ECGs Made Easy 6th Edition PDF

ECGs Made Easy 6th Edition PDF

Download ECGs Made Easy 6th Edition PDF book free – From ECGs Made Easy 6th Edition PDF: Understanding ECGs has never been easier than with ECGs Made Easy, 6th Edition! In compliance with the American Heart Association’s 2015 ECC resuscitation guidelines, Barbara Aehlert’s new edition offers clear explanations, a conversational tone, and a wealth of practice exercises to help students and professionals from a variety of medical fields learn how to accurately recognize and interpret basic dysrhythmias. Buy from Amazon

ECGs Made Easy 6th Edition PDF

Each heart rhythm covered in the book includes a sample ECG rhythm strip and a discussion of possible patient symptoms and general treatment guidelines. Other user-friendly features include: ECG Pearls with insights based on real-world experience, Drug Pearls highlighting the medications used to treat dysrhythmias, Clinical Correlation call-outs, Lead In applicatinos, Stop & Review questions, a comprehensive post-test with answers, and more. It’s everything you need to master ECG interpretation with ease!

Features ECGs Made Easy 6th Edition PDF

  • Clear ECG discussions highlight what you need to know about ECG mechanisms, rhythms, and heart blocks, such as: How Do I Recognize It?What Causes It? What Do I Do About It?
  • Introduction to the 12-Lead ECG chapter provides all the basics for this advanced skill, including determining electrical axis, ECG changes associated with myocardial ischemia and infarction, bundle branch block, and other conditions.
  • A comprehensive post-test with answers at the end of the book measures your understanding.
  • ECG Pearl boxes offer useful hints for interpreting ECGs, such as the importance of the escape pacemaker.
  • Drug Pearl boxes highlight various medications used to treat dysrhythmias.
  • Chapter key terms focus your attention on the most important information.
  • Chapter objectives tied to chapter text enable you to quickly review content that satisfies specific learning objectives.
  • NEW! 38 New cardiac rhythm strips have been added to the book for a total of 260 practice strips.
  • NEW! AHA compliance ensures the book reflects the American Heart Association’s 2015 ECC resuscitation guidelines.
  • NEW! Lead In boxes cover ECG principles, practical applications, indications, techniques, and interpretation.
  • NEW! Expanded coverage of ambulatory monitoring provides more in-depth guidance in this critical area.


Many ye.ars ago, as a green but enthusiastic nurse preparing to shift from medical- surgical nursing to critical care, I signed up for a course in basic ECG recognition. It was an intimidating experience. My i.nst:ructor was extremely knowledgeable and kind. and I studied diligently throughout the course, yet I struggled to crack the code of heart rhythm interpretation. ECGs Made Easy 6th Edition PDF

To make matters worse, I couldn’t find any resources in which these complex concepts were presented in a practical, useful way. Although I passed the course. I decided to repeat it a few months later because I simply coulchlt recall and apply the infonnation I needed to help my patients. After successfully completing the second course, I promised myself that I would someday present these concepts in a simpler way. ‘Ihat promise became my life’s work.

Ever since then, I have been looking for better ways in which to present the skill of basic ECG recognition to those who will apply that knowledge every working day: • Paramedics • Nursing and medical students • ECG monitor technicians • Nurses and other allied health personnel in emergency departments, critical care units, postanesthesia care units, operating rooms, and telemetry units ‘!his book can be used alone or as part of a formal course of instruction in basic dysrhythmia recognition. 1he book’• content focuses on the essentials of ECG interpretation. ECGs Made Easy 6th Edition PDF

Each ECG rhythm is described and accompanied by a sample rhythm strip. 1hen the discussion turns to possible signs and symptoms related to each rhythm and. where appropriate, current recommended treatment. At the end of each chapter, additional rhythm strips and their description.s are provided for practice. (All rhythm strips shown in this text were recorded in lead n unless otherwise noted.) 1he Stop 8c Review exerci!es at the end of each chapter are self-usessment activities that allow you to check your learning.

Table of Contents

1. Anatomy & Physiology
2. Basic Electrophysiology
3. Sinus Mechanisms
4. Atrial Rhythms
5. Junctional Rhythms
6. Ventricular Rhythms
7. Atrioventricular Blocks
8. Pacemaker Rhythms
9. Introduction to the 12-Lead ECG
10. Post-Test

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“a very helpful ECG assistant”

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