Dreamer: A Novel By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf

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Dreamer: A Novel By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf

Download Dreamer: A Novel By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf book free online – from Dreamer: A Novel By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf book; A story of healing and growth about a young woman named April who solves the mystery of her mother’s death through dream communications from her mother’s spirit. In doing so, April frees herself from her sadness and her nightmares, as she grows spiritually and emotionally. Despite the serious plotline, there are many light moments as April and her family interact with love and humor, and the ending has a surprising twist. (An alternate ending with yet another twist makes readers want to re-read the book to find all the clues they missed the first time.)

Dreamer appeals to readers who are interested in the power of dreams for healing and for spiritual growth. It also appeals to readers who enjoy mysteries, but the story is not a formulaic murder mystery. Instead, the intriguing plot and engaging characters help to open readers’ minds to dream interpretations, lucid dreaming, and spirit communications. The book also offers comfort and hope to the bereaved by sharing a heightened awareness of spirituality and eternal love connections across dimensions.


April herself was just beginning to have a clue as to why she had started to daydream this way. It was a twisted attempt to figure out what really happened to her mother. But it wasn’t getting her anywhere. And it was ruining her peace of mind and her health. She was glad she had come to a decision to stop this horrible habit.

While thinking these things for the twentieth time that day, April suddenly realized that Evan was telling her about his day at school. Dreamer: A Novel By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf

“And guess what else, Mom? Mr. Moore had me read my dream essay to the class. Again.”

“Oh, Evan, I’m so proud of you. Which one was it this time?”

“The one where I went into the TV set and became part of the program.”

April laughed. She remembered how Evan had excitedly shared that dream with her one morning. It was a silly program too, a rerun of the “The Munsters,” or something like that. He had such a great imagination, even in his dreams. And quite a flair for writing, too. Evan might become a famous writer one day, she hoped.

“And we have a new dream assignment. We’re supposed to pick a dream that is important to us and find as many meanings for it as possible.”

As Evan wolfed down his snack of toast, cheese, and milk, April beamed at him. She was happy to be focusing on the dream assignments again. She felt instinctively that this was her way out. The path to getting rid of her nightmares and dealing with her traumatic past. Dreamer: A Novel By Pratibha A. Dabholkar Pdf

“I already have my dream, Evan,” she said with conviction. “The boat dream. You were right. It’s got to be important.”

“Mom, have you thought about what Grandma is trying to tell you?”

“It has to be something about how she died,” April said with sudden insight.

“Maybe it wasn’t Grandpa who killed her, after all.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean that,” April said. “I think she’s trying to tell me how he killed her, so I don’t have to keep…”

“But he was never charged, was he?”

“No. But surely he was guilty. He abandoned me, didn’t he?”

“But what if he didn’t kill her, Mom? Maybe Grandma wants you to find out what really happened.”

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