E Commerce by Vardhman Mahaveer Open University

Download E Commerce by Vardhman Mahaveer Open University book free online – from E Commerce by Vardhman Mahaveer Open University books; This book provides the detailed overview of E-commerce. Topics covered includes: Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Traditional Commerce v/s E- Commerce, E- Commerce Models, Network infrastructure for ecommerce, Mobile Commerce, Security in E-Commerce, Threats and Security, Security tool in E-Commerce, Risk management approach in E-commerce,

E-commerce is a catchy term for any commercial transaction that is conducted electronically on the internet, be it from a mobile device, tablet or desktop. Most commonly, E-commerce is used to refer to a consumer purchasing a product online and having it shipped to them directly, but can also include the consumer purchase of services, business to business transactions for goods or services, online auctions, or the purchase of digital goods, such as streaming movies or video
This book provides the detailed overview of E-commerce. This book starts with comparison of Ecommerce with traditional commerce, various E-commerce models, Mobile commerce, Security and threads associated with E-Commerce, tools to cope threads against E-commerce. At the end we will discuss some fundamental of Internet and Extranet and also some legal issues related to E-commerce in India.

Each unit begins with objectives, introduction and principles together with illustrative and other descriptive material .The illustrative examples serve to illustrate and amplify the theory of computation. The units have been written by various experts in the field. We believe that this book is well suited to self-learning. The text is written in a logical sequence and is beneficial for students. The concise and sequential nature of the book makes it easier to learn. Although we have made all efforts to make the text error free, yet errors may remain in the text. We shall be thankful to the students and teachers alike if they point these out to us

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