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E‐Commerce is a latest technology related with commerce and computer. Commerce is the exchange or transformation or buying and selling of entities (goods or commodities) on a very large scale involving transportation from one place to another. [Webster ]E‐ Commerce is the process of doing business online. Or we can say that E‐commerce is to conduct business by using the IT (Information technology, i.e., computer technology and electronic communication) it is the buying and selling of items or goods or services on the Web using electronic communication and digital information processing technology. EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is an early form of e‐commerce. Its high cost, use of proprietary standards etc. hampered the spread of e‐commerce.

By the help of the flexibility offered by computer networks and the availability of the Internet , E- commerce develop on traditional commerce . E-commerce creates new opportunities for performing profitable activities online. It promotes easier cooperation between different groups: businesses sharing information to improve customer relations; companies working together to design and build new products/services; or multinational company sharing information for a major marketing campaign.

E‐commerce is an extension of traditional commerce, which is concerned with the activities of business, industry and trade including the exchange of goods, services, information and money. It has the same essential ingredients of ordinary commerce. The major difference between e‐commerce and commerce is that with e‐commerce, these exchanges of goods and services are carried out over the web instead t of the traditional physical act of going to a trader for goods and services. Now that a large number of people have access to the internet and it is a good platform for the development of e commerce. Successful E‐commerce strategies allow organizations distinct advantages in terms of both cost and revenues‐ the fundamentals of all business. This is because cost can be cut immensely as retail outlets are not required. Most of the cost associated with traditional high capital business is eliminated and or transformed into profit in the Internet environment.

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