. Here are some top use cases to consider:

  • Mediafly and Jive Software etc. use RethinkDB for their reactive mobile and web applications.
  • To power their cloud-connected device cloud infrastructure, companies like Narrative Clip and use RethinkDB.
  • and Platzi uses the same to power their real-time analytics
  • GameServerKings and NodeCraft use the RethinkDB for their massively scalable games.

As discussed above, RethinkDB now has a vast and vibrant community of above 100,000 developers and thousands of active contributors.

System requirements for RethinkDB

RethinkDB server is built on C++ and can run on the 64-bit and 32-bit Linux systems and the OS X 10.7 above. Client drivers of RethinkDB can run on any random platform supported. It is recommended that the RethinkDB servers may have 2GB RAM, and there are no other specific hardware requirements.

The custom caching engine of this DB can even run on the low-memory nodes with a higher volume of data on the disk like Amazon EC2. RethinkDB also features specialized support for high-end hardware and can perform exceptionally well on the high-memory nodes with multiple cores, high-throughput hardware and network, and solid-state storage.

RethinkDB supports SQL or not?

In fact, no, but, the query language RethinkDB named ReQL features also can do anything as what SQL does, including the table joins to aggregation functions.  It is potent, easy to learn, and too very expressive. You may also find that ReQL can do much more than what SQL can do as mixing up the queries with JS expressions and also map-reduce.

Also, RethinkDB comes with strict write durability, which is identical to any traditional DBMS system you are familiar with. RethinkDB can also anonymously collect the usage statistics and report those to the RethinkDB HQ, where it can check for the latest version of the server. It transmits data like the version of RethinkDB, number of servers involved in the cluster, operating system, architecture, number of tables, etc. RethinkDB server libraries and client libraries got licensed under Apache License v2.0.

For those exploring a flexible and scalable functional database for mobile applications and web applications, RethinkDB is an ideal option to explore against your needs.

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