Eaters of the Dead ePub by Michael Crichton

Eaters of the Dead ePub by Michael Crichton

Download Eaters of the Dead ePub by Michael Crichton – Eaters of the Dead ePub: From the bestselling author of Jurassic Park, an epic tale of unspeakable horror. Buy from Amazon

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Eaters of the Dead ePub

The year is A.D. 922.  A refined Arab courtier, representative of the powerful Caliph of Baghdad, encounters a party of Viking warriors who are journeying to the barbaric North. He is appalled by their Viking customs—the wanton sexuality of their pale, angular women, their disregard for cleanliness . . . their cold-blooded human sacrifices.

But it is not until they reach the depths of the Northland that the courtier learns the horrifying and inescapable truth: he has been enlisted by these savage, inscrutable warriors to help combat a terror that plagues them—a monstrosity that emerges under cover of night to slaughter the Vikings and devour their flesh . . .

“Crichton knows how to craft a tale, one that keeps the reader turning the pages.”—Houston Chronicle

“Michael Crichton is one of our most gifted popular novelists. A true son of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. . . . A master of plausible and frightening scenarios. . . . He is a connoisseur of catastrophe.”—Los Angeles Times

Editorial Reviews

Review – Eaters of the Dead ePub

“Crichton knows how to craft a tale, one that keeps the reader turning the pages.” (Houston Chronicle)

“Michael Crichton is one of our most gifted popular novelists. A true son of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells…. A master of plausible and frightening scenarios…. He is a connoisseur of catastrophe.” (Los Angeles Times)

Praise for PREY: “Crichton is a master storyteller.” (Detroit News)

“Crichton writes superbly…the excitement rises with each page.” (Chicago Tribune)

“One of the great storytellers of our age…What an amazing imagination.” (New York Newsday)

“Readers turn to Michael Crichton’s novels for entertainment with relentless drive.” (San Antonio Express-News)

“Crichton’s books [are]…hugely entertaining.” (New York Times Book Review)

“Like Stephen King, like Robert Ludlum, Crichton knows how to keep a story moving. He writes with an undeniable narrative energy.” (Chicago Sun-Times)

Review – Eaters of the Dead ePub

Michael Crichton’s Eaters of the Dead tells the story of Beowulf as seen from an Arab diplomat, Ibn Fadlan. In some ways, it is about a meeting of two very different cultures. Ibn Fadlam, a devout Muslim, is both fascinated and appalled by the customs of the Vikings, who have sex in public, engage in human sacrifice, fear nothing (or so it originally appeared), have a fondness for strong drink, and don’t bathe regularly. There are sections I remember from reading the book over 30 years ago, such as when the Vikings use onion soup to discern whether an abdominal wound is fatal: If they can smell the onion near the wound, then it is considered fatal. In another section, Ibn Fadlan is afraid of being lowered down a cliff on a rope. They tell him: The only way to fall is to let go of the rope, and only a fool would let go of the rope–and you are not a fool. As he does in other science fiction novels, like Andromeda Strain, Crichton blends the truth with fiction: Ibn Fadlan was a real person, and the books alludes to some of his actual travels and writing. The book also inspired a movie called “The Thirteenth Warrior.”

Review – Eaters of the Dead ePub

I was thrilled to see this book in print once more. My copy has been read, shared, and read again; it’s worn so I snapped up a second copy. Don’t miss your chance to own it. This book is based upon surviving fragments of Ibn Fadlan’s journal written while he lived among the Northmen–Vikings, often thought to be barbaric, quite primitive, all brawn with small brains. A fine professor translated the fragments of Fadlan’s journal, and Crichton learned of them while studying in college. He turned the translated fragments into a novel that tells of the unrepentant warrior nature of these men, but also tells of their courage, brotherhood, and loyalty. They were more than bullies and bruisers. Read Crichton’s foreword and afterword, but above all, enjoy the story of Buliwyf, a mirror image of Beowulf, the English epic poem read in most high schools year after year after year. The book is a good action tale, and it’s a lesson in another pocket of the Western world.

Details About Eaters of the Dead ePub

  • Name: Eaters of the Dead
  • Author: Michael Crichton
  • ISBN: 978-0099222828
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Literature & Fiction
  • PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Page: 192

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About the Author

Michael Crichton (1942—2008) was the author of the groundbreaking novels The Andromeda Strain The Great Train Robbery, Jurassic Park, Disclosure, Prey, State of Fear,and Next, among many others. His books have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide, have been translated into thirty-eight languages, and have provided the basis for fifteen feature films. He was the director of WestworldComaThe Great Train Robbery and Looker, as well as the creator of ER. Crichton remains the only writer to have a number one book, movie, and TV show in the same year.

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