E Commerce Notes By Guru Jambheshwar Uni. Pdf

Download E Commerce Notes By Guru Jambheshwar Uni. Pdf book free online – from E Commerce Notes By Guru Jambheshwar Uni. Pdf book; This lecture note covers the following topics: Framework Of E-Commerce, Internet Service Provider, Internet And World Wide Web, Electronic Payment Systems, E-Commerce, Retail Industry and Banking Industry, Electronic Commerce And Online Publishing, Digital Copyright, Intranet And Supply Chain Management, Intranets, Customer Asset Management,

In the past few years, enterprises across the globe have experienced significant changes in their business information system. Huge investments were made in enterprise resource planning system implementations but still they struggle to get timely information that is needed to make effective business decision and to ensure continuous growth of
enterprises. Placing “e” in front of any process or function seemed to be the magic prescription for never ending story of success and rapid returns for enterprises. Ebusiness, e-procurement, e-sales, e-payment, e-banking, e-CRM, e-CAD, e-delivery are just a few. Internet, for example is becoming one of the most popular medium in transmitting various data. Users can find any kind of information within a shorter time compared with conventional method that consumes more time.

The emergence of the Internet through out the world has been contributing such a variety medium in doing business as well as people lifestyle. In fact, Internet is the essential prerequisite for the existence of E- commerce. Electronic commerce or e-commerce has been defined as the ability to perform transactions involving the exchange of goods or services between two or more parties using electronic tools and technique. The explosion of E-commerce has created new phenomena in our lifestyle especially in shopping activities. Consumers can easily buy products or services like magazines and airlines tickets via Internet.

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