Emery and Rimoin’s Essential Medical Genetics PDF

Emery and Rimoin's Essential Medical Genetics PDF

Download Emery and Rimoin’s Essential Medical Genetics PDF book free online – From Emery and Rimoin’s Essential Medical Genetics PDF: For decades, Emery and Rimoin’s Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics has provided the ultimate source for practicing clinicians to learn how the study of genetics can be integrated into practice. Buy from Amazon

Emery and Rimoin’s Essential Medical Genetics PDF

Developed in parallel to the sixth edition, and featuring 174 original contributions from the many authors of the full set, this one volume work expertly condenses and synthesizes the most clinically relevant content, for convenient desk reference.

Helping to bridge the gap between high-level molecular genetics and individual application, it follows the multi-volume set in encompassing scientific fundamentals, full spectrum discussion of major inherited disorders, and actionable therapies. Clinically oriented information is supported by concise descriptions of the principles of genetics, research approaches, and analytics to embrace the evolving population of students, researchers, and practitioners who are integrating their work to provide advanced diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human disease.

This print volume is complemented and enhanced with online access to the complete text, online-only references, and high quality illustrations on www.expertconsult.com. Emery and Rimoin’s Essential Medical Genetics PDF

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Editorial Reviews


“…this is a masterful summary of essential information for the practice of clinical genetics…From nurse practitioners to supervising physicians, from early trainees to senior fellows, this is a must-have tool…Sadly, David Rimoin died after a brief illness after finalizing this amazing book. The medical genetics community will miss him greatly. There are no books that match the quality of this one.”Rating: 5 Stars–Doody.com, March 7, 2014 “The late Rimoin, Pyeritz, and Korf present 163 brief chapters that summarize chapters from Emery and Rimoin’s Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics, for students, researchers, and practitioners…This edition has new chapters and includes common disorders not traditionally viewed as genetic.”–Reference and Research Book News, August 2013

Review – Emery and Rimoin’s Essential Medical Genetics PDF

Comprehensive yet user-friendly, this original work concisely summarizes Emery & Rimoin’s Principles and Practices of Medical Genetics 6th edition into a single clinical reference volume suitable for lab and desk usage

About the Author

Dr. Reed Pyeritz is a medical genetics doctor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is affiliated with Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian. Dr. Pyeritz focuses his research in two areas – Mendelian disorders of the cardiovascular system (especially those involving defects of connective tissue) and ethical, legal and social implications of human genetics. He is continuing his studies, begun over 20 years ago, of Marfan syndrome and related conditions – diseases in which the aorta and occasionally major arterial branches gradually enlarge and dissect, leading to early demise if untreated. Emery and Rimoin’s Essential Medical Genetics PDF

Current efforts include a multicenter trial of angiotensin receptor blockade in Marfan syndrome, the identification of additional genes that predispose to arteriopathy, and improving methods for diagnosing and treating arterio-venous malformations, especially in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). Dr. Pyeritz directs Penn CIGHT (Center for the Integration of Genetic Healthcare Technologies). Supported by the ELSI Branch of the National Human Genome Research Institute, Penn CIGHT conducts research in the broad area of ‘uncertainty’ as related to the introduction of evolving approaches to assaying a patient’s genotype.

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