Elsie Dinsmore By Martha Finley Pdf

Elsie Dinsmore By  Martha Finley Pdf

Download Elsie Dinsmore By Martha Finley Pdf book free online – from Elsie Dinsmore By Martha Finley Pdf book; You look very much distressed; will you not tell me the cause of your sorrow?”

Elsie answered only by a fresh burst of tears.

“They have all gone to the fair and left you at home alone; perhaps to learn a lesson you have failed in reciting?” said the lady, inquiringly.

“Yes, ma’am,” said the child; “but that is not the worst;” and her tears fell faster, as she laid the little Bible on the desk, and pointed with her finger to the words she had been reading. “Oh!” she sobbed, “I–I did not do it; I did not bear it patiently. I was treated unjustly, and punished when I was not to blame, and I grew angry. Oh! I’m afraid I shall never be like Jesus! never, never.”

The child’s distress seemed very great, and Miss Allison was extremely surprised. She was a visitor who had been in the house only a few days, and, herself a devoted Christian, had been greatly pained by the utter disregard of the family in which she was sojourning for the teachings

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