Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation by R.S. Sedha

Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation by R.S. Sedha pdf

Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation – This book is meant for B.E./B.Tech. students of different universities of India and abroad. It contains all basic material required at undergraduate level. The author has included “Examination questions” from several Indian Universities as solved examples.

The sections on “Descriptive Questions” and “Multiple Choice Questions” contain the theory type examination questions and objective questions respectively.


1. Units, Dimensions And Standards 2. Measurement Errors 3. Measurements Using Electrical Instruments 4. Pprecise Resistance Measurement 5. Inductance And Capacitance Measurements 6. Measurements Using Electrical Instruments 7. Cathod Ray Oscilloscopes 8. Special Oscilloscopes 9. Signal Generators And Analysers 10. Instrument Calibration 11. Graphic Recording Intruments 12. Display Devices 13. Signal Conditioning 14. Transducers For Measurements Of Electrical Quantities 15. Transducers For Measurements Of Non- Electrical Quantities 16. Data Acquisition System 17. Telemetry 18. Biomedical Instrumentation 19. Virtual Instrumentation Index

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