Electronic Circuits Fundamentals and Applications PDF

Electronic Circuits Fundamentals and Applications PDF

Download Electronic Circuits Fundamentals and Applications PDF book free by Mike Tooley – From Electronic Circuits Fundamentals and Applications PDF: Electronic Circuits is a unique combination of a comprehensive reference text and a practical electronics handbook in one volume.

Mike Tooley provides all the essential information required to get to grips with the fundamentals of electronics, detailing the underpinning knowledge necessary to appreciate the operation of a wide range of electronic circuits, including amplifiers, logic circuits, power supplies and oscillators. Buy from Amazon

Electronic Circuits Fundamentals and Applications PDF

The third edition now offers an even more extensive range of topics, with extended coverage of practical areas such as circuit construction and fault finding, and new topics including circuit simulation, electronic CAD and a brand new chapter devoted to the PIC microcontroller.

A new companion website at http://www.key2electronics.com offers the reader a set of spreadsheet design tools that can be used to simplify circuit calculations, as well as circuit models and templates that will enable virtual simulation of circuits in the book. These are accompanied by on-line self-test MCQs per chapter with automatic marking, to enable students to continually monitor their own progress and understanding. A bank of on-line questions for lecturers to set as assignments is also available on http://textbooks.elsevier.com

The book’s content is matched to the latest pre-degree level courses (from Level 2 up to, and including, Foundation Degree and HND), making this an invaluable reference text for all study levels, and its broad coverage is combined with practical case studies, based in real-world engineering contexts throughout the text.

The unique combination of a comprehensive reference text, incorporating a primary focus on practical application, ensures this text will prove a vital guide for students and also for industry-based engineers, who are either new to the field of electronics, or who wish to refresh their knowledge. Yet unlike general electronics reference texts available, Electronic Circuits offers this essential information at an affordable price.

* A comprehensive reference text and practical electronics handbook in one volume – at an affordable price!
* New chapter on PIC microcontrollers – the most popular chip family for use in project work in colleges and universities
* Companion websites contain free electronic tools to aid learning for students and a question bank for lecturers

Preface – Electronic Circuits Fundamentals and Applications PDF

This latest edition brings the book up to date with coverage of several important new topics, including the use of digital storage and sound card oscilloscopes, HDL/VHDL modelling of largescale logic systems and a completely new chapter devoted to the Raspberry Pi. Finally, you can learn a great deal from building, testing and modifying simple circuits. To do this you will need access to a few basic tools and some minimal testing equipment. Your first purchase should be a simple multi-range meter, either digital or analogue. This instrument will allow you to measure the voltages and currents present so that you can compare them with the predicted values. If you are attending a formal course of instruction and have access to an electronics laboratory, do make full use of it!

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An essential, practical reference to the principles and applications of digital and analogue electronics

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Mike Tooley is a technical author and consultant. He was formerly Vice Principal at Brooklands College in Surrey, England, where he was responsible for the delivery of learning to over 10,000 Further and Higher Education students increasingly by flexible, open and on-line distance learning. Mike is the well-known author of several popular engineering and related text books, including widely adopted course texts for BTEC, GCE A-level and GCSE qualifications in Engineering. Mike’s hobbies include astronomy, amateur radio, aviation, computing and electronic circuit design and construction.

Electronic Circuits Fundamentals and Applications PDF

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