Effective Tips for Writing a Book

Effective Tips for Writing a Book

Are you planning to write a novel? Or, you think of starting your writing career, and want to have your first book done? There are many writing freshers who give in half-seas-over-to creating something extraordinary and catchy. If you want to avoid being included in the list of losers, check the below-mentioned guide and tips for writing a book that may matter among other mediocre works.

Top 8 Tips From Successful Writers

Those who managed to graduate from universities, and colleges, know what a simple essay or paper stands for. Therefore, they have a basic clue of how novels may look like. Otherwise, those students tended to rely on professional writing help services e.g. AdvancedWriters that helped them deliver top-notch quality academic works and papers. When writing a book, hardly every step will resemble writing an essay, however, the length may differ. For your acknowledgement, there are some working tips that may enhance your creativity, and writing process.

  1. Determine Your Idea

If you know such an author of horror books Stephen King, he once said “Books are a uniquely portable magic”. It means that with the help of ideas, and your creativity you may make the reader dive into a magical journey by reading your book. To be more specific, you should not take trite topics, or if you take them, you should ensure you do not repeat someone’s stories.

  1. Decide on the Genre

Think of the genre that people like the most or the one you want which you can master smoothly. It may be fantasy, romance, adventure, horror, history, humor. Note, it does not mean that if horror books are trending now, you should obligatorily stick to them. You should write by choosing what you like, however, the genre will require you to stick to a certain structure and formatting which you should also bear in mind.

  1. Know Your Characters

Are you the main character? Or, do you have fictional heroes? Prior to starting your book, describe the characters, or create their persona starting from their inner world ending with their look. The more details you have about the protagonist, the easier the writing will unfold. 

  1. Find the Perfect Time for Writing

You may doubt the necessity of the specific writing time, as it is a kind of spirit of creativity. You may lay in a bed, and then feel eager to write. Yes, it is partially true, however, you should create a plan for making your book especially if you plan your story outline. Some people leave their work undone, as they lose motivation. You should do your best to avoid procrastination, and daily dedicate at least 2 hours to it.

  1. Do not Concentrate on Editing

When you start writing a book, you should not make pauses to edit one or another sentence. The main idea is to write anything that comes to your mind. When finalizing your book, you may start proofreading and editing it. Just keep moving forward. If you cannot resist editing, try at least to make some notes for certain pages that you doubt a lot. Afterward, come back to them, and reassess their relevance.

  1. Look for Feedback

When your work is still fresh or better to say raw, you may surf the Internet looking for ideas. It may be literature forums or social media pages where authors and beginner writers share their concerns, tips, or feedback on one or another genre. Ask them any questions you have regarding your work. For example, – do you think this genre is alive? Or, what do you think about the love story of two characters without a happy end? 

  1. Never Rush the Ending

Some writers may be occasionally tired of writing their books, and they try to hurry up with an ending. This strategy is a failure. Imagine, you read a book, and then it abruptly finishes, and you just sit like – what’s the heck? If possible, spend on your ending weeks or months. You may think it is too much time, however, no. The more you think about your book’s ending, the more you may gather interesting ideas. Check the following words of American novelist Peter Beagle – “The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story.” Understand?

  1. Look for Final Feedback

Once you looked for online feedback to gather ideas, and now when you think you are done with your book, look for final feedback. It may be your friends, relatives, or beloved ones. Give them your book, and let them read it in full. Remember that you need only a sincere opinion and an unbiased one which may help you understand whether your work is worth it or not. Some people may boast you just to not hurt, while some may also say your book is terrible, but others will find it interesting. Trust your surroundings.

All in all, your book is a pool of creativity and life experience. If you just plan to start writing it, stick to the above-mentioned tips, and you won’t fail. If you are in the middle of writing, ensure you have the necessary motivation to finish it. Once, if you are done with book writing, treat yourself, and hurry up to find the portals to publish it. Possibly, you are the one who will change the literature field in the future.

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